My Top 3 Podcasting Tools for Beginners

Did you know? 51% of adults in the US are listening to podcasts. And that number is only growing! So if you are thinking of starting a podcast, now is the time. It’s easier than you think! For six years I have seen how podcasting has helped my business grow and it can help your business too! And I know, starting something new can be scary. So I am going to walk you through the whole process step-by-step. And I’ll share with you my top 3 podcasting tools for beginners.

One of my favorite things about podcasting is how personal it is. My audience gets to listen to me (Michelle Gifford Show) in their car and in their homes while they’re doing dishes and living life. They really get to hear my voice and laugh! I commit to showing up twice a week and they count on me. This builds a strong community of people with deep relationships. It allows me to share my expertise and give my business credibility. I’ve seen it grow a lot of businesses and this is why I love podcasting! 

3 podcasting tools that all beginners need

3 Podcasting Microphones for Beginners

The first tool you’ll need when starting a podcast is a microphone. The three types of mics I recommend are:

I have the Yeti Mic and it’s a great mid-level microphone. I’ve been using it for 6 years and it has worked perfectly for me. But, if I had more money to invest when I first started podcasting, I would have gone with a Rode mic. I love the sound of them and they are really high quality. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, then the Blue Snowball mic is also a great option to look into. No matter what microphone you choose, just get started. You can even record using your phone and AirPods if you’re not ready to invest in a mic. Don’t let the lack of an expensive microphone hold you back!

Podcast Recording Tools

The second tool you need to start a podcast is a way to record it. I’ve done this a couple of different ways throughout the last six years. If you’re looking for something totally free you can always record your podcast on your phone. And Ringr is an amazing app for recording interviews.

But Loom is by far my favorite way to record my podcast and it’s also a really inexpensive option. With Loom you can record audio, video, and even your screen. And it’s so easy to download and send all your files when you’re done recording. 

How to start your first podcast Ultimate Podcast Editor

To edit my podcast I use Descript. And it is the BEST way to edit podcasts. I swear by it! All you have to do is upload your file and it automatically transcribes everything and creates a script for you in minutes. Once it’s transcribed you’re able to go through and edit your podcast like a word document. You can see the entire script and easily cut out any words you don’t want. And there’s even a feature that allows you to delete all filler words such as ‘like’ or ‘umm’ with one click of a button. This is a game-changer and you can get started for free!

Top 3 Podcast Hosting Tools for Beginners

Lastly, you need a place to host your podcast. A host is a website that will store all of your podcast files. I use SoundCloud to host my podcast and it’s $12 a month. Other options you can look into are Libsyn and Anchor. Those two are also credible hosting platforms but I’ve been really happy with Soundcloud. I don’t get too worked up about choosing the right one. Check them all out and see which one stands out to you!

PRO TIP –  Connect your host to Apple podcasts! To do this you’ll need to first create an Apple podcast connect account. Then create an RSS feed within your host. In your Apple connect account you can enter your feed URL and submit it to Apple podcasts. Once you’ve connected the host you’ll also be able to automatically publish your podcast to other platforms and podcast hubs as well. 

51% of adults in the us listen to podcasts

My Top 3 Podcasting Tools for Beginners

To learn more about starting a podcast I recommend you check out my blog with 3 tips for creating a successful podcast here. And I hope you’ll use my top 3 podcasting tools for beginners! If you add the cost of the microphone, editing software, and hosting platform together you could have your podcast up and running for about $500 a year. That’s a pretty good price for making a huge investment in your business! And you can definitely do it even cheaper if you really need to. Podcasting is a great way to boost your business and I highly recommend you start one! Be sure to check out my podcast the Michelle Gifford Show. And for more small business tips follow my Instagram account @iammichellegifford where I post about growing a business online and building the brand you feel called to create.

My Top 3 Podcasting Tools for Beginners

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