the untapped gold mine of goal-planning no one knows about.

The Untapped Gold Mine of Goal Planning That No One Knows About

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The Untapped Gold Mine of Goal Planning That No One Knows About

2022 is coming to a close, so I thought it would be fitting to do some goal planning with you.  Goal planning has been around for ages, but it’s still so effective. However, some methods are more impactful than others. And I’ve got the untapped gold mind of goal planning that no one knows about. Are you ready?



When we get to the end of the year it can sometimes be overwhelming to look at the year ahead because we are still recovering from the year before. Can I get an amen on that one? But I want us to make sure we take some time to close out 2022 because when we spend time reflecting on what we’ve just pushed through and accomplished it enables us to launch into the new year with an unstoppable momentum.

That momentum is what will drive us to set big goals that we wouldn’t normally set for ourselves. I often ask people what their biggest dream is and once they tell me I ask them to dream even bigger. Too often we don’t even see the big picture that we could create for ourselves (along with the help from many others). But I’m here to help you start doing that by giving you the tools you need to actually put in the work to make those dreams come true (without the burnout). Sound too good to be true? I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out!


the best goal setting tips for the new year for biz owners.


The Untapped Gold Mine of Goal Planning That No One Knows About

You all know I love a good goal-planning session. There is so much focus and excitement that comes after setting goals and nailing down a timeline to meet each one. And when you have the perfect planner for it that makes it even better. (Have you seen my Business Mom Day Planners yet?!) There are two different versions, so you can either order one or get the bundle for a discount. This planner is what I use to make my days matter


5 goal-planning steps that you've never tried.


Goal-Planning Step #1: Do a reverse goal list.

Before making any goals for the new year, let’s look at this past year and see what we did well. Make a list of all the goals you accomplished over the past year and celebrate them. As energetic, ambitious, women entrepreneurs we don’t stop to think about what we’ve done. We keep pushing to reach the next goal. (This is so me.) But I want all of us to get better at pausing to celebrate how far we’ve come. 

So, make your list of everything you’re proud of this year, and then do something to celebrate. Maybe you go get a pedicure, take yourself out to lunch, or buy yourself a Crumbl cookie. Obviously, these are my go-to’s, but do what would be most rewarding for you!

We start here with reflection and celebration because this sets us up to plan for the new year. Rather than starting from a place of lack (I don’t have enough followers yet, I didn’t create enough content, etc.) you’re starting from a place of abundance and gratitude. Look how far you’ve come! Are you amazed at how much you’ve accomplished within a year? You should feel so proud of yourself for not giving up and showing up day in and day out.


Goal-Planning Step #2: Complete a business year review.

It’s time to put your analytical brain on. To do your year review, go through each month of this past year and write down the things that you did that were effective AND ineffective. This should be an unemotional process. It’s important for you to recognize the work you put in and the results that came from it, without attaching any identity to them. 

For example, in May I launched my Money Maker’s Coaching Group. I’d write that down for that month and then write down how many people joined and how many stayed. And then brainstorm how I can increase those people who stay and those who join. 

Do you see how I’m coming into this from an analytical standpoint? This is what I want you to do for each month so you can honestly see the results you are getting and start to get an idea of how you can improve.

During this year review, make sure you look at your analytics on your Instagram, YouTube, website, and other similar platforms so you can see what type of content is making the most difference in your community. What type of content is getting the most traffic and how can you make more of that? This is what to think about as you identify the facts from your different analytics.


Goal-Planning Step #3: Envision where you want to be in one year (yourself & your biz).

You are going to use the facts you found from the previous steps to help you make better goals for the new year. So let’s start with your core goal. A core goal is one that is overarching smaller goals. 

For example, this past year one of my smaller goals was to increase the number of clients my agency works with. So, my core goal was to make sure all of the systems in my business work super well, so it is set up for us to take on more clients. 

So, when you’re thinking of what goals you want to accomplish in the new year, think beyond how many more followers you want or how many views you want to get. You can have those goals too, but make sure you have a core goal that will strengthen the foundation of your business. 

One core goal could be getting a really solid brand and a website that matches.  Or it could be setting up an email opt-in and email funnel. Those are really good core goals because they strengthen the foundation of your business and will help you reach smaller goals faster once they are in place. And by the way, my team can help you with one or both of these options. Click HERE to get a quote and start working with us! 


when planning your business goals, think beyond the numbers.


Goal-Planning Step #4: Decide which goal to focus on first.

Once you have your list of goals you want to reach in the new year, decide where you will focus first. This is important because you can’t grow very fast if you’re trying to grow everywhere all at once. If you have my 60-day sprint journal, it’ll make this step super easy and quick to finish! It helps walk you through the process of getting the goal into actionable steps and then it keeps you accountable for those 60 days. 

You can totally do this step without the journal, but the journal will just help you be way more effective when it comes to focusing in on your goals and accomplishing them!


Goal-Planning Step #5: Set up an actionable step-by-step plan. 

This step is critical because it makes the connection between having a goal or dream and then knowing what you need to do to make it happen. This is where you will get really specific and write out a step-by-step plan for reaching your goal. Do this for the goal you are focusing on right now. And then once you’ve met it, do it for the following goal you plan to work on next. 

Example: Let’s say you want to gain 12 thousand new followers on Instagram by the end of next year. You could break this up and say you need to gain 1 thousand followers every month. Now, you will map out what you need to do each month in order to make that happen. Be as specific as you can. Again, my planner will help you know what details to think about when mapping this out! 


Fresh goal-planning steps every biz owner needs to know about when setting goals.


The Untapped Gold Mine of Goal Planning That No One Knows About

I told you I had the untapped gold mine of goal planning that no one knows about! I get really fired up when talking about goals because I know how powerful they can be, especially when you include the mind work upfront. You weren’t given your ideas and desires for your business for no reason. You are meant to do this and I can help give you the tools to make sure they happen. 

Remember, you are here for a very specific reason. You have a business that is here to help and serve people. You can be a good mom and a wildly successful business owner. One of my biggest accomplishments this year is that I now have 22 women on my team that help me run my marketing business. I get emotional every time I send them their paychecks because I’ve built something that can now support this many women. And that is a testament to me that my business is a good thing. 

Your business is a good thing. Every time you put in work to grow your business you help your family, and your customers, and you are an inspiration to other women who want to do this too. We are business moms and we do business differently. I am SO happy you’re here and so grateful to be a part of your journey. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so we can stay in touch! <3 

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