How to Use Quizzes to Explode Your Email List

I chatted with my business bestie, Kirsten Tyrrel, all about email marketing and the best ways to grow and nurture your email list. If you haven’t heard of Kirsten, she is a quiz queen when it comes to creating quizzes to boost your email list. So, this post is all about how to use quizzes to explode your email list. Let’s get started!



What are your initial feelings when you hear the words “email marketing”? I know, email marketing can seem boring or like it’s too much work with little reward. However, if you learn a few tips email marketing can be hugely effective in nurturing your audience, and dare I even say, fun! 

While I could go on about how useful email marketing is, I’ll stay on topic and keep my promise with what this post is supposed to be about: How to use quizzes to explode your email list. Ready?


How to Use Quizzes to Explode Your Email List


how to use quizzes to explode your email list.


How Do Quizzes Work? 

The actual part of creating a quiz is pretty simple. But, there are a few steps to take BEFORE creating and implementing a quiz to help you strategically create a quiz that customizes your customer journey map (and helps you close sales faster). We’ll get into those steps later in the post. 

First, it’s important to note how quizzes can help segment your audience. So, what does that mean exactly? Segmenting your email list means dividing up your audience into different groups depending on which of your products they are most interested in. But how do you find out which products they are most likely to buy? With a quiz.

For example, I could create a quiz to help me know which of my audience is more interested in blogging and which is more interested in Instagram. I can then create an email sequence specialized in those topics and only send it to those who said that’s what their interest is. This will help personalize my marketing and it will help my audience members feel like I see them specifically. 


how to explode your email list using quizzes.


Why Do Quizzes Work So Well?

The open rate for emails with quizzes is insanely higher than emails with no quiz. Why is that? Think about it…you are probably more likely to open an email that will tell you something about yourself than you are to open one that will tell you more about someone else and/or what they’re selling. 

But this open rate isn’t the only reason quizzes work so well for your email marketing. Quizzes help you get to know more about your customer and therefore lead them to products they are actually interested in. This process leads to closing sales faster. 

Along with this, quizzes help your customers do their own self-selection and guide themselves on their customer journey map rather than you trying to guess your way through it. Are you convinced of the power quizzes can have on exploding your email list yet? While you may be convinced, you need to know if you and your company are in the right place to implement quizzes into your marketing strategy. 


3 questions to ask yourself about using quizzes on your email list.


How Do You Know if Quizzes Will Help Your Business?

Kirsten recommends business owners be ready to scale their business before they jump into adding quizzes to their email list. While including a quiz or two in your email list may sound simple, it gets pretty complicated when you have to start implementing the quiz results into your marketing strategy.

So, if you have a clear vision of who your ideal customer is and you have a product you’re selling on the backend (not dependent on quiz responses) then you may be ready to add quizzes to your email list. 

If you’re ready to scale and want to use quizzes to explode your email list, the best place to start is taking Kirsten’s quiz on her website here. This will tell you which type of quiz will work best for your business. If you think all of this sounds great, but aren’t ready for this step, that’s totally OK. You can pin this post for later and come back to it when you’re ready. Put a pin in it and then bring it back up when you’re ready! These are super good tips and information I want you to take advantage of when the time is right.


how to know if adding quizzes to your email marketing is right for you and your business.


How to Use Quizzes to Explode Your Email List

Alright, I hope you gained some insight on how to use quizzes to explode your email list! You can follow Kirsten on Instagram @kirstentyrrel for more tips and tricks on quizzes for your email marketing! And if you aren’t already, you can follow me @iammichellegifford.

Like I said, if you’re ready to add a quiz to your business, take Kristen’s quiz here that will tell you what type of quiz is best for your business. After you take it you’ll get a quiz funnel map. This will show you what steps to take to implement a quiz into your email marketing strategy! 

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How to Use Quizzes to Explode Your Email List

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