How to Use Tailwind’s SmartLoop

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How to Use Tailwind’s SmartLoop

How to Use Tailwind's SmartLoop-Automate Pinterest marketing

Pinterest marketing just got a whole lot easier! Thanks to Tailwind’s amazing SmartLoop feature you can get the most out of your pins without the hassle of trying to track how many times you’ve shared a pin, where you shared it, and how well followers are engaging with it. Phew! Right? Let’s take a look at How to Use Tailwind’s SmartLoop to dramatically increase your blog and Pinterest traffic.

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What is SmartLoop?

SmartLoop is an app that works with Pinterest to help you share and reshare content in the most effective boards at the most effective times for your followers—automatically and indefinitely! It also makes sure that you don’t overshare any one pin spamming your viewers.

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Why Reshare Pins?

You work hard to create the content you share. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reach all of your followers the first time you pin it, and it falls into the mix with the other 100 billion pins on Pinterest. Resharing helps your content have more opportunities to be seen and engaged with. Tailwind has worked directly with Pinterest in developing SmartLoop features. Pinterest has recommended that marketers post daily in order to survive. Resharing your content with SmartLoop makes that a realistic and manageable goal.

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How SmartLoop Works

Brace yourselves. It’s going to blow your mind how simple Tailwind makes this! After you sign up—there is an AWESOME free option—SmartLoop will import all of the pins you’ve ever pinned from your website and rank them by the number of repins each one has received. Next, start a loop, select the pins you want included, and determine if the loop should be shared all year long, or seasonally—great for holiday focused pins!

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Did I mention that SmartLoop will continue this automatically and indefinitely? No need to renew it or push. You can edit low-performing pins out or swap a newly created one in if you want, but otherwise the loop just takes care of business while you get back to creating!

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Built-in Pinterest Best Practice Features

SmartLoop has a couple other great features to make Pinterest marketing easier. One is the customizable board rules. No matter the group board limits you are working with, SmartLoop can handle it! Next is the optimized scheduling. SmartLoop analyzes your audience’s Pinterest trends and shares your pins when and where your people are most engaged. Another great feature is that you can set up multiple loops. You can create a loop for all of your best content in a variety of niches, streamlining a lot of the busy work that takes up so much time.

What are you waiting for? Try out Tailwind’s SmartLoop today and see traffic increase on your content right away!

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How to Use Tailwind's SmartLoop-Get more traffic from your pins
How to Use Tailwind's SmartLoop-Automatically reshare your top pins

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