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10 Tips You Didn’t Know About Blogging and Working from Home 

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10 Tips You Didn’t Know About Blogging and Working from Home 

Are you thinking about starting a blog? Or maybe you’re wanting to find ways to make your blog more profitable. Either way, you feel a little hesitant about adding something to your schedule when you’re already a working mom trying to raise your kids and make time for your business. Camille Whiting and I both know exactly how that feels! Here’s why we started a blog anyway. These are the 10 tips you didn’t know about blogging and working from home. 



If you have yet to meet Camille, she is THE woman for the best and most creative date ideas. She is the owner of Friday We’re in Love. What just started out as a weekly blog she’d do for a hobby has turned into this thriving business she is so grateful for. She actually has a really cool story and this business is her absolute dream job. She loves being a blogger and digital marketer that spreads positivity for couples and familial relationships. 

Before Camille ever dreamt of Friday We’re in Love, she was in a horribly abusive relationship. She got a divorce and believed she’d never be married again. And then she met Jacob. He was patient with her and let her do her own thing for a while, but eventually, he convinced her to believe in love and marriage again. They’ve now been married for 10+ years and have added two miracle babies to their family. And she’s been building her business throughout all of it.


10 tips you didn't know about blogging and working from home.


10 Tips You Didn’t Know About Blogging and Working from Home 

OK, the first 4 tips are exclusively for blogging. And the last 6 are more geared toward working from home when you have littles running around. But all of these tips come from Camille who is a successful blog writer and business owner. These tips come from her real-life experience and what she has learned will bring you the most success. This post will be such a treat for you!


Blogging Tip #1: Write evergreen content.

It is true you don’t make money overnight with blogging. However, blogging is so magical because it allows you to make money for years and years without you having to do a single thing. What this means is that if you write a blog post today, for example, on the best dates for the fall season, then people will be able to search and view that content several years later. 

With that in mind, it’s important to take note of the topics of your blog posts. Make sure you pick topics that your audience is interested in and could be interested in for years to come. Keep your content evergreen as often as possible. The more views you get, the more money you make. So you just have to write it one time and it’s there forever making you money! 

Let’s compare this to social media. Social media is like a sprint. You have to show up every single day in order to make money and your content lasts maybe for 24 hours. If it’s a reel, maybe it will last 3 weeks at the most. However, you can start to make money pretty quickly on social media based on your content. 

Blogging is like a marathon. It’s a long and enduring process. You have to make the plan and put in the work to perform well for the actual event. So, you have to keep learning and keep creating blog posts and over time you will start to see the encouraging results all of these long-term bloggers are promising. 


Blogging Tip #2: Use affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you use links on products you recommend and you get a certain commission when your viewers use your link to buy the product. You can do this by getting an Amazon storefront or setting up an account on Affiliatly

This is a great way to boost that income through your blogging because not only will you be earning money through the traffic you get on your site, but also from the affiliate commission. People love hearing personal reviews on products before they buy something, so this is a really powerful way to sell the products you recommend. And with affiliates, you do not have to always give a positive review. You can share what you honestly think about the product because you aren’t under contract with the sellers of the items. It’s a beautiful thing! 


4 tips you didn't know about blogging.


Blogging Tip #3: Work with a good ad network.

Working with an ad network is another chance for you to make some passive income while you focus on other parts of your business. Camille recommends Mediavine or Ad Thrive. These are the two most common ad networks, but these are such game changers. You need at least 50 thousand page views to get on with Mediavine and at least 100 thousand views for Ad Thrive. 

So, it takes time to build up to this point. If you’re just starting out, we have some tips to help you get started off blogging the right way. We’ll list a few tips in this post, but you can also check out this post HERE

If you already have a profitable blog, look into an ad network! This will be so amazing for your business and maximize your opportunity to increase your monthly income. 


Blogging Tip #4: Be strategic about what you’re writing and posting.

Before you write a single post, you want to make sure you have your core pillars of content in place. These are the main things you talk about in your business and the message you want to share with all of your people. You can learn more about content pillars and how to create them HERE

SEO is SUPER important when writing your blog posts. SEO (search engine optimization) is when you include certain keywords so that Google and Pinterest rank your post higher than the millions of other content that get pulled up in a search. 

WordPress even has an SEO guide when writing your blog posts, and it is so helpful! You can learn more about why WordPress is the #1 place for blogging HERE.

