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One thing that seems universal for women in business, no matter where you are at- working at home, working in the corporate world, as a stay-at-home mom with a side biz, etc. is that the topic of money is hard for women! While we could spend years diving into the reasons, today we are going to cut to the chase and talk about Women Making Money.

In this episode of the Michelle Gifford Podcast we are going to completely bypass the feeling of being uncomfortable about talking abut money and just embrace our ability to be amazing women who can make money today.

We can be women, we can be moms, we can like money, we can like MAKING money, etc. but we may need to shift our mindset.

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Episode 33. Making Money

We think we like making money, but when it comes down to it, we might be doing things that are stopping us from actually making it. In this interview with Chrystalee from The Mama Ladder gives her practical tips to jumping in and making money.

She is co-founder of the High Five Grant which grants mama entrepreneurs $5,000 to grow their business as well. Mark your calendars for this because it is such an amazing opportunity for us all to grow.

Apply for the High Five Grant here:

Visit The Mama Ladder here:

Find the books we talked about here: www.amazon.com/shop/iammichelleg…istId=G2NM1DQHFAY
The Secret
The Science of Getting Rich

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