instagram growth hacks top influencers use.

4 Instagram Growth Hacks Your Fave Influencers Use

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4 Instagram Growth Hacks Your Fave Influencers Use

Are there really people growing their Instagram following insanely fast? Who are these people and what are they doing to grow? And more importantly, how do you become one of them? In this post, I am breaking down some different Instagram content strategies successful influencers use to grow their businesses. Plus, tips on how to transform them to work for yours. Here are 4 Instagram growth hacks your fave influencers use.  



I know I’ve talked a lot about Instagram theory–the tips, tricks, strategies, and all of that kind of stuff. While all of that is helpful, sometimes you just need a real-life example of how someone is applying those strategies to their business right now. So, that’s what this post is all about today, and I’m super excited about it! 

The Instagram influencers I talk about in this post are some of my absolute favorite influencers. I am blown away by their Instagram marketing strategy and we could all learn a lot from them. While I am talking about the smart things these people do, I know there are a lot more amazing business owners out there who are killin’ it at the Instagram game! So, after you finish reading this post, come send me a dm over on Instagram @iammichellegifford and let me know who your favorite Instagram influencers are right now and what you think makes their brand so successful! 


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4 Instagram Growth Hacks Your Fave Influencers Use

I divided the Instagram growth hacks into four categories depending on the type of products sold. This is so you can see how to apply these strategies no matter what type of product you sell. The four types of products are influence, physical, digital, and services. So, find the tips that match the type of products you sell and you’ll get some great ideas on how to build your Instagram following and community! 


Instagram Growth Hack #1: For Influencers

There are three influencers on Instagram right now who are growing their following at an incredible rate. They are:

  1. @stylefitfatty
  2. @fullmhouse
  3. @hellojennawood

Style Fit Fatty 

If you haven’t heard of @stylefitfatty, she is an influencer who talks about all sorts of information that you never knew you needed. And she shares most of it in her Instagram stories. She has cultivated an amazing community there where some of her followers will even refer to Fatty’s account as “Fatty University” because they believe they are learning things that they could not learn anywhere else. Fatty is fun, funny, and just has this incredibly inviting energy that her followers adore.

Full M House

@fullmhouse is a husband and wife duo who bring you a lot of positive energy and laughter. They really started to thrive on Instagram when they began their “Try It Tuesdays” where they would try something new every Tuesday and post a video of them doing it. They are always really hysterical to watch and their followers love them because they are relatable and just offer a good time. 

Jenna Wood

@hellojennawood is known for the amazing deals she finds. She wants to dress high-end but not pay for the high-end prices, so she finds the deals and then shows you how to do the same. She does this by showing what she finds at everyday stores like Walmart and Target and gives tips on how to style them to elevate your overall look. 

I picked three very different types of influencers to talk about here because I wanted to show you (especially if you are an influencer yourself) that no matter what your niche is, you can be really smart and strategic with how you grow your following. All three of these accounts have something in common–they are really specific about what they show up and talk about. Their people know what to expect and will seek these accounts out in order to fulfill that expectation. 

So, find your “magic thing” that you could show up and talk about every single day. And if your first thought is, “Ooh, I don’t have one.” It’s just not true! You definitely have one, so find it and use that to grow your account. And whatever it is, make sure to own it completely because that’s how you will have the most fun creating content AND make it easier for your people to find you and connect with you.


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Instagram Growth Hack #2: For Businesses Who Sell Physical Products

There are three companies that sell physical products that influenced me to buy their products through their ads, social media, etc. Those three are:

  1. Kizik – sells hands-free sneakers, meaning you can slip on your shoes and the back of the shoe just pops right back into place after your heel slips inside. 
  2. Frownies – sells facial patches that remove wrinkles (can act as a replacement for botox)
  3. Lange – sells all types of hair products to improve your hair quality and beauty

There are three things all three of these companies do to stand out from their competitors. 

  1. There is an emphasis put on what makes them different.
  2. Running ads is a huge part of their marketing strategy.
  3. They work with a lot of influencers.

And these three things make up a genius formula that helps sell their products to more people. First, they are focusing on the one thing that makes them different which makes them really hone in on the type of person they are selling to. (Remember, you want to sell to “one person.”)

Then, they are allowing their audience to have several different touch points with their products through the ads and the influencers who are giving good reviews of their products. This allows people to view their products multiple times, and by the fourth or fifth time, their ideal person is more likely to purchase the product. 

So, if you are a product-based business and you are just starting out, I would recommend gifting some of your products to some influencers who can market your product. And focus on creating really great content that makes you different. This is a great place to start if you do not have a ton of money to spend, but still want to do the work to grow your business.


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Instagram Growth Hack #3 & #4: For Businesses Who Sell Digital Products and Services

I’m combining the last two types of products because I would do the same strategy for both of these business types. The two people I want to use as examples for this one are:

  1. Brock Johnson – Instagram growth coach
  2. Sharon Says So – America’s government teacher (learn how she gained 300k followers in 4 months HERE)

If you are a business that is selling digital products or services, know that you need to show up as the expert in whatever industry you’re in. It really comes down to being a thought leader in your industry and building that trust with your community. And it’s totally possible for you to become this. There is room for everyone to be a thought leader and/or expert in their industry.

@sharonsaysso is a really great example of this. She grew her followers insanely fast by showing up for them every single day in her stories and answering their questions on current events, politics, etc. 

@brock11johnson has grown a ton by constantly pumping out valuable content. He probably produces three pieces of expert content per day. 

If you are a service-based business specific to a certain local area (e.g. Arizona photographer) then you do not need to be producing as much content every day. I recommend collaborating with other people and businesses in your specific area. This will help spread the word about your brand to your target audience.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed when thinking about how much content you need to produce? Check out my tips HERE that will save you a ton of time (and sanity) when planning your content. 


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4 Instagram Growth Hacks Your Fave Influencers Use

I hope you appreciated me breaking up the 4 Instagram growth hacks your fave influencers use this way. I wanted to get really specific about what you could do based on the type of product you sell. Sometimes experts try to give this blanket statement on how to grow on Instagram. But those just don’t work as well because you need to be specific to your type of business. 

So, go check out the businesses I linked above in your same type of industry. Look for ways to implement their genius marketing tips and strategies into your own business. And, if you liked this post and want more, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford! I am always sharing the best tips and tricks to grow your business online! 

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