The last week of each month, I create my content for the upcoming month. This way, I’m able to start each month with my content all ready to go. I love batching my content and staying ahead of the game! Since it’s the last week of August, I’m looking at September’s content. Here are the trending Pinterest topics for September that I will be focusing my Pinterest strategy on.

The top trending Pinterest topics for September

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For today’s post, I’ve consulted my Pinterest Expert on my Content Creation team for her recommendations on what topics are trending currently on Pinterest. She’s amazing with Pinterest and has grown our client’s Pinterest accounts tremendously. Click here to find out more about the Content Creation Agency side of my business.

School Related Trending Pinterest Topics for September

Now, let’s talk more about the trending Pinterest topics for September! With schools trying to start across the country, back to school pins are really popular. Since there are many school delays for in-person learning, this topic could continue trending. In fact, the Pinterest expert on my team recommends pinning this type of content all year this school year. 

School Lunch Ideas

School Supplies

Back To School Outfits

Back To School Organization 

Back To School Hairstyles 

Don’t forget about the college kids heading back to school, too! 

Back To College Pinterest Topics to Pin: 

College Dorm Room Ideas 

College Halloween Costumes 

College Packing List

College Apartment 

College Outfits

College Organization Tips

Here are the Fall Holiday-related Trending Pinterest Topics for September

When it comes to holidays, all of the fall holidays are trending on Pinterest in September. With all of the craziness of 2020, everyone is ready for some holiday traditions and fun to take their minds off the stress we are experiencing. 


Fall Décor

Fall Recipes 

Fall Weddings 

Black Friday 

Cyber Monday 


Halloween Pinterest Topics to Pin

Continuing with our fall holidays, Halloween is just around the corner! Have you seen the Halloween decorations and candy already arriving in the stores near you? It’s pretty crazy that we are already thinking about Halloween, right? Yet, here we are. 

Halloween Decorations

Couples Halloween Costumes 

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes 

Group Halloween Costumes 

Kids Costumes

Modest Costumes


Fall Pinterest Topics to Pin

Most of the country is still in the middle of this seemingly-endless summer, but fall really is on its’ way! Here are some great fall Pin topics that are trending for September. 

Decoration (Or Décor Ideas) 

Outfits (Or Fashion) 

Recipes (Or Food)

Michelle Gifford's Top Trending Pinterest trends for September

Trending Pinterest Topics for September- Comfort Food

Along with our fall holidays and back to school topics, my Pinterest Expert recommends also pinning Pins having to do with comfort food. We all need some comfort lately, right? Use these topics when planning your Pinterest Strategy for September. 

  • Recipes 
  • Dinners 
  • Casserole 
  • Crockpot 
  • Soup

Pinterest Topics Related to Preserving Foods 

It seems like everyone has planted a garden of some kind this summer! We’ve all been stuck at home, so we’ve needed to fill our time somehow, right? Now that we are entering harvest time, the searches for preserving and canning your homegrown produce are on the rise. I think this is one of the more surprising trending Pinterest topics for September. It just goes to show you that Pinterest will reflect what is happening in the world. Keep that in mind as you plan your Pinterest strategy. 

Canning Recipes

Canning Vegetables

Food Preservation And Storage

One Last Tip!

I hope these monthly content creation blog posts help you as you plan out your content for the upcoming month! Don’t forget to add in the creation of Instagram Reels to your content creation for September! Instagram’s newest feature is blowing up businesses across the board. Jump in, and take advantage of the excitement! For more tips from me every day, follow me on Instagram here. And if you’re interested in my business coaching group, Michelle’s Money Makers, find out more information for that, here!

My Top Trending Pinterest Topics for September

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