The Best Customer Relationship Management System: vs Dubsado – Why I Chose

I want to share with you the best customer relationship management system I have found.  Are you ready to get your business organized but don’t know where to start? Do you have a good momentum going? Or are you trying to get the ball rolling? What I am going to share with you in this post will take your business from disorganized and chaotic, to organized and easy peasy lemon squeezy!  You’re going to want to pour yourself a glass of lemonade and kick your feet up once you’re done reading this post! This CRM has worked wonders for my business.  I think one that will work wonders for you as well. 

The Customer Relationship Management System that works the best for my business and why I love it.

The Best Customer Relationship Management System

As a Mom of 5 and a business owner, balancing my personal and business life can be challenging. I have learned that using a customer relationship management system like keeps my business organized.  It helps me keep my clients organized, project flow, team member collaboration. As well as the daily housekeeping items of running a business. Getting a customer relationship management system has helped me keep my business life organized. However, I have also found that it helps me keep healthy boundaries for my personal life. 

In this post, I am going to compare, and Dubsado. I get asked about why I choose over Dubsado all the time. I want to be able to help you understand each program’s unique differences and similarities. Why I believe is the best customer relationship management system for my business and why it will be for yours.  So let’s break it down. How the two customer relationship management systems, and Dubsado, are similar and how they are different. 

The Similarities of Two Customer Relationship Management Systems 

Let us start with the most obvious: and Dubsado are both customer relationship management systems. So, what exactly does that mean? Great question. Customer Relationship Management systems, also known as CRM’s, are used to keep track of clients. They provide a central place to store customer information, as well as, keeping your business items organized. They provide services that track data, help with project management, team collaboration, and daily business items like time tracking.  It’s a place that allows you to manage relationships with your teams and customers. Which is awesome! We want to be able to provide the best possible service so that a customer comes back again and again.

When it comes to pricing, both and Dubsado have similar pricing for their standard programs. at $360 a year (for 3 seats) and Dubsado at $350 a year. Both programs are billed on an annual basis. Dubsado and have programs that included guest access, unlimited boards, automated workflows, and scheduling. and Dubsado have the option of a free trial. If you are feeling stuck about which customer relationship management system to use, use the free trails and see what fits best. 

A great feature that both and Dubsado both have is the automated workflows. This feature helps streamline your routine tasks such as emails, invoicing, and sending forms. These workflows can be set to trigger actions unique to your business. I use it to automate due dates for projects and move items from ‘working on it’ to ‘completed’. I am continually finding new ways to utilize Monday’s features in my business. is always rolling out new features to make life easier. These features are always saving me time, money, and energy. 

I use as my Customer Relationship Management System to keep my business running smoothly.

The Differences between Two Customer Relationship Management Systems 

Let’s now talk about how Monday and Dubsado are different.  These customer relationship management systems may have a similar purpose but they are not the same. was founded in 2012 by Eran Zinman and Roy Man. According to, has a 4.5 rating from over 4,500 reviewers! Compared to Dubsado which was founded in 2015 by Becca Burg, has a 4.5 rating but only from 49 reviewers, a huge difference. Over 4,500 people have used and gave it a 4.5 overall rating, compared to Dubsado at 49 reviews. Thousands of people have used and rated over Dubsado.  

Reviewers found that was easier to use, set up, and administer. Because of this, they felt met the needs of their business better than Dubsado. Reviewers did feel that Dubsado had better ease of doing business and ongoing product support. However, took the top spot between the two overall. While both and Dubsado are customer relationship management systems, ultimately was the better option to meet the needs of my business. They provide services that Dubsado doesn’t, such as marketing resource management, product management, document creation, and that’s just to name a few! Pros is the best customer relationship management system because it has an array of pricing options.  For example, they have a basic plan at $8/seat/month. A standard plan at $10/seat/month. Pro plan at $16/seat/month. As well as an Enterprise plan for huge companies. Dubsado has two plans the basic one at $200/year and the standard plan at $350/year. I love that has the option to pay per team member or per seat. This feature gives me the flexibility to stay within my budget as my business grows. Starting a business on a budget and running a business with a budget can be challenging. Knowing how and where to allocate your money is a struggle, I know! has multiple plans options and prices. With it is easy to pick the right plan for your business and budget. 

Each plan on comes with so many great features! Such as unlimited boards, unlimited column types, shareable forms, app availability, importing from other tools, and more!  The standard plan and up have the timeline view, and my favorite, the ability to create workflow automation. There are so many features on that make organizing and growing your business so easy! It’s no wonder why reviewers rated it a 4.5! I could go on and on about all has to offer. 

Using a customer relationship management system is a life saver for keeping my business and personal life balanced.

Why I Chose for My Business 

Another reason is the best customer relationship management system for my business is that it’s flexible and so easy to adapt to my business. It has functions that help me get my clients, projects, and team members organized. But not only that, it gives everything and everyone a place. It is easy to keep track of all the moving parts of a business. is a visual website. All I need to do is glance at different projects to know where they are in the workflow. I can keep track of multiple projects happening through multiple people all in a glance.  

Team collaboration is more efficient with’s centralized communication. No more trying to hunt down emails or memos. is great for team collaboration. For example, if I have multiple team members working on one client there is a specific place for that client. All of the projects that are being worked on are in one place. Each team member working for that client can see updates, projects, and information all happening in real-time. This feature creates so much ease between team members. Everyone knows where a blog, an email, or a social media post is for this client because it’s all right there and easy to access. App 

I know as a Mom sometimes it is inevitable to take your work with you. As much as we try to keep good boundaries it sometimes just has to happen. And that’s okay, no need to feel Mom guilt here! I am a full believer that being a business women makes me a better mom and vice versa. Taking the time and space to do something you love and enjoy is a good thing! That is also why I am so grateful that I can download and use the app on my phone. Those times when I do have to be both mom and businesswoman I can keep updated. I can check on projects, collaborate with team members, and clients all from the ease of my phone. 

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No matter what stage your business is at having a customer relationship management system like truly helps streamline the workflow. is the best choice for my business.  I love the automation features, projects management, visual setup, client organization, and team member collaboration.  A customer relationship management system helps my business stay organized and keeps it easy to run. I do feel like Monday meets my business needs over Dubsado.  Getting a account will be a benefit to your business as you continue to grow and thrive. 

So what do you think? Shall we go pour a glass of lemonade, create a account and get your business organized?! I say let’s do it! See you on! 

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The Best Customer Relationship Management System: vs Dubsado

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