I read a lot…wait… that’s not right.  I listen a lot.  Whether I am cleaning the kitchen or making dinner, I am always listening to books.  Living in a time when I can learn from the best of the best while doing my every day chores makes me pretty excited about life.  A lot of where I am no has come from sharing ideas through books.

So, I want to start a book club, a business book club.

Here’s how it will go.  Every month, we will have a self improvement/business book to read.  You will have all month to read it and then we will have a book club chat in our Facebook group where we can talk about how the book applies to you and your business.

The book for February is Start by Jon Acuff.

You can buy it here

Or sign up and listen on Audible like I do here:

Maybe you are thinking that it is February and shouldn’t we have started Start in January?  The answer is no.  January has been nuts.  From sick kids, to travel to my baby’s broken arm, I’m happy to see the first month go.

Here is why you will love Start:

-It is the kick in the pants you need to get up and start making a difference

-Jon Acuff is pretty funny

-It is just the right level of motivation and education

Make sure that you are a part of our Biz with Michelle Facebook group.  That is where the action happens.  And if you haven’t taken my FREE branding course then you should definitely get to it.  Click here.

Michelle’s Book Club for February

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