10 instagram growth myths debunked and what to do instead. www.iammichellgifford.com

10 Instagram Growth Myths Debunked & What to Do Instead

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10 Instagram Growth Myths Debunked & What to Do Instead

It’s time to update your Instagram strategy! I recently grew from 18k followers to over 70k in just 5 months, and I can’t wait to share with you some of the techniques I used to make this happen. First of all, we need to talk about the 10 Instagram growth myths debunked & what to do instead to finally see that growth you’ve been working so hard for. Let’s get started!



Instagram changes all of the time which means the strategies you started with may be less effective now. As of right now (June 2023) the strategies and tips listed here are what will get you that fast growth. I’m still in awe of how fast I’ve grown and it happened by using these strategies. They worked for me, and I know they’ll work for you too. 


10 instagram growth myths debunked and what to do instead. www.iammichellgifford.com


Instagram Growth Myth #1: Only reels get results.

Earlier this year, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said they had taken the role of video too far. Instagram pushed the ranking of reels too far, losing the value of traditional photo posts. There was some pushback from some Instagram users, and Adam listened and made some changes to accommodate what we wanted. 

However, I will say reels are where I’ve seen the most growth for my account. But at the same time, I’ve gotten thousands of more followers from carousel posts as well. I recommend creating a well-rounded strategy with a good amount of carousel content, single image posts, and reel content being regularly posted. 

I’ve found that my reel content is the leading way to reach new people. My carousel posts are what I like to call my nurture content. It’s what nurtures the people that already follow me and help them trust me more. 


Instagram Growth Myth #2: Only post a few times a week.

You may not like to hear this one, BUT if you’re really wanting to grow faster you’ve got to post almost every single day. Instagram is becoming a really competitive app, so we need to become better content creators. And how do you become better? By posting more often. The more you post the faster you’ll get better at creating content your audience will love. 

Another huge plus to posting more often (I recommend at least 6x per week) is that it gives the algorithm more chances to figure out who to put your content in front of. And it also increases your chances of getting your content seen by the right people. 


Instagram Growth Myth #3: Only create content for your current audience.

When I create content I think about the different phases of the relationship that my audience is in with me. For example, we know some of our audience finds us by seeing a reel and then visiting our profile to see if we are someone they would want to follow. Since this is one way people will follow me, I make sure I’m creating content that will attract them to even want to go look at my profile. 

So, think about the type of content that will attract new people to you. Sometimes this means going to the edge of your niche to draw people in. You can check out my post HERE to learn more about what this strategy looks like!

I also include nurturing content as part of my strategy. This is the type of content where I’m creating posts that add value to my audience, so when they see my content again they want to stick around and become an active follower of my account. 

A lot of times, people will only think about creating content for their audience that is already invested in them. But think about the content that will draw people in and that will gain their trust too. 


10 instagram growth myths debunked and how to update your growth strategy. www.iammichellgifford.com


Instagram Growth Myth #4: Don’t use hashtags.

Have you heard the myth of not using hashtags? They may not make or break an opportunity to grow your audience BUT they are still a useful tool to help you get found. I don’t spend a ton of time on creating hashtags. I actually use Flick Social to help create tailored hashtags for my posts and it also helps me measure which ones are doing well. 

Also, hashtags play a part in SEO (search engine optimization) which is becoming a more integral part of how people are found on Instagram. Instagram is trying to figure out the type of content you post and they figure this out by the clues you leave in your SEO. Check out my post HERE to learn how to take advantage of the SEO on your Instagram posts! 


Instagram Growth Myth #5: Don’t have a good SEO strategy. 

When creating content for Instagram, we need to be really cognizant of the words we use and where we put them. It’s best if you’re using keywords in your posts that people would use to search for your type of content. 

The places where you want to use these keywords are in your caption, cover photos, and in your videos. When you post your content, make sure to add the topics that your content falls under. This is another way to leave a clue for the algorithm to figure out what type of content you’re creating and who to put it in front of. 


Instagram Growth Myth #6: If it’s not viral in 24 hours, delete it. 

This Instagram growth myth is probably my favorite one to debunk. Back when reels first came out, it was common that whatever views you got in the first few days of it being posted was the max amount you would get on that video. Today, that is not the case.

I’ve noticed with several of my reels, that it takes a few weeks for it to really take off. This is good news for us because it means our content lasts longer in the feed. So, if you have a reel that doesn’t do too well right away, hang tight because it probably just needs a bit more time to take off. 


how to update your instagram growth strategy. www.iammichellgifford.com


Instagram Growth Myth #7: Post square posts.

Square posts on Instagram are completely out! I don’t even know why Canva still has this as an option. You want to create the portrait posts (1080x1350px) so they take up as much room on someone’s screen as possible. There is a lot of competition out there, so the more real estate you take up on Instagram will make you more noticeable and help you stand out to your followers.


Instagram Growth Myth #8: Highlight bubbles are important.

Highlight bubbles are a really cool feature for when you want your stories to last longer than 24 hours. However, you’ll probably notice that not a lot of people are scrolling through your highlight bubbles to find your content. A better way to feature your content is to pin certain posts to the top of your feed.

Pinning your content at the top is a great way to help new people know who you are right from the beginning, have answers to FAQs, and more. I recommend that your first pinned post should be a “Start Here” post when you give a little introduction about who you are and what you offer your audience. 

The next pinned post should be one of your most valuable pieces of content that lots of people would find helpful. And your third pinned post could be about your services and how people can work with you. These three pinned posts will set you up for success and make your account look more professional, organized, and ready to serve your people.


Instagram Growth Myth #9: Keep it broad.

If you have found your niche, think about how you can niche down even more when posting content. My Instagram completely took off when I niched down and only talked about Instagram growth tips and tricks. I used to talk about many different marketing strategies, but now that I’ve gotten more specific the algorithm has figured out who to put my content in front of and my audience loves it. 


Instagram Growth Myth #10: You don’t need captions.

Please stop posting videos without closed captions. 80 percent of viewers are more likely to finish a video with subtitles BECAUSE they are watching without the sound on. Instagram has made it super easy to use captions on your videos. It’s something you can add in when you are adding different effects to it. I like to use an app called “Caption” that highlights the word as I say it. I like that feature because it’s just another way to catch people’s attention and keep them engaged. 


10 myths about growing on instagram you didn't know. www.iammichellgifford.com


10 Instagram Growth Myths Debunked & What to Do Instead

I’d love to know your thoughts on these 10 Instagram growth myths debunked & what to do instead. Did I miss any? Let me know over on Instagram! You can find me @iammichellegifford. If you liked what you found here, give me a follow so you can keep getting the best tips and tricks on growing a successful business on Instagram and beyond. 

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