4 steps to getting what you actually want in your business and personal life. www.iammichellegifford.com

4 Steps to Getting What You Actually Want

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4 Steps to Getting What You Actually Want

Do you know what you actually want for you and your business? You’re doing all these things like posting on Instagram, making deals, growing your following, and maybe your team too. You may be stuck in the “get it done” mode, but rarely take the time to think about what you actually want to build your business into. It’s time to nail down that vision. Here are 4 steps to getting what you actually want. 



If you missed my last post, I had an interview with my emotional intelligence coach, Natty Lewis. She has changed my world! Her program helped me reach goals in my business and personal life in ways that I couldn’t have done before. She gives several tips in that post, so be sure to check it out HERE! In this post, I am diving a bit deeper into some of the things that would be helpful for us as business owners. 

Natty and I both have heard from clients who have these super successful businesses, but they feel stuck. At first thought, this doesn’t make sense because you’d think that this would be so exciting as a business owner. But when your business starts to grow bigger than you anticipated, your priorities shift from creating content and connecting with people to running a business. This shift can cause you to feel trapped. But did you know there’s a way to have both–a successful business and still love what you do?


4 steps to getting what you actually want in your professional and personal life. www.iammichellegifford.com


4 Steps to Getting What You Actually Want

I’ve felt stuck in my business before too. About a year ago, I wasn’t growing on Instagram as fast as I wanted to, and I knew I needed to niche down but I didn’t want to. I had the thought to only talk about Instagram marketing strategies on Instagram, but my business offered so much more than that. So I fought it. But eventually, I decided to give it a try and everything cleared up. 

I grew over 100k followers in 10 months and I suddenly knew what products and content to create. Taking that scary step forward could be just what you need to do to get unstuck. The reason I was able to take this step was because of my emotional intelligence coaching with Natty. As I mentioned earlier, what I learned from her completely changed my mindset as a person and business owner, and I know it will for you too. 

While you may not be ready to jump into her course just yet, you can be ready for these 4 steps to getting what you actually want. If you honestly take the time to work through each of these steps you will start to make the shift you’ve been meaning to do for so long. 


Step #1: Journal it out.

Take some time and write down what you actually want for your future. Write down what you want your business to look like, your family life to look like, etc. Don’t be afraid to dream big here. There’s no danger in dreaming and saying it out loud. After writing down your big goals, you’re going to be going to be tempted to immediately ask yourself how you’re going to make this happen. And your next immediate thought will probably be the dream or goal is too big and you won’t be able to do it. But I’m going to stop you right there.

You are not allowed to think about the how. The how will take care of itself. As my coach Natty always says, the how is none of your business. All you can do is keep things in motion and take the next step that’s in front of you. 


how to dream big and then not get in your own way in 4 easy steps. www.iammichellegifford.com


Step #2: Consider all 4 parts of your future self: professional, physical, spiritual, and personal.

When you are journaling out your future goals, it may be helpful to divide them into 4 different categories: professional, physical, spiritual, and personal. Think about what you want your life to look like in each of these areas. I know you don’t want to have this thriving business, but your physical self is sad and unhealthy, right? We want to take our whole selves on this journey of becoming better. 


Step #3: Feel the emotions and then release them.

This journaling exercise will not only clarify your vision for your future self, but it will help you work through your emotions and eventually release them. Too often we have emotions pop up that feel uncomfortable so we push them away as fast as we can. But guess what? That doesn’t work. It may work short-term, but it only makes your long-term healing harder to find. 

I’ve never been a super emotional person, so this whole process can definitely be uncomfortable for me. But the more I work through it and practice feeling my emotions, the better I am at regulating them. And when you learn to regulate your emotions you show up better for yourself, your business, your kids, and other people around you. And the blessings that come from that make every part of this emotional work worth it. 


Step #4: Let go.

Let go of old identities that don’t serve you anymore. Let go of the expectations other people, and perhaps yourself, have of you. Doing so will help you step into who you’re actually supposed to be. This specific step has made all the difference in my life and my business. I want you to have that experience too. Please, walk through these steps and I promise it’ll get you going in the right direction and you will feel lighter and happier because of it! 


the secret to getting unstuck and creating the life you actually want. www.iammichellegifford.com


4 Steps to Getting What You Actually Want

This is going to be your moment. You deserve it. But only you can get yourself there. I can be someone to coach you and cheer you on, but you have to take these 4 steps to getting what you actually want. And you totally can. If you want some extra guidance, you can check out Natty’s course HERE. And if you want more personalized coaching, you can connect with me HERE. The spots are extremely limited, so come grab one if you feel like you’re ready to make a change in your life and business! Also, make sure you’re following me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so we can keep in touch!

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