How to Know Who to Listen to

How to know who to listen to when it comes to building your business. This week on my podcast, I’m going to tell you the four questions I want you to ask yourself when you’re presented with a new direction, platform, or strategy to build your business. I want to give you some tools to help you make really good decisions because a lot of our problems come from getting squirrel syndrome. You know what I’m talking about, right? Someone tells you to do this, and then this, and then other things. And suddenly you’re swirling and twirling and not getting any closer to accomplishing your goals. I don’t want that for you. You feel called to build a business that will make money. In order to do that, I want you to ask yourself 4 questions when presented with a new opportunity. 

  • Will this work for me?
  • Is this too good to be true?
  • Does this make sense for my business?
  • Does this support my goals?

How to know who to listen to, plus 4 questions to ask yourself!

1- Will this work for me? aka- Consider the source

I do a facebook group so you think you need to do one too. But maybe it doesn’t work for you and what you’re trying to build with your business. What I need you to do is come up with your goals, your own strategy and then you can weigh new things against your goals. I want you to have a clear way to do this and to make really good decisions. 

When you hear something new to try with your business that you think you need to do to be successful, I want you to first consider the source. Think about who is telling you this and why they are telling you this. Is there a product involved that they are trying to sell you? If the answer is yes, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you just need to make sure that you know where their intentions lie. And one of the ways you can figure that out is to ask yourself: have they shown up for you in the past and are they serving you now? Are they providing really great content? Do their methods and ways of structuring their business fit with how you live your life? Or how you can live your life? 

Consider the Source

For example, I did a podcast interview once with a woman who was very deliberate with how she spent the first 2 hours of her day. She blocked off 2 hours every morning for herself. She said it was her sacred time and she made a point of not letting anything or anyone interrupt her during those two hours. Sounds amazing, right? Well, I never aired this interview because I knew it wouldn’t resonate with my podcast audience. Or myself, for that matter. I have 5 kids. Most of them are in school, but I still have one at home with me during the day. I can’t very well just tell my kids that they are on their own for 2 hours and that they can’t bother me, right? So that suggestion of blocking off two hours of sacred time each day just doesn’t work for me. And that’s ok. But it’s important to take the time to think about these suggestions and think about if they could benefit you and your business. This is why I want to teach you how to know who to listen to. 

2- Is this too good to be true?

It’s really easy on sales pages and when someone pitches a product, to promote the few people who made 10 million dollars when they utilized a system or item. I believe that the sales pages are trying to be honest but sometimes I do think you need to realize that if something seems too good to be true, it really might be too good to be true. 

If you hear someone say, “Hey if you buy this program then in 2 days you are going to make a million dollars.” That’s probably not true, right? I just want  you to think about the scenarios you are presented with and take some time to say, “Hey, does this make sense? Is this possible? Is this too good to be true?” Be sure to not get caught up in the hype or excitement that comes with new opportunities. Take a deep breath and really think about whether or not the promised results are possible.

3-Does this make sense for my business?

For this questions, Let’s talk TikTok specifically. If TikTok doesn’t really work for your business right now, you can say no. It’s ok. But, if you’re excited about  the opportunity, then it’s something you should definitely consider and you should try it. Don’t let fear be the reason you aren’t trying something new. If a platform or strategy seems like it could be a good fit for you and your business, but you’re feeling too scared to try it, do it anyway. Give it a shot. You never know what will become a vital part of your business. But, on the other hand, if there is something that doesn’t make sense for your audience, don’t feel bad about not focusing on it. If your audience and your ideal client is based around Instagram, but everyone is talking up TikTok, don’t feel bad about sticking with Instagram. Be sure to not discount new opportunities for growth just so you stay safely in your corner, though. 

4-Does this support my goal?

As I’ve said before, you need to have goals in your business. You need to know where you’re headed, why you’re headed there and how you’re going to get there. 

Currently in my business I’m hosting my second back to business summit in a few weeks and I’m working on a new program I’m launching in March 2020 as well. So I’ve got a lot going on, and a lot to get organized. For the business summit, I’m inviting some of my favorite entrepreneurial women and they’re teaching classes for free on different business topics. It’s a fantastic online conference, and I look forward to holding it twice a year. Along with this, I’m launching a new program which will be a large part of my business going forward. With all of these things on my schedule, joining TikTok and building my business on that platform is not going to support my goals right now. That doesn’t mean I won’t focus on TikTok in the future, but right now, it’s not the right time for me to add another platform to my busy schedule.

 I want you to look at your business and your goals for your business. Now, when you are considering any new decision or strategy, ask yourself if it supports your goals. If it doesn’t support your goals, take a raincheck on it or walk away completely. 

Review: How to Know Who to Listen To

So, let’s review. How to know who to listen to when you are presented with a new opportunity, platform, or strategy.

Ask yourself these questions:

1-Will this work for me? aka- Consider the source

2-Are the claims too good to be true?

3-Does this make sense for my business?

4-Does this support my goals?

You can’t do everything at the same time. You need to be good at saying no to the things that aren’t a good fit for you. Whether that’s facebook groups, blogging, or Instagram. You’re probably struggling with something and you’re probably wasting so much time thinking about it that you could be putting towards something better and really sticking to your business, right? Remember, you aren’t just looking for a quick win, you are looking for a big, sustainable business. Now, get out there and grow!

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4 tips for how to know who to listen to when growing your business.
How to know who to listen to. Podcast episode 61.
How I decide who to listen to in my business.

How to Know Who to Listen to: Podcast ep 61

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