SEO Secrets with Female Foodie for the Michelle Gifford Podcast Ep 29

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SEO Secrets with Female Foodie for the Michelle Gifford Podcast Ep 29

Some people say that blogging is dead, but don’t tell that to Brooke from Female Foodie. She uses blogging to drive her business. Want to know her secret? It all lies in SEO (Search Engine Optimization for you new-to-blogging friends).

In this episode, Brooke shares all of her SEO secrets and tips. She even let’s you in on how she beats out all of the big websites to get at the top of Google.

In this podcast we mention:

This free guide to setting up your WordPress blog

Female Foodie:



Listen to the whole interview here:

Steps to getting better SEO

First, analyze the blog posts that are getting the best traffic.

Second, use Yoast SEO plugin.

Third, do your research with keyword planners.

SEO Plugins: 

Plugins are like apps for your blog.  They help give power and functions for your blog.  These plugins will help you up your SEO game.
Keyword everywhere

Keyword Planners:

A keyword is the search term that you want to rank for on Google.  So, a keyword planner is a way to help you choose the right words to use in your article.  There are special tools that you can use to research the right words for your blog post.  You put in the keywords that you want in these tools below and they will give you key information like how many searches that keyword is getting every month and how high the competition is for that keyword.  This is extremely useful for choosing the right keywords that will give you the highest chance of getting ranked higher on Google.
SEM Rush
Google Adwords

Make sure you listen to the whole podcast to get her secret tips to on growing a blog following.

And, if you are ready for another podcast, click here to listen to Tory from Ixchel Triangle.

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