How to use Pinterest for Business

How to use Pinterest for business?  What?! Isn’t Pinterest just for saving recipes or creating your next birthday party?  No, my friend.  It is not.

Let’s give you some facts:

Pinterest has 200 million (that’s 200,000,000!!) monthly users.

93% of pinners say that they have used Pinterest to plan purchases.

97% of searches are unbranded (that means they aren’t searching for a specific brand and that gives you a higher chance of being found).

Those statistics mean that there are a lot of people on Pinterest and they are using it to research how to spend their money AND they aren’t searching for specific brands, so you have a great chance of being found.

Using Pinterest for business with our Maskcara Experiment was one of our key strategies and because we have focused on it for the last year, Pinterest is one of our main traffic sources for our blog.  One of the biggest benefits is that the content you create becomes evergreen.  When you post on Instagram, your content gets lost in the feed within minutes, but with Pinterest, when one person pins or repins your image, it becomes new again.  So, the content you create on your blog can live on for years with Pinterest.

Okay, so are you with me?  Have I convinced you that you need to start using Pinterest for business?  Good.  Now let me show you how to do it.

1. Blog

You want your content to be found and pinned on Pinterest so that people can find your pin and then find your website.  To do that, you must create content.  This is where your blog comes in.

2. Blog with pinnable images

When you are creating content, make sure that the images you use are pinnable.  I use to create my images.  They have a Pinterest graphic template that you can use that will help you create images that are the optimal size for Pinterest pinning.

3. Create valuable content

When people find you on Pinterest, you want to give them a reason to click on your Pinterest image and then come and STAY on your website.  Create quality content that educates, entertains or enriches their life.

4. Have an email list

People who come to your site through Pinterest are visitors but people who join your email list become friends.  You want more friends.  Set up your site so that it makes it easy and enticing to join your email list.

5. Be consistent

With creating your blog content and with pinning, make sure that you are consistent.  Pinterest recommends that you pin daily during peak times which is the evenings and weekends.

How about an overview of the cycle of how Pinterest helps your business:

  1. You create awesome content on your blog
  2. The content has pinnable images and helps your readers in some way
  3. You pin those pinnable images
  4. People find you through searching on Pinterest
  5. Those people come to your site and join your email list
  6. You grow your audience!

Alright, my friends!  I hope this gives you a good overview of how you are going to use Pinterest for your business.  There is a lot more to learn, but this is a great start.

And, I’d love for you to pin this image;) and let me know in the comments what your Pinterest for business questions are.  And!  Make sure to join my FB Group where we will be discussing all things Pinterest this week.

How to use Pinterest for business

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