How to use quizzes to boost your email list. Episode 22 of the Michelle Gifford Podcast with Jane and Jess from the Interact team In today’s episode of the Michelle Gifford podcast, I’m sharing with you one of my biggest secrets to growing my Maskcara business to what it is.  I use Interact Quizzes to […]

You know that I’m a business gal.  I don’t do things because everyone else is doing them.  I take my time, think them out and weight them on how they are going to benefit my audience and my business.  So, when I felt impressed to jump into the MLM scene two years ago, I think […]

What I learned from sharing a stage with Rachel Hollis and Nicole Walters Have you ever been to a business conference?  Well, it is something special.  There is something about being in the same room with like-minded business mommas and engaging in some serious learning. This past weekend, I went to the GLOW conference put […]

You guys.  Something big happened last month and since I don’t believe in burying the lead, I am telling you what it is in the title.  We sold more than $4,000 in Maskcara products.  WHAT!  And yes, this was all through our past customers and online sales.  That seems like a lot, and it is, […]

9 most asked blogging questions answered Blogging. I know, I know.  You are cringing a little.  When done correctly, blogging can completely change your business.  Last month, we hit an all-time sales record for us over at our site and most of the sales came from blogging.  I even have a blog post over […]

How to use Instagram Lives and Stories to grow your business The other day, I hopped on Instagram and did and Instagram Story all about my new sunglasses. I asked my followers if they were ridiculous or fun. And guess what, they answered.  70% thought they were fun and 30% said ridiculous. That isn’t the amazing […]

Should I start a side business? Having a side hustle is kind of “in” right now, isn’t it?  It makes complete sense.  Never before has it been so easy to start a business and grow a following. Social media has allowed stay-at-home moms, like me and you, to be at home with our kids and […]

Friends!  Can you believe it has been a year since I started the Maskcara Experiment?  Yikes!  When I announced that I was going to join an MLM and try things differently, I received a lot of support.  Maybe this support came because you  thought I wouldn’t last or maybe it came because I promised that […]

How to sell Maskcara while you sleep There have been a few changes in the Maskcara company in the last few months.  Artist sign-ups were closed temporarily (they are now open, message me to join our team;) and the corporate website was completely overhauled.  This overhaul was needed and necessary, but it did bring a […]

My top secret strategy to Maskcara business success Honestly, hanging out on Instagram is my idea of business fun.  I get to meet a lot of people and build friendships, but what I was finding is that those relationships usually didn’t add a lot to my piggy bank (you know what I’m sayin’?).  I know […]

How to make a business plan You are confused.  There is just SO much information and you are drowning with all of the knowledge and opinion on where to focus on when you are starting or growing your business.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Email list, Blog, Snap Chat.  On and on.  This can be completely frustrating […]

There is something about taking a quiz.  I just can’t pass it up.  No matter how silly or serious, I have to take them (how else would I know that Belle is my spirit animal Disney Princess?).  Yes, they are fun to take, but what if you could translate that curiosity into email subscribers?  Well, […]

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