Do you plan your content out in advance? I always plan my content a month in advance. (Read about why I do this here.) Since we are in the last week of September, let’s talk about your Pinterest strategy for the next few months and what to share and pin in October. 

As usual, I’ve consulted my Pinterest expert for her thoughts on what you need to be posting and pinning for October. She keeps up with the trends and analytics so you and I don’t have to. I defer to her knowledge every day when planning Pinterest strategies for myself and my clients. (Ready to hire out your Pinterest strategy? Click here to find out how to hire my team!)

What to share and pin in October. My Pinterest expert weighs in!

Let’s get down to business. Here’s what my Pinterest Expert recommends you share and pin in October. The seasons have changed, and your pinning should change to reflect that. Be sure to pin the topics below. 

October Pinning: 

Fall Foods 

New Year 

Family Photos 


Comfort Food

General “Fall” Related Content (fashion, travel, recipes) 


Travel Tips 


Winter Fashion 

Halloween (food, costumes, makeup, and decorations) 

Michelle Gifford shares what to share and post in October. Find more info at

As you work on your Pinterest strategy for the rest of 2020, here are some more Pinterest topics you need to be including towards the end of October and into November. 

Pins for October and November:

More holiday pins 

New Year Resolutions 


Party Planning In General



Remember! Online shopping will be HUGE this year because of COVID, so plan ahead! Everyone is shopping more online now because of the lockdowns. Start thinking about what changes you need to make to your business to support online shopping this Holiday season.

Look at your website, is it user friendly? Is it easy to navigate from both a desktop and a mobile device? See where you are getting the most traffic and compare it to your sales. If you are seeing things that need to be changed, now is the perfect time to do it.  You still have time to put those changes into action in time to take advantage of the online shopping that has already started for Christmas and Hanukkah this year. 

Pinterest Strategy for the 2020 Holiday Season

With the Holiday season coming up quickly, you need to start pinning your gift guides NOW. Try 4-5 pins for the same post and see which one does better over the next few weeks, then promote that pin in November. 

If you are updating your older Fall and Holiday posts, make a new pin image and then pin both the new and old pins. See which pins do better and use that information to re-invigorate your older posts! 

This year looks different than any other year so try updating older holiday posts with a “social distancing” idea or two, and/or make a whole new post with social distancing as a part. People are going to be looking for ways to still celebrate without gathering in groups or traveling much this year. 

One thing to note: Even though you can start pinning Christmas now, I recommend waiting on NYE until the end of October so you can focus your pinning energy on Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is, unless New Years is a big holiday for your audience. Also, I would say to encourage your audience to follow you on Pinterest now, so that you have those followers in place for the holidays.

Utilize your Audience Insights

By utilizing your Pinterest Analytics and Audience Insights, you will be able to see what your audience is responding to. I’d recommend taking a look at your audience insights and seeing what they are searching for that you can answer. That’s what the insights are for! Study them regularly so you can tailor your content to your audience.

If your content is not attracting your ideal audience or customer, then you need to make some changes to your Pinterest strategy and your content strategy. Remember, your content is supposed to be making you money. If it isn’t, you need to make some changes! 

Now you know what to share and pin in October from a Pinterest expert! I hope you use this information to help you in your Pinterest strategy as we head into fall. Are you following me on Pinterest? Find me on Pinterest for more business tips and content creation, here.

If you are struggling with knowing how to make more money from your content, I’m here to help! I’ve got a great online business coaching group called Michelle’s Money Makers that will help you learn how to build a business online that makes you money. Find out more and join us here. 

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What to Share and Pin in October

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