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I’m so excited to tell you about my easy content creation formula. Tell me if this sounds like you, do you ever feel like you are creating content for your business with no clear direction? You have the ideas and you have the content, but it’s just not converting into income or helping you reach your business goals? I can help!  My easy content creation formula is proven to convert. It’s simple and effective and will get you results quickly. 

What are the 2 types of content you need to create?

Before we dive in to my easy content creation formula, let’s review the 2 types of content that you need to create regularly- short term content and long term content. Short term content is typically the content we share on social media. This content doesn’t have a long life. Our news feeds refresh at least daily with new posts and information. So, as a business owner, you need to continue to create fresh content for your social media channels. Most of us do this kind of content on our phones, and it’s a great area to have a little fun! 

Long term content is content that, well, lives longer! This content is usually somewhere that can be found via a search engine. Think YouTube, Pinterest, a blog/website, or a podcast. All of the content on these platforms can be found months and years after it was first created. I always recommend that you have at least one favorite long term content “home” that you regularly create content for. Whether you choose a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel it doesn’t really matter. Just choose at least one “home” for your long term content to live, and regularly create content for that “home”! 

Now, why do we create content? We create content to make money. Right? That’s our end goal. We also create content to build our audience, grow our email lists, etc., but really, we want to grow our incomes. That’s the point of building a business! Why else would you work so hard to create content that converts? 

So I’ve got 7 steps for my Content Creation Formula. These steps will help you create content that converts into money, a larger audience, and a successful business! 

Step 1- Determine your audience

Step number 1 is to determine your audience. Ask yourself, “Who am I trying to attract?”. Who are these people and what drives them? How can your product or service help them? If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you end up creating content that’s too general, confusing, or spread out across too many platforms. That’s why the first step is to determine who you are talking to. Get specific! 

Step 2- Determine your content’s home

This leads me to step 2. Now that you know who you are talking to, you need to determine where to create your long term content “home”. Think about your lifestyle and your product/service. If your business is teaching people how to bake cakes, your content home should be somewhere that you can post visuals of your tutorials, right? Can you imagine a podcast about baking and decorating cakes? It would be pretty hard to describe the steps of decorating a cake without a visual element to go with the descriptions, right? For this business venture, you would want to do a YouTube channel, blog, or something else similar. So think about the best fit for you and your product/service.

Step 3- Core Content Stretch

I want you to take your content and decide where else you can use it. If we go back to our cake baking and decorating business, let’s say you started that YouTube channel and you are posting tutorials there regularly. Where else could you use that content? Perhaps you could start a facebook group, or pin your videos to Pinterest, or even do tutorials on a blog. The point is to take your content and make it work harder for you by stretching it across multiple platforms!

Step 4- Solve your audience’s problems

This leads us to step 4 of my easy content creation formula-  Solve your audience’s problems. Most problems boil down to two things– fear and lack of knowledge about your topic. Keep this in mind when you are creating your content. An easy way to determine what to focus your content on, is to make a list of fears and areas where your audience lacks knowledge about your subject/product. Now create your content by answering and solving some of these fears. 

Steps 5 & 6- Brainstorm your core content, and decide how/where to stretch that core content.

Step 5 comes straight out of step 4. Create a list of core content topics from the larger list you created in step 4. This will become your main, base content. You will constantly refer back to these topics and remind your audience why you can solve their problems and calm their fears with your product or service. Step 6 refers back to our content stretch from earlier, except now we are really focused in on the specific problems and fears of our audience. By niching down, you are really able to help your audience. So you want to teach people all about baking cakes. You made your list of your main, base content and now you’ll take that list and spread it out across different platforms over different days. On Monday, you could do a cake basics post on Instagram, then talk through specific cake basic steps in your instagram stories on tuesday. Wednesday you could do a q&a on your facebook page, and end the week with a detailed blog post all about the dos and don’ts of basic cake baking. Do you see how easy it is to make your content work for you? 

Step 7- Schedule it!

We’ve reached the final step of my easy content creation formula! Now that you’ve got all of your lists, you know who you are talking to, and you know how to stretch your content– get out your calendar. Schedule your content and be detailed with how and where you will stretch it. I want you to actually write it out on your calendar.

Who else uses a content creation formula?

You might think this all sounds crazy, but think for a minute about the late night talk show hosts. Have you noticed how they stretch out the content from their shows? They’ll share who their guests are before they come on the show, then you’ll see snippets of the guests doing funny games on instagram stories, followed by behind the scenes information about the celebrity guests. And where are you seeing all of these different pieces of content? All across your social media channels! You may see a snippet on facebook, and a graphic quote on instagram, and a longer video on youtube. Why are they doing this? Because they know that spreading out their content will convert into a bigger audience, which will generate more revenue for the show. It really is that simple! Are you surprised? 

I hope you understand now how easy it can be to create content that converts. My 7 step formula for creating content that converts is all you need to do to grow your business! If you do these 7 steps periodically, you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your business. You will find your audience more easily and they will respond to what you are selling. The more you use my content creation formula, the more your content will convert into bigger audiences and a bigger income!

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My 7 step formula for creating content that converts www.IamMichelleGifford.com
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