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3 Ways to Let God Be Your Business Partner

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3 Ways to Let God Be Your Business Partner

You know the feeling you get when you actually get energized from working in your business? You know, when you get excited because you can imagine the good it’ll bring for you and those you’re serving? That’s God confirming that you’re in the right place doing the right thing. If you want to feel that way more often, follow these 3 ways to let God be your business partner. 



OK, first I want you to stop thinking that making money is bad. And that working on your business is selfish. We, as women, need to realize that the desire to have a business and make more money is not bad–it’s actually amazing. 

Everyone’s business journey is going to look a little bit different. This is my first year of doing my business when ALL of my kids are in school. (It’s sad, but also a beautiful reality.) Now, I’m in a place where I can really grow my business. Before, I didn’t want my business to take up as much time when my kids were home. My business changes as my stage of life changes, and it can work that way for you too. 

The beautiful thing about your business is that it’s yours! You can make it as big as you want it to be, whenever you want it. There’s a lot of voices out there shouting at you, telling you what your business–or even your life–should look like. Stop listening to those people, and start listening to God. He will help you build your life around something that you want, not around something someone tells you should have. 

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How I Learned that God Can Take Me Farther Than I Can Go On My Own

Before I started Michelle Gifford Creative, I started a nonprofit for photographers. I was just starting out and I was not a well-known photographer by any means. However, I had a vision to invite 50 photographers to gift a session to someone who had a beautiful story to tell. Then, their story would be published in our quarterly magazine. I sent emails to the best of the best in the photography industry asking if they’d like to join, and once I sent my last email I just wanted to throw up. Haha. 

It was scary sending all of those emails! But what’s the worst that could happen? They would say no. So I figured I should send them. I remember feeling so anxious about it that I knelt down and asked God to take this from me. I let Him know this was in His hands now because I had done all that I could do on my part. It was up to Him to soften the hearts of the photographers and have them say yes to joining my nonprofit and making a positive difference in the world. 

Then, I got my first yes to one of my emails. After that, they started pouring in. That’s when I learned how instrumental God can be in my business and how having Him be a part of it will make it much more successful and satisfying. I want you to feel that too.


3 Ways to Let God Be Your Business Partner

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Way #1: Accept that you’re being called to your business.

You can feel when you are supposed to be doing something. It’s the feeling I talked about at the beginning of this post. It gives you energy, it gets you excited, and happy for what your work will create. When you feel this way, that’s you being called to the work you’re doing in your business. It means that’s what God wants you to be doing, and because of that, He will help you succeed. 

However, it doesn’t mean you will never fail. God is a huge fan of letting you learn on your own. A lot of times He will let you decide how to do things and allow you to learn from it if it wasn’t the best choice. In the end, this is what you want because it will help you grow and transform into who you need to be as the owner of your business (and in your life). 


Way #2: Expect God’s help and direction.

A lot of times when we are expecting God’s help and direction, we are expecting it in big, huge ways. However, it usually comes in small ways. Sometimes it’s so small that if you aren’t looking for it, you might miss it. 

If you’re expecting God’s help and direction, you’ll notice it when it comes no matter the form of it. One tip that will help is that more often than not, God sends answers and help through people. He sends people to serve you, help you, and move you forward. 

Another tip is knowing Satan cannot counterfeit peace. The feeling of peace only comes from God. If you are feeling unsure about a decision or something else in your business, know that the second you feel peace about a certain thing, that is God confirming to you that that is the best choice. (Notice I say the best choice rather than the right choice. There is more than one “right” way to do things!) 

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Way #3: Take time to build a relationship with God. 

This works like any other relationship. If you don’t take the time to call your mom, you won’t talk to your mom. Take time to talk with God and listen to His response. Yes, it’s a little bit different because we won’t always get an immediate response like we are so used to, but He always answers. 

A lot of times God will answer me when I’m on my morning jog. It’s when I’m free from distraction and I’m focused on Him. I talk to Him by thinking of some questions I can’t figure out the answer to–and it can be literally ANY question–and He will answer me. He sends me the thought I need to move forward. This practice strengthens my faith that He will answer me and teaches me how my partnership with God works in my business. It is really the best feeling! 

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God loves effort. The more you do your part by reaching out to Him and making moves in your business, the more He will guide you and help you along the way. One thing you can know for sure is that when you start looking for God, you will find Him. He is always there waiting for you to talk to Him. 

Remember, build the business you want to have, not the one people are telling you you should have. Building that type of business comes with using these 3 ways to let God be your business partner! Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford and tell me how God helps you in your business! I cannot wait to hear about it. 

Also, there’s still time to join my free Instagram challenge! Text “Instagram” to 951.309.7885. Click here to learn more about the challenge and how it’ll help you grow faster on Instagram than you ever have before! 

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