A trick to help you out with even knowing what your keywords should be is to think about your FAQs. Think about what questions your followers/customers ask you over and over again and then write a post about that. You know this is a common question and search topic, so it will automatically help with your SEO. Just make sure to use the same keywords that your customers are using when asking you the question. 


6 Bonus Tips for Business Moms

best ideas to improve your work from home life.

Work-from-Home Tip #1: Hire a sitter.

If you’re a mom with some young kids at home, especially if they are not in school yet, hire a babysitter for a couple of hours a day/week. I know you’re probably thinking that’s more money you’d have to spend but just do it. 

Camille hired a teenager who would watch her two young boys every afternoon for a couple of hours and she tripled her income in just two months! Having just a couple of extra hours a day to work on things without your kids interrupting you is so amazing. And it will help grow your business way faster than you could while trying to juggle motherhood and your business every single hour every day. 

And with getting a nanny, do things to set them up for success. You could get some passes to a museum, a jump place, or some kind of fun place where she could take your kids. Your kids will love it and you’ll love it because you have some peace and quiet at home while they are having fun. 


Work-from-Home Tip #2: Get an office space.

You don’t have to have a designated room for your office space, but at least have some type of space with a desk that is your place to work. Having this designated space will help you shift from mom mode to boss mode. (So, it’s time to stop doubling your dining table as your work area.) Creating this space will help keep things physically organized in your home and mentally organized in your head. 


Work-from-Home Tip #3: Change sceneries. 

Sometimes it can be hard to work at home, even if you have help with your kids. You could be distracted by the dishes in the sink or laundry that needs to be done. Or your kids laughing together and you feel like you’re missing out. Whatever it is, it can be distracting you from getting your work done during your designated work hours. 

So when you’re having a hard time focusing at home, go to a coffee shop or a soda shop, or somewhere that you can be alone and escape from your world so you can focus on your work in front of you. 

You can even take this a step further and book a hotel or Airbnb for a day or two to get some work done. It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you just take that short amount of time away from your home and kids. It gives you that time to either get caught up or work ahead on some big projects. And then it gives you a nice reset when you come back home to your family. 


Work-from-Home Tip #4: Meal plan like a boss. 

Why should we only be the boss of our business, right? Pick really simple recipes that go a long way and plan it out for a couple of weeks at a time. This will make it so much easier when you plan it out and buy the ingredients in one day rather than figuring out every single day what to make. Crockpot meals, casseroles, and freezer meals are ALWAYS a good idea.

You can even make a double batch of the recipes you make, so you can either use those for lunches the rest of the week, freeze them for a meal later, or eat it for leftovers. Just like you’re strategic about your business, be strategic with your meal planning. 


Work-from-Home Tip #5: Batch your content whenever you can.

Batching your content will help you get so much work done and make you feel so relieved at the end of the day. For example, if you like to write posts or sell products that go with the holiday season, try to do all of your Halloween-themed work in one day. Take all the pictures, prep all the material, and plan out all the content. And then all you’ll have left is actually writing the post or the content after that. 

Continue to do this with all the other themed content you want to write and create and try to focus just on that content for a day or two until it is finished. This will help you so much with how you are using your time and making the most of it! Click HERE for more tricks on batching your content. 


Work-from-Home Tip #6: Make a to-do list.

It really helps to write down all of the items that you need to get done, just so it’s out of your head and on paper. You can do this in a planner, on notebook paper, or even in the notes app on your phone. Do what works for you.

Camille always has a bigger to-do list than what she can actually get done that day, so don’t feel like you HAVE to check each box every single day. It’s more to give you a guide for what you want to get done next. Plus, when you have your to-do list in front of you it’s your reminder that you don’t have time to scroll Instagram or whatever because you have plenty of things you could be working on for your business. 


how to blog and build a successful business alongside motherhood.


10 Tips You Didn’t Know About Blogging and Working from Home

Alright, friends, I hope these 10 tips you didn’t know about blogging and working from home enlightened you! Isn’t Camille so great? You can find her on Instagram @fridaywereinlove and can check out her website HERE. And make sure to follow me on Instagram too if you don’t already @iammichellegifford for all the best tips for running a successful biz! 

If this post was helpful to you, you will want to sign up for my Business Mom School. It is absolutely FREE to sign up and I’m giving you all my best-kept secrets (& practical steps) on creating and growing a business online. I know, I can’t believe this deal either. So sign up now to get in on all the best tips and tricks!

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