The Secret Weapon Influencers Don’t Know They Have

Would you be brave enough to have a business expert analyze your business in a live interview? It sounds scary, but you can gain so much from this experience. I recently had Digital Marketer John Meese on my podcast and he gave me several tips on how to improve my business. I took immediate action and here’s what I learned. (The biggest takeaway is figuring out the secret weapon influencers don’t know they have!) 



John gave me several ideas on how to improve my business and increase my business revenue. (Click HERE for the full scoop!) Among these recommendations, John encouraged me to launch a masterclass and that’s exactly what I did. Here’s what I learned, what I will do again, and what I won’t. 


the secret weapon influencers don't know they have.


Recap of my Interview with John Meese

If you missed the interview I had with John Meese, one of the things you need to know about him is that he has zero social media presence. He advertises his wildly successful business all through other mediums. With that in mind, he has a unique perspective on how to improve your business and can see things that I may not see. This is one reason why I wanted him to take a look at my business and tell me the things he would change. 

As of right now, I offer three main products:

John recommended I create a masterclass at a $97 value. This would be the initial product that I offer to people and at the end of the class I would invite people to join my membership subscription. I acted on this advice pretty quickly and was blown away by the results! 


Masterclass Results

I offered a masterclass, “Your Next 1,000 Followers” geared towards Instagram. I offered the class for free to the people who were already a part of my Insta Social Society and those who were new would pay to attend the class. Setting it up this way increased my member sign-ups by 44 percent which is amazing! 


what i learned after launching my first masterclass.


Why did my masterclass work?

I covered a specific need. People are really trying to get their next 1,000 Instagram followers, so I knew this was the perfect topic to cover. Also, there was urgency. People only had a couple of days to sign up to make it to the live masterclass. They could still watch a recording later on, but they would miss the Q&A at the end. 

The reason why an initial masterclass works so well in getting people to sign up for your membership is because they can get to know you through this experience. People are less likely to buy a membership from me if they don’t know who I am. However, if they attend the masterclass and fall in love with the value I offer and my teaching style, then they will be more likely to purchase the membership. 


What would I do differently for my next masterclass?

There’s something I have labeled as the social quotient that people who don’t use social media do not take into consideration. This social quotient is when you take a cold audience and make it warm really quickly. You do this by the content you share on social media, the reels you make, and the stories you share. The more you let people into your lives, the more connected they feel to you even if they have not met you in person. Then, once they have met you in person they will come up and speak to you as if you have had an in-person relationship with you this whole time. It’s a really amazing thing. 

This social quotient is such a big deal because you are encouraging people to invest in such a deep connection with you and it’s all happening online. These people are not only invested in your business but in your life. They care about you as a person and want to stay connected with you. This creates such a powerful community for you and your business. 

In the future, I plan to offer this masterclass as the next step in my customer journey immediately after my opt-ins. And then lead people to my Insta Social Society. This time around, as I mentioned earlier, I offered this class for free to those who are already in my membership. I wanted to do that for them because they need this information and it was only fair to give it to them since they are already committed to me and my online education program.


How does this apply to you?

Maybe you don’t have a course to offer right now. That’s totally OK. One of the biggest things that has brought me success is trying things out–quickly. Too often we are sitting on the edge of the pool trying to decide if we are going to jump in or try something else instead. Do not overthink it. Put your idea into action as fast as you can and I promise you’ll learn from it. It will never work out the way you thought it would, but that does not mean it was a waste of time. 

The only way to waste time is to stay stagnant. Just keep moving forward. It’s the fastest way to figure out if something is going to work for you. If you hear advice from someone you’re following on Instagram, or listening to their podcast, etc. and it feels right to you, I want you to take the immediate next step. So say it with me–make the next move and make it fast. It’s the best way to figure out who you and your business are meant to become. 


the best secret weapon influencers don't know they have.


The Secret Weapon Influencers Don’t Know They Have

Taking immediate action and using that social quotient is the secret weapon influencers don’t know they have. We are such a unique, fun bunch of people who are willing to put our lives on display in an effort to spread goodness to the world. While there are so many risks with this, some heavier than others, the joy that comes with it is always so overwhelming. 

We have the most amazing opportunity at our fingertips to share what we believe in with others and if we see that for what it’s worth, we can make miracles happen. And not just miracles that bless us financially, but the relationships we will build and the friendships made are some of the best things we will treasure in this life. I’m so grateful for you and for this opportunity!

I’m so happy you found my blog and I hope you continue to follow along if you want more advice on growing your business the right way! Find me on Instagram @iammichellegifford where I’m constantly sharing the best advice. Plus, I hear it’s a really warm community over there. 😉 Also, if you’re interested in my masterclass on “Your Next 1,000 Followers” you can check it out HERE

The Secret Weapon Influencers Don’t Know They Have

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