How to Track Your Business Insights with ManyChat Analytics

Do you have a ManyChat account, but are not sure how to use it to track your analytics? You don’t need to wonder anymore because ManyChat has five types of conversions that help you measure what is and isn’t working in your marketing strategies. Here’s how to track your business insights with ManyChat analytics. 

The good news is that you can always give ManyChat a try and after 1-3 months you can look back at your insights to see if ManyChat is the right fit for you and your business. ManyChat Analytics is a great resource that will help you clearly and easily see the success you are having through this chatbot marketing tool. Once you sign up, make sure to use code “MICHELLE” at checkout to get your first month of pro membership for FREE! 


how to track your business insights with manychat analytics.


If you are new to ManyChat, check out my post HERE which will give you the ultimate guide to chatbot marketing. It’s everything you need to know to get started! I also have a couple of ManyChat YouTube tutorials you can check out HERE and HERE.


How to Track your ManyChat Performance with Analytics

ManyChat Analytics has five conversions that help you keep track of your performance. These include the buy button, contact collection, Shopify, action step, and pixel. Each one plays a key role in helping you see where your leads are coming from and which flows are helping you make more sales. 

I love that all of this lives within ManyChat. You don’t have to have another software to keep track of your analytics, but can use the chatbot marketing tool AND measure your insights all in one place. Check out ManyChat’s post HERE that explains how each of these five conversions work and how they help you keep track of your business performance. 

If you aren’t familiar with the term “flows,” ManyChat flows are automated conversations you set up that lead your customers where you want them to go. You can learn more about how flows work in my blog post HERE!


how to improve your biz results with manychat analytics.


Key ManyChat Metrics to Track

I recommend keeping track of the five conversions mentioned earlier in this post. These will help you know which ManyChat flows are performing the best and which ones you could do without. The goal is to create flows that will meet your marketing goals. This looks like leading your customers to either buy your products, sign up for your email/text list, increase your website traffic, etc. Knowing which flows are performing well will help you know where to focus more of your efforts and which ones you can let go of. 

ManyChat Analytics has a Metrics Dashboard where it will show you which flows are driving revenue and also the success of your non-revenue metrics such as customers who are signing up for your email list and moving further into your sales funnel. All of this is in one place which will be so convenient and helpful for your business insights! 


Tips for Analyzing Your ManyChat Data

Your ManyChat Metrics Dashboard is going to be your best friend when analyzing your data. Your metrics dashboard will show you an overview of revenue and conversions across all of the flows you have set up. 

Your metrics will show you a series of graphs that will display your revenue and other insights across a specified period of time. You can change what the stop and start dates are and the graph will change accordingly. This feature is helpful if you are running multiple campaigns for different time periods. 

When analyzing your business insights, make sure to take a look at the Bot Overview section. This will show you your highest-grossing flows. It’ll also display your overall revenue from your flows and the number of conversion events that it took to equal this number. 

All of this data is super helpful for you to see how effectively your flows are working and what changes you need to make if needed. It is so important to look back at how things have been going for your business, so you know the best ways to move forward. And ManyChat has made its Analytics section super user-friendly, so you can know right away how well your marketing strategies have been working.


how to use manychat to track your biz insights.


How to Track Your Business Insights with ManyChat Analytics

I hope these tips on how to track your business insights with ManyChat analytics make you feel more confident moving forward! It can be overwhelming at first, but I promise as you keep reading through it and doing your best to analyze it, it will get better. And don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions! You can DM me on Instagram @iammichellegifford

ManyChat is definitely worth a shot and I promise once you get it set up in your business strategy you’ll never look back. You can sign up for ManyChat HERE! And I even have a special code where you’ll get your first month of pro membership FREE. Just use the code “MICHELLE” at checkout. If you liked what you learned here, make sure you give me a follow on Instagram @iammichellegifford

How to Track Your Business Insights with ManyChat Analytics

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