When to Email Your List: A Simple Guide

When to email your list: a simple guide. www.IamMichelleGifford.com

I get asked a lot, when am I supposed to send out emails? You know you’re supposed to build an email list, but it’s hard to know what to do with those names and email addresses. I’ve got a simple guide for you to know when to email your list, and what to say to them when you do email them!


It may seem obvious, but the first situation when you should email your list is when a new subscriber opts in for your freebie that you’re offering, or they simply sign up for your emails. (Need to know how to create an email opt-in?Click HERE!) When someone signs up for your email list, they should be getting a sequence of emails that get them to purchase a product or service you are selling. Or, if your audience isn’t ready for an email sales sequence, send them a nurture sequence. The difference between a nurture sequence and a sales sequence is that in a nurture sequence, you let your audience get to know you and you talk to them about the problem you solve. This would involve a series of 3-4 emails that highlight some key pieces of content that you’ve already created. Let your audience get to know you so that you can then send them your sales sequence.

Distributing Core Content

Remember the Content Creation Formula I spoke about HERE? When you email your list with the intent of distributing your core content, it’s another way to stretch your content across multiple channels. Remember, you might think that your audience has heard everything you have to say already. But, chances are, they haven’t. Your audience wants and needs to be reminded that you put out a podcast every week, or a new blog post, or even that you’ve created a new IGTV video. Wherever your core content lives, remind your audience that you’ve created new content and tell them where to find it. Also, these content emails are an easy way to take a problem that your audience is experiencing and share how your content solves that problem.

Having a Sale or Other Event

Before you hold a sale or participate in an event for your business, you need to send out a short sequence of emails promoting it. The amount of emails and the time between them is dependent on the price point of the sale/event. Remember, the higher the price point the more you need to nurture that sale. Another thing to be aware of, don’t just send out emails for sales and events. Your audience won’t open them because they haven’t been nurtured. Be sure to nurture your list so they are ready to purchase what you are selling.

These are the three main instances of when to email your list. I hope this simple guide will help you grow your list and your business. If you’re not sending emails, then why do you have an email list?

People will opt out. That’s ok. They aren’t your people. Don’t forget how many emails you get each week as well, so jam pack your emails with great content and opportunities/invites to purchase and the right people will read your emails and buy your product/service.

Get in the habit of creating core content weekly and sending out an email when you do. This is how you stretch your content! You’re not just sending a blog update, you’re sending an email customized around your core content. When you do this, it helps your audience really understand what problem you’re solving. Your audience will become used to you showing up, and they will expect you to show up online. They will begin looking for you where your core content lives. This is how you create a community of loyal followers who will purchase what you are offering.

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