Maskcara Blog Is Becoming an Artist Right for You?

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Maskcara Blog Comparing Maskcara to other MLMs by business girl

Maskcara Blog: Is Becoming an Artist Right for You?

I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m a skeptic.  Especially when it comes to MLM’s.  I’ve always been more than a little wary of them, but I’ve also been completely fascinated by them.  They are genius in their marketing and promotion and I just can’t turn away.  I want to know more.  I look at LulaRoe and I am intrigued by their ability to entice people to invest $5-6,000 in products before they have even tried selling anything.  The marketing is genius I tell you, genius.

For the last few months, I’ve been on this experiment trying to see if I could build an MLM business using online business principles without approaching my friends and family.  You can read how I got my start with the Maskcara Experiment here.  When I began researching the different MLM’s out there, I looked for a few things to determine whether I should join their company.

I know I’m not keeping you on the edge of your seat, you already know I chose Maskcara, but I thought you’d like to know why I made that choice.  From a business stand point, it just made sense for me.

Here were my questions and the results:

Maskcara Beauty Blog Which MLM is Right for You?

How much was the initial investment:

Investing in something that you aren’t sure is going to work is a leap of faith.  So, I carefully considered all of the investments for each of the following companies:

Maskcara: $199-$399 (A lot of makeup)

LuLaRoe: $5-$6,000 (A lot of clothes)

MaryKay: $100

LipSense: $55 (No product included)

DoTerra: $50 (No product included)

Do I have to have the product in stock or ship it?

I used to own an Etsy shop where I made and sold handmade clothes for little girls.  Ever since then, I have a little bit of ptsd when I think about packaging things and shipping them.  I also HATE having inventory in my home.  With five kids, keeping them out of the clean product is next to impossible.  Here is how everyone stacked up:

Maskcara: They ship.  I never have to have product, other than the kit, in my house.

LuLaRoe:  You need at least a whole closet for all their clothes.

MaryKay: You handle distribution

LipSense:  You handle distribution and keeping things in stock

DoTerra: They ship.

Is there a minimum monthly order requirement to get commissions?

Let’s face it.  Some months you have a lot of time to spend on side hustles and other times you have three kids in soccer and your life is nuts.  I needed to know if I would get dinged for not making quota or something.

Maskcara: No minimum sales requirement (20% commission no matter what)

LuLaRoe: 33 pieces/month to be active

MaryKay: $225 in sales/3 months (not bad)

LipSense: $600/month (that’s a lot of lipstick)

DoTerra: $100/month (not bad)

How many consultants are there already?

Maskcara Blog Comparing Maskcara to other MLMs. Map of LuLaRoe distributors by business girl

(This is what 80,000+ distributors look like.  I just swiped this from the LuLaRoe Website.  Now that is a lot of spandex leggings.)

I’ve been in business a while, so I know that the best time to join an MLM is at the beginning.  I don’t want to be competing with a million other distributors.  (And when I say a million, I mean that quite literally)

Maskcara: 3,000

LuLaRoe: 80,000

MaryKay: 1,700,000 (yep that’s 1.7 million)

LipSense: 70,000

DoTerra: 3,000,000 (wow! 3 million)

With all of that data, I found that Maskcara was the right business for me to test my experiment.  Their startup fee was within my acceptable limits, I don’t have to store or ship products, everything is done online, there are no minimum orders to get my 20% commission and I was one of the first thousand distributors to sign up.  This was also an easy one to incorporate into my current lifestyle and business.

If you have any questions about Maskcara and would like to chat about whether it is right for you, email me.  I will give it to you straight if you are a good fit for my team (like fo’ reals I’ll send you to another artist if we aren’t a good fit or tell you no if this really isn’t right for you).  My team is built on solid online business principles where you will receive a foundation of blogging, photography, social media, pinterest and email marketing.  I mean, look, I got you to this website when you were researching Maskcara, If I can do that, I can teach you how to do it for your business.

Contact me here or if you are sold on jumping into the business click here and enter artist #1935 to join my team and get more than $800 of my free training.

Maskcara Blog Comparing Maskcara to other MLMs by business girl

Maskcara Blog Comparing Maskcara to other MLMs by business girl

  1. Megan says:

    Hey Michelle it’s Megan I had DM’d you earlier but this is probably a better space to chat about potentially becoming an artist. Sounds like I should chat it over soon as the 17th has a freebie for signing up. I’d love some hard questions to see if this is something I can do and fit with. The fo’reals low down on how this works. I have NEVER done anything like this before but just felt like “yes” when I heard you talk about it in your podcasts. Also I’d assume with your trainings it can be applied to different areas as well.

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