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Why I Use Kajabi to Run My 6-figure Business

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Why I Use Kajabi To Run My 6-figure Business

Listen, I know how overwhelming running your own business can be, especially when you are a working mom. Managing a 6-figure business and keeping track of everything is difficult. There is always so much that needs to be done, and so many moving parts. I have spent the last few years searching for a tool to help me run my 6-figure business. How do I do it? Kajabi. I am going to tell you exactly why I use Kajabi to run my 6-figure business. 

I love how Kajabi has everything I need all under one roof. It is the perfect way to stay organized and to make money. Anything I can do to be the best business owner is a win in my book! Kajabi is the BEST way to avoid having to use several different programs for your business. I was so tired of having a separate program for my email list, my online courses, and my memberships. Kajabi keeps it all in one place and helps take the stress away! Who wants to make business stressful when you can make running a business fun?

Why I recommend Kajabi to every business owner


What is Kajabi?


Kajabi is a combination of all of the programs you need for your business. 

Instead of managing an email list, online courses, sales, and memberships using different programs, they are all in one place. It is a program that allows you to stay organized and easily integrate and keep the different aspects of your business together. I have been able to use Kajabi to grow and organize an amazing community and build courses to help other people grow their businesses too. I love that Kajabi makes everything my customers need easy to access. As someone who is always adding to my business, Kajabi has made it so much easier and time efficient.


Kajabi features


Kajabi has so many amazing features that I love! As a busy working mom, I find that having my email list, memberships, and courses all together makes staying organized so easy and quick. And who doesn’t want quick and easy? I know I do. All of these amazing features are why I use Kajabi to run my 6-figure business. There are so many great things that Kajabi has to offer, and don’t worry, I am going to tell you all about them!  


Email Marketing Software


Kajabi allows you to create emails using templates or your own design. You will always know that your emails are perfect and client ready. They also have a way to manage your email list! This way you can easily send emails to the exact audience you need. Another amazing feature of Kajabi’s email marketing is its improved email editor. This feature edits emails for you so that you don’t have to worry about making sure they are perfect. Kajabi makes sending email sequences super easy, using their campaign email templates and scheduling tools! 


Project Builder


No matter what type of digital project you are working on, Kajabi can help! They have so many options for online courses, podcasts, and digital products. You can start with pre-made templates or you can do it all from scratch. Kajabi’s project builder is an easy and simple way to create digital products that you are actually excited to share with your customers. It is a great way to sell your products and share your knowledge with your customers. Whether it be a podcast, an online course, or a coaching program, there is guidance for everything. This has made creating and managing my online courses so much easier. 


Membership Management/Community Builder


Kajabi’s new community builder is a great way to build your community and manage your memberships. Being able to build your community is so important to the success of your business. Kajabi has so many new community features that have made it easy to build and monetize my community, Insta Money Makers. Kajabi’s community builder allows you to communicate, chat, and challenge your customers all the time. Kajabi also makes it so that I am able to have my members interact with each other more easily which helps to create a more tight-knit group. 


Website Builder


Kajabi’s website builder allows you to create your own website, or integrate your current website into theirs so that you have all of your tech in the same spot. I love that Kajabi is a place where my customers can access all of my products and courses in one place. The Kajabi website builder is the perfect way to create an experience that is easy and fun for my customers to use, and it’s totally customizable to my brand and my needs.

Kajabi - all of the features I love




When to start using Kajabi


Kajabi is one of the best business tools you can use! If you have online courses, a quickly growing email list, or a robust business, then Kajabi is a great option for you. If you are not quite in this position yet, then it is probably best to use a more simple option like Convertkit. Kajabi is perfect for anyone who wants to be organized and make more money with their booming business. It is a great way to keep everything you need in one place! I know that when you are busy you need to find something that makes things easier for you. This is the perfect solution for anyone who feels like they are using too many programs for their business.  If you are feeling like this, NOW is the time to start using Kajabi for your business!


How Kajabi helps me run my business


As a mom and a business owner, I KNOW the importance of organization and quick and easy-to-use technology. Kajabi has many amazing features that have made this possible. I love that it is so easy to have a growing team with Kajabi. Being able to grow my community has been a breeze. (By the way, You can join my community Insta Money Makers here!) The convenience that Kajabi brings to me and my customers is great for running my business. 


Kajabi has recently introduced a new funnel builder, and I have been loving what it has done for my business. It allows you to take a large group of people and funnel them to become new clients/customers. It is so easy to target a more specific group of people so that everyone can get what they need. The funnel builder has made selling my courses and online products so simple for both me and my customers. Making money is so easy when everything you need is right there. Kajabi can help your small business grow into a 6-figure business!


Kajabi also has 24/7 customer service available, this makes tech a breeze! Knowing I can get help whenever I need, helps take the stress away. I love that I am always able to get in contact with customer service and keep my business up and running 24/7. And I personally love the help center. Any questions I have I can find an answer to in the help center. I am so glad that Kajabi offers this feature, this is one of the many reasons why I use Kajabi to run my 6-figure business. As someone who works remotely and needs to figure things out on my own, this has been a lifesaver. I know for me, it has been great to be able to make and sell my courses with such easy-to-use technology. 


Why I chose to use Kajabi for my 6-figure business


After trying many different email list builders and course hosting platforms, I needed something that made running my business easier. I finally found an email list builder that I was actually excited to use when I switched to Kajabi. It has been the perfect fit for my business! With a constantly growing email list, multiple online courses, and many memberships, Kajabi has been the perfect solution for my 6 figure business. It is what helped me grow my business.

Why I Use Kajabi to Run my 6-Figure Business


Why I recommend Kajabi


Kajabi has been the perfect fit for my 6-figure business. I wanted something that was organized and added value to my business. I have been able to use Kajabi and all of its features to help grow and organize everything I need. Everything that I need is all in one place and I love that it is easy for my customers to use. I know that without a doubt, it has made all the difference in running my successful business. 


I have truly seen this website make running my 6-figure business so much better. It has become a valuable and essential tool for me and the way that I run my business! With all of the features that are offered, that is exactly why I use Kajabi to run my 6-figure business. I have seen Kajabi do so many amazing things for me, and because I’ve seen what it can do, I want you to get to experience it as well. Click here to get 50% off for the next year of your membership! 


It’s time to turn your small business into a 6-figure business! Get Kajabi NOW and start growing today! 

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