How Businesses Are Using ManyChat to Succeed

Have you started using ManyChat yet? It’s quite the buzzword among influencers and online business owners! We love it because it can automate processes we’ve had to do on our own for so long. And the best part is that it can speed up the process of finding leads, getting them on your email list, and eventually buying from you. Here’s how businesses are using ManyChat to succeed. 


how businesses are using manychat to succeed.


When I saw how fast ManyChat tripled my email list, I knew it was something that I wanted to keep using in more ways than one. This chatbot marketing tool has so many different flows you can set up to help find customers and lead them to buy from you and become loyal repeat buyers. And I don’t want you to just take my word for it. ManyChat has helped tons of businesses reach their marketing goals and this post will share some of those real-life case studies that ManyChat has been a part of. 

If you are new to ManyChat, check out my post HERE which will give you the ultimate guide to chatbot marketing. It’s everything you need to know to get started! I also have a couple of ManyChat YouTube tutorials you can check out HERE and HERE.


3 Real-World Examples of How Businesses Are Using ManyChat


3 manychat case studies that show unbelievable business success.


ManyChat Case Study #1

A fitness apparel company generated over $23K in sales (in one day!) using ManyChat. The brand teamed up with a marketing agency that used ManyChat to run a giveaway campaign. This campaign was to help the fitness brand start an appearance on Facebook and branch out its reach beyond Instagram. 

In doing so, the marketing agency set up a flow that invited leads to sign up for the giveaway for the chance to win a fitness apparel set or store credit. The viral giveaway sped up the process for the brand to build an engaged audience on Facebook Messenger, which was exactly what it wanted! 

This company gave the apparel set prize to one winner and a $15 store credit to everyone else who entered the giveaway as a runner-up prize. Even though the runner-up prize was sent to thousands of people who entered, ManyChat allowed them to create a personalized message for each person, making them feel seen and connected to the brand. 

The genius strategy this brand used brought them great success and ManyChat played a HUGE role in it. It made the giveaway campaign bring in thousands more people because of its ability to make the opt-in process almost effortless and then personalized the entire customer experience. Click HERE to learn more about how this brand used ManyChat for their giveaway campaign.


ManyChat Case Study #2

ManyChat actually used its own growth tool to increase its email subscribers by 50 percent. Originally, ManyChat had an embedded opt-in form on its blog site where visitors could sign up for its email list. This wasn’t bringing in as many subscribers as it wanted every month. 

To help boost the numbers, it created a customer chat that led customers through a flow promoting their email newsletter and asking if they wanted to sign up. This personalized approach doubled their email list and helped them reach their goal! 

This goes to show that people love connecting with companies and companies have greater success in sales and marketing goals when they set up systems to make their customers feel seen and heard. Click HERE to learn more about this ManyChat case study. 


ManyChat Case Study #3

One of the best things ManyChat helps with is reducing customer support costs. Customer support can be tedious, time-consuming, and a waste of money. Instead of hiring people to be your customer support, you should get a chatbot to do it for you. 

USA Wholesale, a wholesale distributor focused on beauty products, reduced its customer support costs by 60 percent when it switched over to ManyChat. Since the company had grown, it was becoming harder to manage all of the product inquiries and FAQs. They quickly realized that manual customer support was not going to scale with the business. 

USA Wholesale inputted several different ManyChat flows that automated their customer support, met customers on their preferred channels (email, Instagram, SMS, etc.), and helped identify qualified leads. This switch over to ManyChat brought amazing success and helped them reach their business goals. For more details on how this strategy worked, check out the blog post HERE


the best ways to use manychat to have business success.


How ManyChat Has Helped Businesses Achieve Their Goals

As you can see from the three case studies mentioned above, ManyChat has a broad range of how it can help businesses achieve their goals. Whether you want to nail down your lead generation process, automate your opt-ins, or give your customers a more personalized experience, ManyChat can do that. And it doesn’t end there. This is a genius company that can bring you incredible results FAST. 

What I love the most about ManyChat is that you get to decide what the automated messages say. Even though it is an automated process and you’re not chatting with your customers in real time, you are still creating messages that will encourage engagement and connection. They still get to hear from your actual brand voice which is unique and special to your customers. 


Lessons Learned from Successful ManyChat Campaigns

One of the biggest lessons learned here is not to just use ManyChat but to be strategic with the flows you set up. The words you decide to include in your automated messages matter. Use the feature that will input your customer’s full name, use language that you would really say if you were speaking to them one-on-one, and include specifics that tell your customer exactly what you want them to do and when. 

Take a look back at case study #1 in this post and see what was included in their message for their giveaway campaign. It was their wording that helped make their campaign so successful. 


Tips for Implementing ManyChat in Your Business 

You might be thinking that your business isn’t big enough to start using ManyChat. However, if you are feeling like you’re drowning in responding to Instagram comments, DMs, etc., or want to grow faster than you have been then it might be time to try it out. 

The best way to start using ManyChat is to implement it into your Instagram strategy. This is one of the first things I did with my ManyChat account. I created a flow that would find leads on Instagram and lead them to sign up for my email list. You can learn more about how I did this HERE


The Best Way to Use ManyChat in Innovative Ways

ManyChat is such an innovative chatbot tool and can help bring your business success faster than you could ever do on your own. If your following is mainly on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, I recommend using it to grow your email list. The reason why I push an email list so much is because this is a place that you own. You do not own your followers on social media. They can be taken away from you in an instant and there would be nothing you can do about it. 

Cultivating a loyal and tight-knit community on your email list will help you increase your sales and overall ROI in your business. This is something ManyChat can help with too. Click HERE to learn more about how to get started with using ManyChat to boost your email list. 


how to use manychat to have insane business success.


How Businesses Are Using ManyChat to Succeed

Can you believe how businesses are using ManyChat to succeed? I am blown away by the goals businesses are reaching through ManyChat and I can’t wait for you to have the same experience. ManyChat is definitely worth a shot and I promise once you get it set up in your business strategy you’ll never look back. You can sign up for ManyChat HERE! And I even have a special code where you’ll get your first month of pro membership FREE. Just use the code “MICHELLE” at checkout. If you liked what you learned here, make sure you give me a follow on Instagram @iammichellegifford.  

How Businesses Are Using ManyChat to Succeed

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