Content marketing is everything right now. I’m really passionate about content marketing. You might think that you aren’t doing content marketing, but I have to disagree! If you are creating content for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, a podcast, Twitter, you are creating that content to build a following which is how you are building your business. I don’t want you to waste time creating content that won’t make you money. You need to know how to make money with your content.

I want to make sure that the content you are creating makes sense for your business and will make you money. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I love teaching you how to use that content to make money. I’m a mom to 5, and now, thanks to Covid I’ve got all of the kids home with me. It’s a new phase for us as we enter the school year, and I’m excited to learn a new skill.

3 Steps to Make Money with your Content

Have you ever done this?

 You’ve probably done this before. You stare at your Instagram screen, you know you need to post something but you don’t know what to post. So you inevitably end up just posting something to get the post up and checked off for the day. But what if there was a better way? What if you could have a clear path for what you are posting and when? What if you knew why you are posting what you post on Instagram?

Sometimes we can think that having a strategy on Instagram makes us inauthentic. It isn’t, it’s actually just smart. When you have a strategy you are removing yourself from the moment of posting and asking yourself, what would my audience benefit the most from? That is a gift. That is something that is a gift to you and your audience. 

Step 1- Your content must target a specific problem.

When we are having a hard time knowing what to write and create, we can go back to thinking about our target audience and who they are and what is happening right now. If you know your target audience and you know there are specific things coming up in their lives, then you can tailor your content to solve those issues/problems that your audience is facing. When you tailor your content to your audience it’s much easier to make money with your content.

Here’s how that can look in Summer 2020. We’ve been dealing with Covid for a few months now, right? Schools are trying to figure out if they’re opening up in the fall and what that will look like. 

One of the things that I can talk about on my Instagram is, ‘let’s figure out how you can still build a business with all your kids out of school or schooling at home’. That would be me thinking very directly about who my audience is and how I can help them That is the first step. Thinking very directly about who your target audience is and how you can help them grow. 

Step 2- Lead your audience to your email list and a funnel

My second step in how to make money with your content is to lead your audience to your email list and funnel. Now, if your business doesn’t currently have an email list, I’m going to tell you to build one. Find out how in these posts here and here.

An email list is a big deal.


  • Email has higher conversion rates than social media and search engine marketing– COMBINED.

Did you read that? Read that again. 

  • 73% of millennials prefer communication from business to come via email.
  • More than 59% of marketers say that email is their biggest source of Return On Investment.
  • 99% of consumers check their email everyday. 
  • Subscribers are 2 times as likely to interact with you on emails over interacting on facebook

If I have to sum it up for you, let me just say that email marketing is a big deal. You need to be growing your email list because people are going to buy from you through your emails. You get a greater ROI (Return On Investment) by investing in email marketing. This is one of the easiest ways to make money from your content. 

So what’s a funnel? A series of emails that sells them on a product you have. Look at your products and think about a way you can create a funnel for each of those products. Any time you talk about the different topics in your business you can funnel people into your business and funnel through your email lists.

Step 3- Ask for the sale

This needs to happen in your email, but also in your content. A lot of times we create this great content and then we leave people right at the edge. We leave them at the end of the content and don’t tell them how our products/courses can help them in their lives. You are selling yourself short and you’re not serving in the way that you should be. We are weird about selling something to people. Look, I get it. Your product costs money, right? Sometimes they cost a lot of money. But guess what? Your product is what is going to help your audience solve the problems they are facing. Your product will help them become who they want to be. I can’t have a list about how to make money from your content and not include asking for the sale!

So I have a coaching group, Money Makers. And if I don’t tell you about that, then I’m doing you a disservice. This group is changing people’s businesses, it’s helping them show up every day and if I don’t tell you about that, I’m not allowing you to have access to that product that is helping people. That’s not ok. Don’t be afraid to go for the sell in your emails, Instagram posts, and any other content you are creating. You want to come across as confident not only in yourself but in your products.

If you are being awkward about selling your product, your audience will be hesitant to buy it. You need to show them that your product is going to help them in their life. And don’t be weird about money. I say that all the time. Money is fun. Money is great! Let people pay you and be happy when they do.

Now You Can Make Money From Your Content!

I don’t want you to create content just to create content. I want you to create content that makes you money and furthers your impact. If you follow these 3 easy steps, you’ll know how to make money from your content and you’ll see your business grow!

Ever wondered what kind of Money Maker you are? Click here to take my fun quiz and find out! 

My 3 Steps to Make Money With Your Content

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