The Top 4 Secrets to a Solid Brand Message

Welcome, biz sister! Brand messaging is one of my absolute favorite things to talk about. I feel like it is my sweet spot when it comes to coaching my Money Makers or helping my clients. I’ve narrowed my tips down to the top 4 secrets to a solid brand message. By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to market your business to your ideal customer. 



This post is covering the “Make your Mark” level of my Money Maker Method. If you haven’t heard of my Money Maker Method, check out this post here that gives you an overview on how to make more money for your business. You can also follow along with my Money Maker Method on my podcast here

All of my business tips and tricks will help you make more money and improve your business strategy. These are the same tips and tricks I use for my own business and for my bigger business clients. This should really be a course you pay for, but I’m giving you this information for free! I’m doing it because I’m so happy you are here and I want you to succeed. 

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The Top 4 Secrets to a Solid Brand Message

The biggest mistake businesses make today is having confusing brand messaging. If you don’t take the time to make it very clear, people won’t know how to talk about you, what you do, or why they should work with you. 

Practicing these 4 brand messaging tips will help promote a clear brand message in every way, leading your customer exactly where you want them to go. The top 4 secrets to a solid brand message can also be known as the 4 P’s of a solid brand message. The 4 P’s are person, problem, product, and promise of transformation. 

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Brand Messaging Secret #1: Person

The first thing to do in order to have clear brand messaging is to think of the ideal person that would use your products. Try to be as specific as you can. An easy way to do this is to make up a person in your mind. Maybe, you think of someone you actually know that embodies the person you want to serve. 

What are her tendencies? Where does she spend her money? What does she do every day? What does she look like? What does she do on Instagram? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you get to know your person, and the more you get to know her the better you can serve her. 

When I teach this principle, people usually tell me they’re afraid of leaving people out. Believe me, it is OK. When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. For instance, I talk about motherhood all the time, but I still have a couple of men in my coaching group and they enjoy it! People learn how to self filter and take in what they want. Maybe they know they don’t relate to all of your messaging, but they like the core of your message. So, don’t stress about it. 


Brand Messaging Secret #2: Problem

What problem does your business or product solve? Once you know the problem, think about what your person says about that problem. What do they think about it? How does it make them feel? Try and get really specific and think of the words they would use when answering those three questions. 

Building out this story and knowing these answers about your person is magic! It helps you know your person so well that you know how they talk, think, and feel about their problem–and you’re the one with the solution. Tune into my podcast episode for an example if you want a bit more clarity on this step. 

(Biz Pro Tip: Pay attention to what your clients or followers say to you in Instagram comments, messages, etc. What words are they using when describing their problem? Write those down and then you can use those same words in a sales copy and more.)

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Brand Messaging Secret #3: Product 

Now that you know your person and the problem they have, you can move on to your product. How does your product solve the problem? What are the steps that it takes to get started with that product? The first steps may be signing up for a free course, doing an opt-in to get on your email list, etc. 

Think about the process you already have in place and if there’s anything you need to do to better implement it into your brand messaging. (So people know what you want them to do once they discover your product could be their solution.) 


Brand Messaging Secret #4: Promise of Transformation

What is the promise of transformation you give to your person? What will their situation look like at the end? You shouldn’t have to spend your whole life taking care of the same people and they shouldn’t have to depend on you the entire time either. 

Remember, while there may be other businesses like yours out there, there’s only one you. There are reasons why people follow you and not the others, and part of that comes from the promise of transformation you give them through your brand messaging. 

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The Top 4 Secrets of a Solid Brand Message

I hope the top 4 secrets of a solid brand message helped you think of some ways you want to level up your brand. The magic comes when you really hone in on the words you use and how well they match up with the words your person uses. If you can provide a vision of what their life could be like if they say yes to your product, you’ll be set. 

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The Top 4 Secrets to a Solid Brand Message

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