7 tips to multiply your instagram reel reach. www.iammichellegifford.com

7 Tips to Multiply Your Instagram Reel Reach

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7 Tips to Multiply Your Instagram Reel Reach

Get ready to 10x your reel reach with my 7 secrets! These strategies are exactly what I did to grow from 18k  to over 70k Instagram followers in less than 6 months. Doesn’t that sound amazing? And I know I’m not the only one who can have this happen to them. It really comes down to strategy and consistency. So nail down these 7 tips to multiply your Instagram reel reach and then see the followers roll in! 



I still can’t believe how much I’ve grown in such little time considering how it took me YEARS to get 18k followers! When I narrowed in on my reels strategy my following exploded. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting serious about your reel content, take this as your sign to start now! The results will blow you away, and dare I say you might even begin to have a little more fun creating content because you are finally seeing the results you are working so hard for. 


7 tips to multiply your instagram reel reach. www.iammichellegifford.com


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #1: Use Trending Audio Correctly

I purposely included “correctly” here because there are a lot of wrong ways to use trending audio. When using trending audio for your reels, you want to use it BEFORE it’s trending. And you do this by jumping on the trend early. You know it’s an early trend if the audio has been used less than 10 thousand times. Once you find that audio, view the first reel that uses that audio and if it has more than a million views then you know it’s a good trending audio to use. 

A few bonus steps you can take here is using trending audio that is easily adaptable. This is a good indicator that more people will use it and it will become more and more popular. Another thing to look for is if the trending audio could be used among different niches. This is another telling sign that it will easily become a highly trending audio. 


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #2: Avoid the “Millennial Pause”

When starting a reel, especially if it’s a talking head reel, there is usually a big breath at the beginning that takes up the first .5 seconds of your reel. TikTok has coined this as the “millennial pause” because they’ve noticed millennials tend to do it the most. This may seem silly to worry about, but the truth is you really only have about a half-second anyway to catch people’s attention before they move on to the next reel. 

This doesn’t mean you need to train yourself to start your recording without taking a breath. It does mean that you should edit this half-second out before posting your reel. 


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #3: Have a Good Instagram Hook

I include a good hook on the cover photo of my reel (big enough for people to see at a glance) and I also include it in the first 3 seconds of my reel. A good hook tells people why they should watch to the end. If you want more people to click on your reel and stay to the end, talk about a specific problem. Avoid being too vague or general that applies to too many people. 

I’m never going to stop talking about the importance of solving one specific problem for one specific person. The more you niche down your content this way, the more success you will have. Check out my post HERE for more tips on how to do this effectively! 

Also, if you want some extra help with creating powerful hooks, check out my FREE 131 Hooks Guide HERE


7 simple steps that will explode your instagram reel reach. www.iammichellegifford.com


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #4: Keep it Short

On average, most viral videos are 7 seconds or less. And there’s a reason for this–if it’s short and jam-packed with valuable content then people are likely to watch it again and again. I’m not saying all of your reels from here on out need to be 7 seconds or less. What I am saying is that if it is longer then you should be prepared to defend why it is longer. 

Too often, reels are too long because people aren’t taking the time to edit tightly enough and only include the things that really matter to their audience. Our content is our gift to our viewers, so we should be creating content that makes it easy for our viewers to watch, re-watch, share, and save.


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #5: Change Your Angles

When I say change your angles, I’m referring to your video angle as you are recording. It’s best if you can change angles every 2-3 seconds. This helps keep people’s attention and interested in what you’re saying. Even as simple as holding your phone up as you talk and then shifting your body to make you show up in front of a different background makes a huge difference. 


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #6: Include SEO All Over

Including SEO when you post your reel is a tip people usually miss! SEO stands for search engine optimization and Instagram is becoming more and more of a place where SEO matters. Instagram is actively trying to figure out what kind of content you create and who that content is for so it can put that content in front of the people who want it most. 

There are several places Instagram is looking on your reel to help work its SEO magic. It’s looking at the words on your reel, in your caption, your hashtags, and even the topics you categorized your content under which is something you can do right before you post your reel. 

Be sure to include keywords in all of these places to help Instagram point your content to the right audience. Check out my post HERE for my best tips on figuring out the keywords you can include in your content for your niche. 


Instagram Reel Reach Tip #7: Post Often, Watch Insights, & Repeat What’s Doing Well

This last tip is definitely the most important one. You are not going to get really good at creating content unless you are creating a lot of content. Pay attention to the things people in your industry are posting that are doing well and see if you can put your own spin on it. 

Create more reels (I recommend at least 6 per week) so you can give Instagram a bigger chance to get your content in front of the right people AND give yourself more opportunities for your reel to do really well. 


how to 10x your instagram reel reach in 7 steps. www.iammichellegifford.com


7 Tips to Multiply Your Instagram Reel Reach

I know these 7 tips to multiply your Instagram reel reach will bring you amazing results. Do the work and keep creating–over and over again. Find your rhythm, don’t be too hard on yourself, and have fun. I want so badly for you to 10x your reel reach, and following these 7 tips will get you there. I can’t wait to see what you create! Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so we can keep in touch! 

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