Using Ontraport to Automate my Email Marketing-

Using Ontraport to Automate My Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Using Ontraport to Automate my Email Marketing

Using Ontraport to Automate my Email Marketing- Automate your emails

Automation is a game-changer when it comes to managing my growing business. I am hardcore smitten with Ontraport’s customizable automation options. From start to finish I can customize interactions with each of my contacts—giving them a personalized experience while easing the workload for me. So let me share with you some of the reasons I love using Ontraport to automate my email.

Using Ontraport to Automate my Emails- personalized start to finish


Personalized from start to finish

Ontraport gives me the ability to personalize my contact’s journey. This begins before the first email is even sent. Ontraport markets itself as an all-in-one business software program, and it truly is! I can set up my ads, landing pages, and opt-in forms—with drag-and-drop ease! Tying each element into my branding style helps each step feel cohesive. Not only that, but Ontraport also offers an amazing CRM design. Again, it’s fully customizable so I can collect the information I need for my business.

Using Ontraport to Automate my Emails- Intuitive data collection


Intuitive data collection

And this is where the good stuff really starts to happen! Ontraport collects data on each contact that helps me customize follow-up communications super effectively. By analyzing where a contact found me, what caught their interest enough to click a link, what they left in a shopping cart, etc., Ontraport recommends the next logical step in reaching out to the customer. It’s like a game of “If This… Then What?” For example: If a contact subscribes to my email list, then send them a personalized welcome email. Or, if a contact leaves items in their shopping cart, then send them a special discount code 24 hours later. Are you catching a glimpse of how amazing this tool can be?

Using Ontraport to Automate my Emails-automated follow up emails


Set it and forget it

Now—setting up something like that for each and every customer would be overwhelming to say the least! And the developers of Ontraport are way ahead of you. They’ve got your back, girl! By using their automated campaigns feature, you just set it up once and Ontraport takes it from there—for every client fitting the assigned criteria—forever! You stay on top of all of your communication tasks and deliver top-notch customer service, without the overwhelming time commitment of doing every step yourself.

Using Ontraport to Automate my Emails-Scheduled and targeted content


Not the DIY type?

Perhaps constructing your own campaign seems a bit intimidating for you right now. No worries! Ontraport also has templates for you to use. Pre-designed, tried and true plans which you can simply plug in your business information to, and get started.

Using Ontraport to Automate my Emails-Predesigned templates


What’s next for my contact?

Ontraport’s campaigns enhance your ability to guide your contacts step by step on their journey with you naturally:

  • Nurture a new contact
  • Reignite a cold contact
  • Express gratitude for a purchase
  • Target educational material to the right contact at the right time
  • Promote new products or webinars
  • Send a surprise birthday deal
Using Ontraport to Automate my Emails-custom individualized progression


The options are limitless. From start to finish, Ontraport’s email marketing software gives you all the tools you need to provide your customers with awesome, personalized care. Try Ontraport out for free and see exactly what it can do for you!

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Using Ontraport to Automate my Email Marketing-
Using Ontraport to Automate my Email Marketing-

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