Sneak Peek into the Best Coaching Group for Your Business

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Sneak Peek into the Best Coaching Group for Your Business

Are you looking for a business coaching group? If so, you’ve landed in the right place! My coaching group, Money Makers, is for small business owners who are ready to jump in with both feet and do what it takes to grow their businesses. My group has hundreds of women in it right now, but we always make it so fun and personable for all of us. We hope you’ll come join us! Here’s a sneak peek into the best coaching group for your business.



If you’ve never heard of my Money Makers Coaching Group, or if you’ve never heard of me before, welcome! I am so glad you are here. I am your business and marketing expert ready to strategize and commit to making your business a success. If you’re looking for constant support in growing your biz, join my Money Makers group. Registration is only open twice a year, so jump on this opportunity! 

When you join Money Makers you get access to ALL of my courses. I teach you everything you need to know about blogging, Pinterest, social media strategy, and more. You can check out my full course list HERE. In addition to my courses, you also get twice-a-month coaching calls with me and you get to be a part of THE best community ever. We are working so hard and cheering each other on every single day. Being with all of you is just my favorite thing ever. 

OK, now that I did my little speel on my Money Makers Coaching Group, now it’s time to jump into the sneak peek of the best biz coaching group for your business. I’m sharing notes on one of the coaching calls that I did with my Money Makers, so you can get a realistic perspective of how things actually work before you join. Let’s get started!


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Sneak Peek into the Best Coaching Group for Your Business

If you’ve already joined Money Makers, first of all, congratulations! This is a big step that shows you are committed to your goals and your business. I am going to help you get to wildly successful places. And one way I help you get there is through my twice-a-month coaching calls.

My coaching calls are set up where all of my Money Makers hop on a video call and I give them a training. The trainings are usually based on what the majority are interested in, what’s trending in the news, or sharing tips and strategies that would really boost your sales and set up your business for long-term success. The training I covered in this coaching call is about TikTok.


tiktok strategy for small business owners.


10 Tips for Using TikTok to Grow Your Business

If you’re new to TikTok or if you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late. Just remember you have to start in order to grow. So, don’t expect to get thousands of views on your first videos. But as you keep posting with strategy, the more views you will get. And it’s a LOT easier to grow quickly on TikTok right now than it will be later, so if you’ve been thinking about starting an account there for your business take this as your sign to do it!

TikTok Tip #1: As a general rule for TikTok, make sure to swipe through the content you do not want to see. At first, you will most likely see videos you do not want to see. Your job is to just swipe through. TikTok’s algorithm is set up so that the longer you view videos, the more similar content it will show you. And this works vice versa as well–the content you swipe through will tell TikTok to stop showing you content similar to that. 


TikTok Tip #2: Before ever posting on TikTok, I recommend consuming TikTok content and learning how the app works for at least 1-2 weeks. Try to find creators in your niche and see how they are showing up on TikTok. And which videos are doing well for them. 


TikTok Tip #3: REALLY niche down to what you want to teach and talk about. This will help you focus on your audience and teach the algorithm what type of content you create.


TikTok Tip #4: After observing for one to two weeks, I encourage you to commit to posting 2-3 TikTok videos every day for two weeks straight (or even for 30 days if possible). This will not give you millions of followers, BUT it will teach you how to use TikTok, understand the audience there, and see what works. 


TikTok Tip #5: Batch at least 10 TikTok videos before you ever make your first post. This will make it not feel so overwhelming and will help you stay ahead of your posting schedule.


TikTok Tip #6: Find trending audio and use it as quickly as possible in videos you recreate to work for your niche.


TikTok Tip #7: SEO (search engine optimization) is a huge deal. So, you should be thinking about keywords all of the time. Think about what someone would search for in order to find your content and then use those words in your videos, captions, closed captioning, descriptions, and hashtags. Basically anywhere it will let you include keywords, put them there! 


TikTok Tip #8: Edit your videos so they are super quick to get to the point. Consider editing out every second that you take a breath throughout your videos. People want snappy videos, so if you want them to stay until the end, this is what you have to be willing to do. 


TikTok Tip #9: Focus on your headline and the hook of your video. People don’t spend enough time here, but they should because your headline and hook are what determine if people will stay and watch your content or not. Each of your videos should start with a 1-2 second phrase that will hook your people in. This can be really simple! Do not overthink it. Just think of what would make your people want to stay and watch. 


TikTok Tip #10: Change the video perspective every 3-4 seconds. This can be zooming in, out, or whatever is needed to get a different perspective on your video. This will help keep things moving and make people stay engaged in your video. 


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Sneak Peek into the Best Coaching Group for Your Business: Q&A

After I give my training in my coaching calls, I spend some time answering questions that my Money Makers have. They can either submit their questions beforehand or they can ask them on the live chat. I try to get through as many as I can before ending the call. So, this next section of the post will be what my Money Makers asked me and my advice for them!


Question #1: If I’m already doing a podcast, should I be on YouTube too?

If I started my business over, I would start on YouTube. YouTube is just a great place to grow and it’s so easy to repurpose your content in so many other ways from your video. E.g. You can take the audio and create a podcast, take clips from your video and create reels or TikTok videos, and take the transcript and create a blog post. 

However, if you already have a podcast that you’ve been doing for a while now and you have a loyal following there, stay committed to that. If you feel like you can expand to YouTube do it. But don’t stress about doing it if you don’t have the capacity to do it yet. 

Just so you know, you can totally record a video of yourself doing your podcast episode and post that as a YouTube video. (This is what I do and I use Descript. It is the BEST.) People post YouTube videos of them on their podcast all of the time, so it is totally a common thing to do! And it would be a great way for you to just start that opportunity to grow on another platform. 

If you do end up posting your podcast episodes as YouTube videos, make sure to change your headline to be SEO rich and create a really great thumbnail–the picture that people see before they click on your video. Click HERE to learn more tips on how to make make the best headlines and thumbnails for your YouTube videos.


Question #2: I’m doing my first giveaway, what should I include in the requirements to enter to win?

When doing giveaways, you want to make sure you are legally squared away. I use Brittany Ratelle as my lawyer and she is amazing! Use code MICHELLE15 to get a discount when you sign up to work with her. 

Anyway, depending on what your goals are for your giveaway, you can make the requirements really simple or more complex. If you’re just wanting more exposure and to grow your following then I recommend telling people to make sure to like your post, follow you, tag people in the comments, and share your post in their stories. 

These are all really simple things people can do quickly, so they will be more likely to do it and it makes it an easy way for you to grow quickly. If you’re wanting to use content in some type of launch then a requirement to enter your giveaway could be to create a reel using your product or whatever it is. This one appeals to more of your loyal customers who have been following you for a while, so keep that in mind.


Question #3: Should I launch two different products at the same time or should I market them separately?

Most of the time, I recommend launching products at different times. Whether that means putting a few weeks in between each of them or a few months. However, if your products could be put together in some type of bundle, then I recommend launching them together.

So, depending on whether your products can play off of one another or not, decide what you want your launch dates to be and the amount of time you want in between each launch date.


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Sneak Peek into the Best Coaching Group for Your Business

OK, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the best coaching group for your business. If you’re fired up about your business, then come join us!! We are crushing goals, making pivots, and having so much fun learning and growing together. Join Money Makers HERE. 

If you’re interested in growing your biz but aren’t quite ready for a biz coaching group, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford. That way you can still be up to date with the latest trends and strategies you need to grow a successful business online. Hope to chat with you soon!

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