What is holding you back? Do you need a little kick in the pants? Then you are going to love this post from IamMichelleGifford.com


Friends, today we are going to talk a little about a topic from my podcast episode Choose Today. I think it’s a good one for women in business and also women in general. It’s not “fluffy” and we are going to just dive right in. Because sometimes you just need a swift kick in your pants, right?

If you have been following along on Instagram, which you should 😉 Then you may have seen us discussing what we should name our tribe… you know what I mean by tribe- those people you surround yourself that lift you up, that give you inspiration, guidance, a friendship, support, accountability, advice, sounding board, etc.

When I asked our tribe what the biggest struggle they face in their business is and I was shocked by the answer. It wasn’t SEO, or social media, or time management.

Want to take a guess what it was?


They didn’t have confidence!

I am here to give you a pep talk! I want you to realize that what you are doing matters. You have to step up! You must put on your big girl pants and do the work. To be a woman in business it’s time to dive in.

God wants you to succeed. The biggest tool of the enemy is self-doubt. If you have been called to this work then God will help you. It doesn’t mean you will know everything or you won’t make mistakes. You will make mistakes and you will learn from them.

Start today and decide that you are ready to stand up and invest in yourself.

Self confidence is the best tool you can give yourself for your business and your life!

You are going to show up.

There will be people who don’t support you or people who don’t understand or people who are negative. Don’t worry about those opinions. Unfortunately, no matter WHAT you do in life there will be people who will be negative. Don’t worry about them and focus on what you have been called to do.

Don't let others diminish your confidence.

Keep on keeping on.

This is the first generation in the world that women have been able to have a microphone like we have. Women in business have opportunities that have never even been a business before! What a gift we have been given. What a gift and example we are leaving for our daughters.

We will be real women who put ourselves out there. Who show up. Who pursue or dreams. We will use social media for what it is intended for and get off of it when it starts to bring us down.

How does that sound? I hope you are IN! We need women in business and I hope you will stand up with our tribe to take action! I have set September 24th as the day I have chosen if you want to commit to being committed together. If you want to hear the whole podcast episode on Michelle Gifford podcast.



Podcast Episode: Choose Today

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