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My 5 Tools That Run My Business

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My 5 Tools That Run My Business 

If you have a growing business like me, you know how important systems are to help your business run. As I kept getting more clients and adding people to my team, I knew I needed to stay organized if I wanted to keep up with my workload. Here are my 5 tools that run my business. 



I’ve tried lots of different apps and websites out there to help organize my business, and I’ve found the five that really make my business thrive. If you want to make money in your business, using these tools (or different ones that work best for you) is how to do it! 

One reason why I love these 5 tools the most is because it automates a lot of my work, so I don’t have to do things over and over again. It might take up quite a bit of time to get these systems set up for the first time, but once they are set up it saves you a ton of time which makes it totally worth it! 


My 5 Tools That Run My Business 


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Tool #1: Calendly

I use Calendly as an app on my phone that schedules out anything and everything. From conference calls, to one-on-one meetings, to interviews, this app is the best. When I send out a meeting time, the confirmation is automatically added to my calendar on my phone. An app that schedules meetings for you? Yes, please! 

Another perk about Calendly is how it connects to your Zoom account. Whenever you create a meeting, it automatically creates a Zoom link and sends it to everyone invited to the meeting. This meeting is added to your calendar and will never double book you because everything is synced in one place. 


Tool #2: Honeybook

Honeybook is where I keep all my professional documents. This is where I house all of my contracts, documents for my clients, invoices, etc. Honeybook really makes it look like you have your act together, which is always a good thing–especially when you are presenting yourself to potential clients. 

It’s so easy to manage all of my clients because I have everything in one place. This system makes everything functional and beautiful–two things that are really important to me. You can use this code to get 50% off when you sign up for Honeybook! 

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Tool #3: Monday

This is a wizard website for task management! I use Monday mainly for the agency side of my business. This is where my team and I schedule out all of our clients and their content. We can organize everything down to a tee and each task is assigned to a team member. 

We even get reminder emails to let us know what’s due soon, so we can stay on top of things. The nice thing about Monday is that once you set up one automated system for a client, you can use the same system for future clients without having to start from scratch. 


Tool #4: Davinci

I actually just switched to Davinci for my email marketing system. I was using Ontraport for the longest time, but my friend just created Davinci and I decided to try it out. Before I transitioned over, I sat down with my friend to make sure all of my criteria was met before doing so. I knew it was going to take a lot to move everything over and I wanted it to be worth it.

Turns out, it checked all of my boxes, and then some. There’s so many things you can do on Davinci. It can do emails, texts, Facebook ad management, Instagram direct messages, and more. It even hosts all of my online courses! If all of that isn’t convincing enough, Davinci is a lot cheaper than other course and email hosting sites too.

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Tool #5: Showit

I will always love Showit! Showit is where all of my beautiful websites live. Yes, I use WordPress for my blog, but Showit is where I design my websites. It makes it so easy and fun to create something I love and that really represents my brand. 

If you’re wanting to rebrand and want a professional opinion, reach out to my team! We would love to help you out. If you’d rather take the rebranding journey on your own, check out my Showit templates. (But don’t buy them yet! There may be a discount coming soon..!)  


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If you were wondering how to put some systems in place for your business, I hope this post gave you what you were looking for! These really are my 5 tools that run my business. Let me know which systems use you for your business (or which ones you plan to use) over on my Instagram @iammichellegifford.

Also, you should join my text party if you haven’t already! Text “Instagram” to 951.309.7885 to join and get a free Reels guide!

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