the 90-day strategy to hit your instagram goals.

The 90-Day Strategy to Hit Your Instagram Goals

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The 90-Day Strategy to Hit Your Instagram Goals

There are exactly 90 days left of the year. Crazy, right? I’m all about finishing each year with a bang, so I can feel proud and excited for everything I accomplished. Then, it’s easier to head into the new year with that momentum and the fresh goals I set for myself and my business. Want to do it with me? Here is the 90-day strategy to hit your Instagram goals.



Before we jump into the Instagram goals, I have to tell you about my Insta Social Society. I recently had a call with the members of this group and we all left so energized. Most of the time, as content creators, we are creating in a room by ourselves, right? Or maybe you have some littles running around you. But with the Insta Social Society, you’re able to collaborate with other creators and get some really good feedback on your ideas for your content. 

We have such a good time together and there is so much value in this membership! You get workshops, live trainings from me, monthly content plans, trending audio, and more. If you sign up now and use the code “PODCAST” you will get 50 percent off your first month! If you’ve been thinking about joining, this is your sign! Come join us and we will be so excited to collaborate with you. 


the 90-day stratey to hit your Instagram goals.


The 90-Day Strategy to Hit Your Instagram Goals

I have some big goals to hit for my Instagram account before December 15. I picked this date because it was exactly one year ago on this date that I had my first reel go viral. At the time, I had 18,700 Instagram followers and it had taken me years to get to this point. Then I made some adjustments to my Instagram strategy and my content took off. I now have over 130K followers, which blows my mind. You can check out my post HERE where I go into detail about my Instagram growth strategy and how I grew so fast! 

And I know this strategy isn’t just working for me, but it can totally work for you too. It doesn’t matter if we are in the same niche or not. My strategies can be adapted to your niche and Instagram account and I promise you will see growth. I know this because I just finished going through these steps with the members of my Insta Social Society and I’ve already seen major improvements with their Instagram analytics. 


90-Day Instagram Goals Step #1: Decide what goals you want to focus on.

I met with my social media team last week and we decided on 4 goals I want to hit by the end of the year:

  1. Grow my Instagram followers
  2. Grow my email list
  3. Increase my story views
  4. Grow my Insta Social Society membership

Take the time to decide on what you want your goals to be. Do you want to increase your sales? Grow your following? Create more reels? It’s totally up to you. Decide where you want to focus and write those goals down. It’s even better if you attach a number to each goal, e.g. You want to grow by 20k followers by the end of the year. 


5 simple steps to meet your goals for instagram.


90-Day Instagram Goals Step #2: Look at your Instagram analytics.

Take a deep dive into your Instagram analytics and find out which content is doing better than others. You can do this by going to your professional dashboard and clicking on the content you shared. From there, you can change the time period to 30 days and sort by metric which will allow you to see accounts reached, engagement, and shares. As you scroll through this you will be able to see which kind of content is doing the best. 

You can also go back to your feed and click on the three lines at the top, go to Insights, and change your time period to either 30 or 90 days. Next, scroll down a little bit to the content you shared and you’ll be able to look at your posts, stories, and reels. Again, you can sort and filter by metric, so you can see which content got the most shares, likes, and the most follows.

Doing this research will give you a clue about which content is going to do better in the future. This makes a win-win for you because this means that you don’t have to come up with new ideas, you’re just recreating something in a fresh way that you already know your audience is interested in.  


90-Day Instagram Goals Step #3: Look at creators’ content outside of your industry.

Sometimes we get really bad tunnel vision when looking at our competitors and we end up copying the content they are doing. For that reason, I like to look outside of my industry and find creators who are killing it on Instagram. Doing this will give you some fresh ideas on what you could start to implement into your strategy and see if it sticks. 

It’s totally OK to test out new ideas and posts on your Instagram. This is how you innovate and grow as a creator. You have to try new things and see if your audience likes them or not. Then, after several weeks you can look back at your analytics and see if it’s worth continuing or not. 


how to meet your instagram goals in 90 days.


90-Day Instagram Goals Step #4: Look at the timing and current events happening in your industry. 

There is a lot happening between now and the end of the year. We’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s planning, etc. Think about what’s coming up and if there is some timely content you can incorporate into your strategy. Show some creativity here by connecting your industry with current events. 


90-Day Instagram Goals Step #5: Write out your content plan.

Now that you’ve established your goals and gotten some ideas on what type of content to post, it’s time to write it out as a content plan. I recommend creating a 2-week plan. That way you can batch create and not feel overwhelmed to keep up every single day. But also, it’ll help you stay on top of those analytics and see what’s going well and what’s not. After those two weeks, you can look back and see if you need to make any adjustments in order to still meet your goals. 


the instagram strategy to finally hit your instagram goals.


The 90-Day Strategy to Hit Your Instagram Goals

I hope you have some fun creating the 90-day strategy to hit your Instagram goals! And yes, I meant to say fun. Instagram is fun, even if you are using it as a tool to grow your business. Try new things, test them out, and see what works and doesn’t work. So really, take some time to plan out your next 90 days, and let’s finish this year together with some power!

You might feel unqualified to do it, but you know enough to start. And as you keep learning and creating, you’ll only get better. And remember, I am here for you cheering you on and giving you all the strategy tips you need! So, if you’re ready to go all in, join my Insta Social Society! And you can always come follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford. I hope you do because I’d love to connect! 

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