5 Truths about Growing a Business 

Is it just me or do people make it sound too good to be true to run and grow a business? I’m shocked by some of the things people say to make running a business seem super easy and doable. While it is doable, it is not easy. The sooner you know these 5 truths about growing a business, the better! 



Have you heard things like, “You can run a business with only spending 4 hours a week on it!” or anything to sugar coat running/growing a business? I have and it’s simply not true. It’d be great if it was, but anything worthwhile is hard to do! 

Biz sister, you are meant to be here. Your business can last without you stretching yourself too thin. You just have to find the right methods and community that can help you get there. The first thing you can do is stop believing the lies people are telling you about business. Whatever you do, remember these 5 truths about growing a business.


Knowing these 5 truths will help you meet your business goals. www.iammichellegifford.com


Truth #1: You need a product to sell. 

There are four types of products you can sell:

  1. Physical product – e.g. house plants, decor, etc. 
  2. Digital product – e.g. ebook, online course, etc.
  3. Service-based product – e.g. photography, coaching, etc.
  4. Influence-based product – e.g. selling other people’s products through your influence 

You need some type of product to sell to your followers that will solve their problems. Don’t believe the lie that you can just get on Instagram and start influencing people without a product. You will be lost with your business goals and come off as confusing to your audience. Instead, decide on your product and sell it as the solution to your intended audience’s problem.


Truth #2: You will spend several hours every week running a business. 

It takes time to run a business, especially at the beginning. When people say they only spend a couple hours a week on their business it’s because they’ve been running it long enough that they now hire out help to do the work they used to do on their own. 

I remember spending hours on my business every single day at the beginning. That’s what it requires when growing it, and that’s OK! Just imagine the blessings that will come from your consistent hard work. Plus, you don’t have to be alone in running your business. (cough, cough…join my Money Makers group…cough. But, seriously it will be a game changer for you!)


Truth #3: Growing and running a business will be a sacrifice.

Just expect that growing a business and raising kids (or any other responsibilities) will require a balancing act. If I’m not working on my business then I’m playing with my kids, and if I’m not spending time with my family then I’m working. Either way will be a sacrifice, and that’s OK because you can figure out a schedule that works best for you. 

You don’t need to feel guilty about wanting to start or grow a business. Make calculated sacrifices that align with your beliefs and goals as you work on your business into your everyday life. Be aware of where you want to spend your time and as you plan things out it will go a lot smoother for you (well, maybe not smoother, but you know what I mean). 


Running a business is supposed to be hard. www.iammichellegifford.com


Truth #4: Running a business is hard. 

Running a business is meant to be hard! If it feels hard then you are doing it right. That’s why the rewards are so great. When things seem to be too hard to where you think about giving up altogether, remember who you are today is not who you will be in a year. 

Things will always get better because you’re constantly learning and getting better at what you do. Keep moving forward with positive thoughts, trusting things will work out. I’m an optimist myself, but having realistic expectations is key to growing a business. 


Truth #5: As a business leader, you are going to be misunderstood. 

When you put yourself out there, there will always be people who misunderstand you. There may be people in your family who don’t get it. People who scroll past your Instagram post meant to inspire them, or who disagree with your mission statement. The sooner you accept this, the better off you will be. 

You aren’t running a business to cater to everyone. You are meant to find YOUR people who love what you have to say and are inspired by it. The more open you are in sharing your brand and what your product can do for others, more and more of the right people will find you and stay. 


What you need to know to run and grow a business. www.iammichellegifford.com


I know most of you can relate to how challenging it is to grow a business. Biz sister, I hope you know you are not doing anything wrong no matter how uncomfortable you feel when growing it. It’s not wrong because it’s uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable because you’ve never done it before. I’m hoping these 5 truths about growing a business helps you realize that. 

You are going to change lives because you have a product that will change lives! More and more of your people will find you. You will teach your kids what it looks like to work hard. Running a business is worth the hard, the uncomfortable, the sacrifice, and all the things. If you are going to sacrifice your time, it better be for something you believe in. 

Is there something in your business you are not doing right now because it is hard or scary, but could really benefit it? Pick that thing that just popped in your head and then do it! Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford and tell me the one thing you are going to start doing to move your business forward! 


Know these truths to help you grow a built to last business. www.iammichellegifford.com

5 Truths about Growing a Business 

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