The Pros and Cons to Showit

Starting or upgrading your website can be scary to commit to. How do you know which plan is the best? What do you do in the creation process? How do you even create a website? If you’ve been wondering about any of that, this post on the pros and cons to Showit is for you. 

I am all about Showit.  As a business strategist and photographer, I love (mostly) everything about the design process, and I especially love the finished product. Not to mention the increase in sales and followers that have come since I implemented my new website design as well. 

The decision of what website template you use to build your website comes down to what you think is best for you and your business, so I hope these pros and cons to Showit can help you decide which route to take. 


5 reasons I Went With Showit and 3 Reasons I Almost Didn’t


the pros and cons to showit.


Pro #1: Design and Customization

If you’re a creative like me, you love the fact that you get to design and customize your website any way you want. ShowIt has  an option that is just a blank canvas and you get to design it with whatever you imagine! 

Don’t worry about not knowing the ins and outs of Showit because it is super easy to use. I’m talking drag and drop what you want and there’s no coding required. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Just think about how much time you’ ll be saving with your website creation. 

The quicker you can design the better because that means more time spent making money for your business and more time spent making memories with your family. 

If you feel like starting with a blank canvas would be too challenging, ShowIt  has tons of templates to choose from included in the subscription. They also have some available for purchase. Either way, they have tons of templates to choose from. 

If you’d rather skip the whole design process and just jump into a new website strategically designed to make you money, you can check out my Showit website templates here


Pro #2: Mobile Site Customization

It could be seen as a con that you have to design your mobile site in addition to your desktop site. However, I love how you get to customize the mobile version. And, you don’t have to start from scratch. 

You can use the base from your desktop version for your mobile site, you just may want to customize a few things, so it looks appealing in this format as well. If you don’t customize at all, Showit just takes your desktop version and shrinks it down to fit on a mobile site. This could result in your text being too small. 

However, with a few tweaks, you can take your desktop site and adjust it for mobile users.  It’s fun to see the two different versions complement each other! 


Pro #3: ShowIt Connects to your WordPress Site 

I LOVE this pro. This is the biggest deal! WordPress is the number one software for your website content because it is top ranked for its SEO options. WordPress provides you with advanced options to make sure you are showing up on the biggest search engines, like Google and Pinterest.

Why do all the work to create a website if the odds are way out of your favor for people to actually find it? That’s another pro for using Showit.

Showit effortlessly connects with your WordPress site. If you’ve ever tried to navigate the website themes available on WordPress, you know how tricky they can be. Instead of dealing with that, you can create a beautifully designed site through Showit and connect it to your WordPress site. That way you get the best of both worlds with design and SEO. This is what I’ve done with my website and I love everything about it! 


Pro #4: Easy to Use Templates and Integration

Getting something done fast always sounds good to us working mamas, am I right? With how easy it is to integrate your ShowIt template, you can save so much time in your website design process. 

Plus, have you seen websites designed through Showit? I’m so impressed with the beauty of each one considering the freedom you have in creating your own.

If you’re thinking, “But, Michelle, what if I already have a website?” Don’t worry! If you already have a website, you can still connect your existing site to Showit. 


Pro #5: Incredible Customer Support 

On Showit’s homepage, they talk about how they are on a mission to provide the best customer support possible, and I must say, I think they have.

They already have a large library of articles with design basics for Showit, FAQs, and more. Plus, any time I had a question throughout my design process they responded quickly with the help I needed. They are so friendly too! Nothing is better than friendly customer support when you’re stumped on a design project. 

They have one incredible support that everyone should know about. Remember how I said you can get your old website connected to your new Showit website design? The customer support will connect your old website for you! 


the pros and cons to showit from one creative to another.


Con #1: Showit Doesn’t Integrate With Shopify

Unfortunately, Showit does not integrate with Shopify. It’s really one of the only cons of using ShowIt to build your website. However, if your business is through Shopify, there’s still a roundabout way for you to design on Showit and connect it to your Shopify storefront. 

After you build your Shopify storefront you can then link your storefront to your Showit website design. Linking them this way would still give you the option to merge the two together and give you your customized design along with your storefront. 


Con #2: You Can Get Carried Away With All the Design Options 

It’s definitely harder to create anything when you have countless options. It’s just so difficult to make a decision when you don’t have a clear vision of what you already want. 

Since there are so many design options, you can get carried away with how it should look and maybe even over complicate the process. I don’t want you wasting time making something that isn’t your best product. Remember, simple is better. 

Choosing a template may be your best option if you are hesitant to build your own, but you know what you like when you see it. I recently designed several Showit templates and I’d love for you to have the one the works best for your business. I’ve done the work of creating it, so you don’t have to. I want you to have success in your business and having a Showit template strategically designed will definitely help you achieve that. 


Con #3: Longer Build Process

Since there are so many options, this could result in a longer build process. I know we like things fast, so going with a template might be a better choice if you’re worried of getting carried away in your freedom for your website design.

I know I mentioned earlier the tweaking you must do for your mobile site, so this adds onto the build process as well. If you keep your desktop version simple and beautiful, tweaking your mobile site hopefully won’t take too much time. 


Use my website templates to help make your business make money.


The Truth Behind Showit Websites 

For me, the pros far outweigh the cons to having a Showit website. I’ve yet to see a poorly designed Showit site. I can’t emphasize enough how easy it is to create a website you feel really good about. The amount of customization available paired with the incredible customer support gives you the opportunity to have a website that stands out from the others. 

To use Showit, they offer three different subscription plans. The middle option for $24 per month is probably the most popular. It covers the businesses that are just starting out, but gives you the resources to help you grow. 

Investing in your website and your business is the next right step if you’re serious about growing your business and wanting it to last. Having an online presence that you own where you’re not depending on social media to present yourself is key to a successful business. 

It’s the most amazing feeling when you launch your new website and see your numbers of sales and followers start to increase! Number one, you just created a killer website. Number two, people actually like it and it’s bringing you more business!


easy to use, pretty design, the website for you.


Is it Time to Switch Your Website to Showit?

Maybe it’s time to give your website that makeover it deserves. The better the website the better the business opportunities. I promise you and your business are worth the investment. I invested in my business several years ago, and it’s done nothing but grow. 

There are so many options–and so many creatives telling you which option is best–out there. If you do your research, you will find the website creator you want for your business. After doing mine, Showit is what I chose. 

If you’re nervous about making the switch or committing to Showit, I share my experience with finding and switching to Showit for my business in my blog post here

There’s more and more entrepreneurs using Showit. People like you who are Influencers, Bloggers, and creatives. If you want a beautiful website that looks great and represents you and your business well, Showit is the best choice for you. 

From one creative to another, my templates are strategically designed to make you money. They are beautifully designed and have all the right plugins to help you show up for your audience and have them find you again and again. 

I hope you found these pros and cons of a Showit site helpful! If you want more tips on how to run a successful business, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford.





The Pros and Cons to Showit

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