The Michelle Gifford Podcast episode 67: How to Work with Big Brands with Kristen Ley I interviewed Kristen Ley from Thimble Press and on my podcast. Kristen has so much good advice about how to work with big brands in business and also how to pivot in your business. I could just talk with […]

Sending SMS Text Messages with Ontraport If you haven’t checked out Ontraport yet—now is the time! As an all-in-one business software program, it literally has everything you need to keep your business flourishing. Not only does it have intuitive customer relationship management tools, and a full e-commerce suite, but it has customizable automation for emails, […]

Using Ontraport to Automate my Email Marketing Automation is a game-changer when it comes to managing my growing business. I am hardcore smitten with Ontraport’s customizable automation options. From start to finish I can customize interactions with each of my contacts—giving them a personalized experience while easing the workload for me. So let me share […]

Why I Chose Ontraport for My Growing Business Managing a business takes a lot of focus and organization. Outside of creating your products, you’ve got to market them to potential customers, collect contacts and remember who they are, send emails and follow-up messages, and the list goes on. It’s all part of the job, and […]

Making Good Decisions During a Crisis Before we get started with my formula for how to make good decisions during a crisis, I want to tell you about my new coaching group, Michelle’s Money Makers. I’ve even got a code for you, michelleg, for $10 off, making it only $19.99/mo. I am so excited for […]

How I Use Ontraport to Sell My Courses There are a variety of apps and software programs that are designed to help with marketing. I want to share Ontraport with you because it is a one-stop shop for all of my marketing needs. For boss moms and creative entrepreneurs like us, it is such an […]

How to Get Started with Ontraport If you’ve been doing online business for a smidge, you know there are several programs and apps out there to help you manage everything from contact lists to emails and invoices. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all the tools you need for your business in just one application? […]

3 Business Decisions to Make During a Crisis Last week everything blew up. The coronavirus hit, and everyone’s kids came home for a few weeks. Everyone’s businesses were hit too, and everything changed overnight. This has been a crazy few days to say the least. While we all get our footing, and try to take […]

8 Ways HoneyBook Helps You Grow Your Business HoneyBook is the full package when it comes to helping you manage your growing business. Everything from online contracts to automated workflows–HoneyBook provides a treasure trove of helpful tools for your success. And it’s tailor-made for creative and service-based businesses! Here are 8 ways HoneyBook helps you […]

Finding Your Quest

Mar 11, 2020

Finding Your Quest: A recap of the podcast where I was a guest with Becky Higgins and Becky Proudfit A few months ago, I was blessed to be a guest on the Cultivate a Good Life podcast with Becky Higgins and Becky Proudfit. These women have created a beautiful and inspiring influence as they have […]

Podcast ep 64 Today I want to talk to you about that feeling of being stuck and 3 ways to get yourself unstuck. There are seasons of life where you just feel stuck. You feel like you need to make a change but you just don’t know how to get it done. Sometimes you just […]

How to Create Opt-in Forms with Flodesk An important step in developing your online business is gathering and organizing email addresses from potential customers and followers. This can feel overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools. Let’s start on the right foot. Flodesk has made it so perfectly simple for established websites and those […]

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