How to do a Live Video for Maskcara Everything you need to know for your first live video with

How to do a Live Video for Maskcara or any other small business

One of the easiest and most effective way to get your product out to your audience is to show them how to use it.  Facebook live and Instagram live have made this very easy to do.  In this quick post, I’m going to walk you through the quickest and easiest way to make this happen.


Using your phone to record is a really great option.  Sometimes you might feel like it isn’t as professional as you might like it, but your audience doesn’t want to see the polished side of you, they want to see you.  When I go live, you can just count on seeing my two-year-old pop in and guess what, my viewers love it.  So, don’t stress, use your phone.

Phone tripod

Getting a phone tripod is inexpensive but it will really help up your professional game.  You won’t worry about your phone falling while you’re videoing because you just propped it up on a couple of books (not like that has happened to me or anything;).  Using a tripod frees up your hands to demonstrate your product better.  So, if you are videoing putting on your Maskcara makeup, you are going to need those two hands to get that contour line just right.  And last, using a tripod eliminates camera shake. 

Web Cam

I do a lot of my lives with my camera, but when I am wanting to look more professional or when I am videoing my course lessons, I use my this webcam.  It is small, portable and high quality.  It comes in at $90 but it is on sale for $50 right now.


Natural light

The easiest and the most flattering lighting is natural light by a window or door during the day.  The downside of this lighting is that the quality of the light will depend on the time of day since the sun moves across the sky and your light changes throughout your house.  The best way to combat this is to know the time each room has good lighting. Pay attention and take notes.

Ring light

A ring light is a great way to have good lighting anytime.  If you have young kids, then night time could be the only time that you can do a live video.  A ring light is a round light on a stand.  The downside to this is sometimes the light can be a bit harsh and this lighting isn’t free like natural light.

This ring light is more powerful and lights more of the room up.  I use this when I am recording videos using my webcam or nice camera.  This comes in at $90.

This phone holder and ring light comes together for all of the live videos you do on your phone.  It is easy and cheap ($20) and you can take it anywhere.


When you are doing a live video, you want the focus to be on you and what you are teaching and sharing.  You don’t want to have something distracting or embarrassing behind you.  Often, I have to shoot my videos in my kitchen.  I have a nice wall with a giant alarm clock on it.  If I am not careful, I will get lined up just right and the two side knobs on the alarm clock look like Mickey Mouse ears on my head.  It is a great look. 

The first step to getting a good backdrop is to just be aware.  Can’t tell you how many times I get videoing and then realize the Mickey Mouse ears have creeped in.  Take a look at what’s behind you before you start.  Go ahead and clean off the counter, shut the drawers and throw away the wrappers. 

I know a lot of people who will find the place with good light and then decorate that small space and then that is where they will shoot all the time.  This is a great plan!

If you want to get super fancy, you can get an actual backdrop and stand.  If you decide to do this, either choose a pretty neutral backdrop or find a signature backdrop that matches you and your brand. 

Here is a link to my backdrop stand:

And a link to some fun backdrops.


Actually going live

Now that you have the equipment, lighting and backdrop down, you now actually have to go live.  This is the scary and fun part.  Here are my top tips for making it happen.

Have a plan.  Write out with bullet points what you are going to talk about.  Nothing worse than having your mind go blank when you are trying to teach something.  This is the outline I use:

Welcome.  Take a minute to welcome those who are watching live and those who will be watching on the replay.  

Intro.  Remember to introduce who you are and give people a link to where to find you.  

Tell them what they are going to get from you.  Make the first part of your video tell your audience why they should stick around to watch them.  Give them your bullet points.

Tell them what you want to tell them.  Now, let them have it.  Give them all of the good information that you have planned.

Wrap it up and give a call to action. Always have a call to action for your viewers.  Let them know what you want them to do.  Whether that is to share with a friend, click on a link, buy a product, whatever.  Don’t be shy letting them know what you want them to do.

Get out of there.  The biggest mistake I see people make is lingering with the goodbye.  When you are done with your video, say goodbye and get out of there.

Breathe!  You did it!

Going live seems scary and it will be the first couple of times, but once you get going and find your groove, it just might become one of your favorite things to do.


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(This post does contain affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you purchase products from those links.  Know that I love you and am so thankful you are here.  I would never endorse a product that I wouldn’t or haven’t bought myself.)

How to do a Live Video for Maskcara Everything you need to know for your first live video with
How to do a Live Video for Maskcara Everything you need to know for your first live video with
How to do a Live Video for Maskcara Everything you need to know for your first live video with
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How to do a Live Video for Maskcara

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