do this one thing to level up your biz.

Do This One Thing to Level Up Your Biz


Do This One Thing to Level Up Your Biz

Are you ready to get serious about your business? Are you wanting to scale your business but aren’t sure what next step to take? You are my person! I am so happy you’re here. If you’re feeling the urge to make that commitment to your business then this is exactly where you need to be. Are you ready? Do this one thing to level up your biz. 



Meet Shani Ogden. She is a blogger and influencer. She shares craft tutorials, printable cut files, recipes, kid activities, travel tips, and more. If any of these are your jam, give her a follow on Instagram! You can find her @sunshineandmunchkins

Meet Alexis Tanner. She is a blogger and podcaster. Her podcast is called Parenting in Real Life where she and her husband talk about how to have fun family activities that can fit into your everyday routine. They also share tips on how to bring families together. Tune in HERE! You can also find Alexis on Instagram @parenting.irl.podcast.

These two ladies have something in common. They both took the leap forward in growing their business. Want to know what they did? They joined Money Makers. Money Makers is my business coaching group. It is filled with twice-a-month coaching calls with me and access to all of my courses, and you get to be a part of the absolute best community around full of small business owners. 

Shani and Alexis both agree that joining Money Makers was exactly what they needed to grow their business, make more money, and become confident business owners (and business moms). Yes! They are both stay-at-home moms who are running a business. It is possible and it is so much fun! If you need a boost of that fun aspect–and the money-making aspect–Money Makers might be just what you need.


do this one thing to level up your biz.


Do This One Thing to Level Up Your Biz

My Money Makers Business Coaching Group is open for registration right now. (It’s only open twice a year!!)  It’ll be October 18-25, so I thought it’d be fitting to share this post with you to help clear up any hesitations you have about committing to yourself and to your business.

And what better way to do it than to chat with two of the Money Makers who are in the group right now? Throughout this post, they will share some of their favorite things about this group, and more importantly some of the business goals they’ve been able to meet because of the things they’ve learned since joining. Let’s jump right in!


Question #1: What made you want to join Money Makers?

Before Shani joined she had been feeling like she wanted to scale her business and also get back some time she spends on her business. She has four kids and a husband, so her life can be a little busy, to say the least! (As I’m sure many of you know.) 

She wanted to learn more about how to streamline processes and just learn from what the coaching group had to offer her. The group has mainly helped her get better at batching content. Having that accountability is super helpful because everyone in the group can share what they are working on or where they are struggling and they can all cheer each other on. 

Alexis joined Money Makers to get some direction on where she should be spending more time in her business in order to start making more money. There are a lot of different places you can focus on in your business, so she needed some advice on where to start first and build from there.

Also, the community part is so amazing. Alexis doesn’t have any other friends who own businesses, so she really wanted to get to know other women in business who were in similar situations as her, especially with having kids at home. And Money Makers gives her that!


join money makers business coaching group.


Question #2: What goals has the Money Makers Coaching Group helped you accomplish?

The biggest thing for Shani has been making a mindset shift. She wants to treat her business as an actual business rather than a hobby but actually thinking about it that way has been challenging for her.

She’s been learning how to think about everything differently which has transferred over to how she approaches everything in her business. She is more deliberate about where she spends her time and utilizes it in the best way possible. 

She’s learned that you don’t need to be afraid to try new things because that’s the very thing you must do over and over again as a new business owner in order to find success and grow your business.

Money Makers has helped Alexis put herself out there more. She’s naturally an introvert, so she tends to hide behind the screen a little bit. But Money Makers has helped her know that she has things to share, so she’s more willing to advertise her business and show her face a little bit more on social media. 


Question #3: What advice would you give someone who wants to start or grow a business that you learned in Money Makers and would help them level up their business?

When Shani first started blogging she was missing that community aspect. She would tell her friends about it, but they wouldn’t really know what to say because they didn’t understand. So, find your community and jump in with both feet. Having your people to talk to throughout your business journey makes a world of difference. It propels your business forward and it helps you enjoy it more too. 

Alexis has realized time and time again to just go for it. A lot of us get stuck waiting. Waiting for the right time, the right opportunity, etc. but just get into it and start. Another huge thing Alexis has learned about is strategy. Specifically, a strategy that makes sense to her as a business mom. So, find strategic ways to spend your time on Instagram, blogging, or whatever platform(s) you use to grow your business. (If you’re unsure, Money Makers can teach you that!)


money makers business coaching group.


Question #4: Who should join the Money Makers Coaching Group?

Shani said Money Makers Business Coaching Group is for somebody who is interested in taking their hobby and turning it into a business. If you’re ready to do the work to grow your business and you want a community of people to support you along the way, Money Makers is for you!

Alexis is a strong believer that Money Makers is for people who are ready to move along to the next step of their business. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re making tons of money, this group can help you know what next steps you need to take in order to reach your biz goals. 

And I just have to add my little note here that if you’re ready to take action, I will push you over the edge! I am all about helping you discover your potential and cheering you on and coaching you all along the way.


money makers business coaching group.


Do This One Thing to Level Up Your Biz

Alright, biz friends if you’re serious about growing your business, take my money makers’ advice and just do it. Do this one thing to level up your biz and you’ll be thanking yourself for it every day after! To join Money Makers, it costs $347 for the entire YEAR! I know, I can’t believe how good of a deal it is either. 

This group is as affordable as possible for those who are just starting out and money is tight. I promise you this is one of the cheapest business coaching groups out there and you will make the money back anyway as you apply the strategies and principles you learn in the group to grow your biz! 

We really have the best time together, and I can’t wait for you to join us. Join Money Makers HERE. And make sure to follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so we can stay in touch! Plus, I’m always sharing the best tips and strategies there for you to grow your biz online. OK, hopefully, I’ll see you soon!

P.S. In the meantime, you should definitely join my FREE program, Business Mom School. I send you weekly emails with tips and resources to help you start and grow a business. This would be a great start for you on your biz journey! It’s free, so what could you really lose? Sign up HERE!



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