5 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools

AI is everywhere and especially in marketing. It is such an amazing tool to improve your marketing and content strategy if used the right way! Are you ready to step up your marketing game with these AI marketing tools? Here are 5 mind-blowing artificial intelligence marketing tools you can start using right now.



Honestly, I can’t even believe these 5 AI marketing tools exist. I cannot get over how AI is changing the marketing world as we know it and it’s only going to get crazier with what it can accomplish. I recommend jumping on these AI tools sooner rather than later because the sooner you test them out the faster you will familiarize yourself with them and use them to grow your business. 

I’m glad you’re reading through this post because it means you are doing the research before just jumping in with no prior knowledge of how AI works. I always recommend that any content you produce with AI should be your starting point–not your finished product. You always want to add in your own personality and expertise before you hit publish! And using these 5 mind-blowing AI tools falls under that advice as well. But you are going to be jumping up and down once you realize what these tools can do for you! 


5 artificial intelligence marketing tools that will blow your mind. www.iammichellegifford.com


5 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools

As I said earlier, AI is everywhere and it is going to be very much a part of marketing going forward. You know I’m always a fan of jumping on a trend early and AI is no different. Have some fun testing out these AI tools and get a feel for which ones you like best! These tools could easily become an integral part of your marketing strategy. 


AI Marketing Tool #1: Dall-E

Dall-E is an amazing resource if you’re trying to find photos for basically any kind of marketing material. Dall-E is powered by ChatGPT, so works similarly to that tool but produces images rather than text. 

When you are on Dall-E, all you do is type in the search bar the type of picture you want and AI will create it for you and will give you results in SECONDS. This is such a game-changer!! Now, when you are wanting a specific picture for your marketing material you no longer have to search and search for the picture that speaks to you. Now you can search for exactly what you want and Dall-E will create it for you. 


AI Marketing Tool #2: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the more well-known AI tools out there. This tool will make your content creation go SO much faster–which would be so nice for all of us content creators, right? When typing in the search bar on ChatGPT, I like to start with a topic and a purpose. 

For example, you could type that you want to write a marketing email about something in your niche. ChatGPT will then produce a well-written email that you can easily use in your next email sequence. You will notice that the email isn’t completely your style so you will need to go in there and make some edits to make it truly sound like you and your brand. 

The best part about ChatGPT is that you no longer have to brainstorm or create content while staring at a blank screen. You now have a robot that can produce tons of ideas for you to give you a headstart and get your content creation rolling. Check out my post HERE to learn more about how to use ChatGPT for your content strategy! 


step up your marketing game with these insane ai resources. www.iammichellegifford.com


AI Marketing Tool #3: Lexica

Lexica is another AI marketing tool that produces images. To start, you type in the image you’re wanting and it will bring up the results for you. Let’s say there is a specific picture you like, but you’re not quite sold on it yet. You can click on that picture and search for similar images. Completing this process will take you down a rabbit hole of golden nuggets that you can now use as part of your marketing strategy. 


AI Marketing Tool #4: Super Meme

Super Meme is one of my favorites! Memes are always easy to post on Instagram, but they’re not as easy to come up with. Super Meme makes it easy for you. All you have to do is type in what you want your meme to say and it will load results of different memes you could use.

And you don’t have to type in exactly what you want the text to say on the meme. Just give a general sentence and Super Meme will create memes that fall under that category. This is a great tool to use often because memes are super relatable, funny, and shareable. When people see a meme that is funny and relates to them they often share it with their friends and this will get you some more followers!


AI Marketing Tool #5: Canva

You’re most likely already using Canva to create content, but did you know it has several AI tools you can use too? You can find them under “Apps” on the left-hand menu bar once you’ve opened a template to design. One of the tools that I find super interesting is if you are creating a slideshow on Canva (could be for an online course, public presentation, etc.), you can generate a presenter who is not you to read the presentation to your audience. It even has options for you to choose who it looks like, what they sound like, and what you want them to say. Isn’t that bananas? Check out my video at the top of this post to see how to set it up! 


5 artificial intelligence marketing tools that will blow your mind. www.iammichellegifford.com


5 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools

So, AI is actually our friend. And these 5 mind-blow artificial intelligence tools will help you learn how to use AI to your advantage and even step up your marketing game. The faster you start using these tools the sooner you will become more efficient at creating content and growing your business. If you liked this post and want to stay up to date with how to grow your business online, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford


5 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools

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