there are a few tricks you need to learn before you start letting ChatGPT influence your content. Here are 10 tips to use ChatGPT with your Instagram strategy.

10 Tips to Use ChatGPT With Your Instagram Strategy

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10 Tips to Use ChatGPT With Your Instagram Strategy

Have you used ChatGPT for your Instagram strategy yet? ChatGPT is such a hot topic today and for good reason. It’s insane with the results it gives you in seconds. ChatGPT is and will be a significant game changer for your business and all the marketing content you produce going forward. However, there are a few tricks you need to learn before you start letting ChatGPT influence your content. Here are 10 tips to use ChatGPT with your Instagram strategy. 



ChatGPT can help support your content in a lot of different ways and on a lot of different platforms, but this post is focusing on how you can use it for your Instagram strategy. Your Instagram strategy is something that requires constant attention, creativity, and planning, so you might as well get all the help you can, right? And ChatGPT just might become your new best friend the next time you sit down to create some Instagram content. 


ten tips to use chatgpt with your instagram strategy.


10 Tips to Use ChatGPT With Your Instagram Strategy

If your new to ChatGPT, it’s basically an AI (artificial intelligence) software that allows you to have human-like conversations with a chatbot. Just like Google can offer you results in a matter of seconds, ChatGPT can do the same. However, it’s a whole new way to receive information because it doesn’t just give you results but helps you invent new ideas and content. 

There is a free version available for you to use right now, and there is a premium version as well that offers more features that can help you generate and produce content for your brand and/or business. You can easily use the free version to help you with your Instagram strategy. Speaking of, here are those 10 tips to use ChatGPT with your Instagram strategy.


ChatGPT Tip #1: Be specific and as simple as possible.

When you are writing in the search bar on ChatGPT, you’ll get the most helpful results when you are as specific and simple as possible. You also want to make sure you are giving ChatGPT all the information that you can about what you need. 

But again, while you are giving all the information that you can, try not to include too many words in there. The most important thing is to make sure to include keywords in your search so it is gathering information for you from the right resources. 


ChatGPT Tip #2: Follow up with the answer.

The answer ChatGPT gives you from your initial search is the gold you are looking for! Not because the answers are always spot on, but you can reply to the answer and get some follow-up replies, corrections, and clarification. 

ChatGPT is an AMAZING resource to use for brainstorming! You can ask it questions to help you get some ideas rolling and then you can scroll through and find your favorites. Use those results as your base and then add in your own thoughts to supplement it. 


ChatGPT Tip #3: Help it generate hooks and headlines.

Hooks and headlines are some of the most important content you will ever write! It is the gateway to your content. Hooks and headlines are the keys to making people stop scrolling and read/watch what you have to say. 

Generating hooks and headlines with ChatGPT is as simple as typing “10 hooks to use for (blank).” You can decide what you want the hooks/headlines to be for. This search can easily become your new headline idea bank that you can come back to whenever you are creating content. You never have to sit in front of a blank screen again! 

(You can also check out my FREE 131 Hooks Guide HERE!) 


ChatGPT Tip #4: Be specific about the type of content you want to create.

When searching for content on ChatGPT, make sure to include what type of content you want to create. For instance, are you wanting content for Instagram, email, blog, Twitter, etc? Each platform has a different voice that works best for that audience. So make sure to include where you are planning to use that content so ChatGPT can create content that you can actually use.


ChatGPT Tip #5: Teach ChatGPT your writing style.

Since ChatGPT is such an amazing advancement in technology and content creation, tons of people are jumping on this tool for their own work. Because of that, you want to make sure your voice is sounding different than the rest of the voices out there that are also using ChatGPT.

You can actually teach ChatGPT your writing style/brand voice. You do this by copying and pasting content that you’ve written into the search engine on ChatGPT so it can learn the way you speak. The more you do this the better it will create content that is representative of you and the way you actually write/speak. 


how to use chatgpt to give your instagram strategy a makeover.


ChatGPT Tip #6: Ask for a higher word count than you actually need.

You are using ChatGPT as a starting point, not as your final destination. With that being said, make sure you ask it for a higher word count than what you actually need. For example, if you are looking to write a 500-word email, ask it to write a 600-700 word email. That way you are able to edit it and cut out content where you need to and still hit that ideal word count you’re wanting.


ChatGPT Tip #7: Know the limitations of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is awesome, but it cannot be a one-and-done situation when creating content. This should be where you start, not where you end. You have personality, experiences, and a style that needs to be infused into your writing. That is something ChatGPT cannot do for you.

The other super important piece of information you need to know is that ChatGPT’s information stops in 2021. So it will not produce any news, trends, etc. that are happening right now. For example, if you’re asking for it to produce Instagram strategy tips, it’s going to give you tips from 2021 that obviously are not relevant today. 

So, again, use it to generate content ideas, refine the content you’ve written, and inspire more ideas but do not let it replace the uniqueness and experiences that only you can bring to your writing.


ChatGPT Tip #8: Use ChatGPT to generate ideas.

When I am working on new content, I look at my audience and I ask myself what they are struggling with right now. I gather this information by keeping track of what people are asking me on my Instagram dms and comments on my posts and reels. Then, I use ChatGPT to help me figure out what type of content I need to create based on the questions my audience asks me. Using ChatGPT in this process, I suddenly have 10-20 content ideas just from the one question I inputted. 

Biz Pro Tip: Are you struggling to know what to post next? Your audience will almost always tell you what to create more of. Pay attention to the words your audience uses in the comments on your content and the dms they send you. This is how you get to know them and meet them where they are at. Check out my post HERE for more tips on how to include this in your strategy!


ChatGPT Tip #9: Add your personal style.

I know we talked about this a little bit before, but I wanted to touch on a way for you to infuse your style into the words ChatGPT generates for you that you can start using immediately. 

Let’s say you want to write an email to your audience to inspire them. Using the tips we discussed, write in the search bar what you exactly want to write about and in what format. Then you can copy the draft and paste it into a Google doc or something similar and start editing it in a way to match your writing style. This process is surprisingly a lot faster than having to start from scratch. 

You can start at minute 6:30 of my YouTube video at the top of this post to see a more detailed tutorial on how to complete this process!


ChatGPT Tip #10: We cannot rely completely on ChatGPT to grow our entire business.

It is going to take AI at least two years before it becomes mainstream in the business world. And in those two years, we should be growing our business in a way that AI cannot replicate. We need to create community, connection, and a brand that really matters and brings people in. That is something AI cannot do. So, yes, use AI and use all the tools out there to make your business better, but do not leave YOU out of it. 


everything you need to know about using chatgpt for your instagram strategy.


10 Tips to Use ChatGPT With Your Instagram Strategy

Listen, as a business marketer and strategist, I am here for AI and ChatGPT. I think it is such an amazing tool that can enhance your business and content marketing. But, remember, ChatGPT should be your starting point, not your final destination. You have experiences, thoughts, and feelings that NOBODY ELSE has! That is so important and that is what will draw people to your community. 

So, I hope you get ahead on some content using ChatGPT! I know these 10 tips to use ChatGPT with your Instagram strategy will bring you some success. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford to keep getting all the best tips and tricks on growing a successful biz online! 

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