Summer can be a really tricky time to run a business with all of your kids home. Especially this year with having everyone home with the quarantine for the past few months, and now we’ve got a long summer ahead of us, too. So how do you run a business in the summer when all of your kids are home? I want you to have a great summer, here’s how you can plan a summer’s worth of content in 30 minutes. I’ve got a few steps that will help you do this. 

1-What are your business goals?

take an honest look at what you want to have happen in the summer. What are your goals? Is there something in your business that you want to work on and haven’t had time to do it? Do you want to sell a certain amount? What do you want to create? If you want to plan a summer’s worth of content, you need to know what your goals are! 

Remember at the end of the summer, the fall comes quickly and those are your prime selling months– Oct. and Nov. What can you do during the summer that will set you up for success during the prime selling months?

Enjoy your summer! Plan a summer's worth of content in 30 minutes!

2-Create a schedule.

Get your calendar or planner and create a schedule. (Don’t have a planner you love? Check out mine HERE!) Look at your planner and block off any time that you’ll be gone for vacations, trips, etc. Block out those dates so you know that you won’t be doing business during those times. Remember, family comes first. Block off when you’ll push a product or sale. This can be tricky if you don’t think about it ahead of time.

You’ll most likely have a 4th of July sale. So when will you begin pushing that sale? You also need to look at any other holidays/birthdays/celebrations you will be having over the next few months of summer and schedule those in on your calendar. Write down anything that you will be doing that will be relevant to your audience so you can use it as part of your content. BBQ’s, parties, holidays, etc. can all be used for content. When you use parts of your everyday life in your content strategy, it makes it a lot easier to plan a summer’s worth of content quickly. 

3-Create a content list & schedule it on your calendar.

Going back to your goals for the summer, look at the things you want to produce and sell, and any events and holidays and activities that you and your target audience are going to be going through. Decide what pieces of core content you can create that will push people to your sale or will help and serve your audience and build your audience. Use these to build your core content list. (see what I’m talking about HERE)

4-Create your content.

Now that you have your list of core content that you need to create. Think about how you are going to push people toward a sale or an email list or to grow your audience. Next go back to your planner and write in the pieces of content you are going to create every week. Schedule it out and mark it down. Now that you have that list, choose a week of the month to get everything done for the next month. For me, I’m working the last week of the month on the content for the following month. At the end of May, I created all of the core content for June. Batch your content and you’ll be able to create a bunch of content all at once to serve your for the whole month. This is the biggest trick for how I plan a summer’s worth of content quickly. 

Here’s how I plan a summer’s worth of content for myself:

I decided I was going to start a YouTube channel and I decided I wanted to hit it hard on YouTube this summer. I also want to continue with my podcast and my blog/website. Here’s the thing, though, I don’t need to create multiple pieces of content for each platform. There are people who are listening to me on my podcast who will never go watch my youtube videos, and vice versa.

So what I’m doing is this. I can choose 1-2 topics a week and two pieces of core content and I have listed those out. So I have 9 pieces of content for June. I’ve gone through and looked at the things I want to sell. I’m looking at my audience and thinking about what they need. What do they need? They need to figure out how to plan a summer’s worth of content in 30 minutes. Do you see it? I’m just serving and helping you. So now I’m taking the last week of May and creating my content for June. My goal was to have it done before June started. I’m going to have the rest of June scheduling the content and I’m able to promote it more 

To summarize how you can plan a summer’s worth of content in 30 minutes, here’s the rundown again:

  1. Determine your goals
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Create a content list & schedule it out on your calendar
  4. Batch create your content
  5. Enjoy your summer!

By using this system, you can get a bunch of work done in one week and not stress the rest of the month. It’s so amazing to have the time to dream, vacation, and play with your kids during the summer! After all, one of the reasons you decided to get into business for yourself was so you could have more time to enjoy your life, right? 

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4 Steps & 30 Minutes are all you need to plan your summer content!
Plan your summer content in 30 minutes.
30 minutes to plan your summer content!

Plan a Summer’s Worth of Content in 30 Minutes!

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