How to Get +10K Instagram Followers in 1 Month

Everyone wants to grow their following, right? But not everyone knows how to make it happen, let alone make it happen fast. I just grew my Instagram account from 18k followers to 60k followers in just 5 months! How did I do it? With this killer strategy–and I’m going to share it with you in this post! Here’s how to get +10K Instagram followers in 1 month.



Many of my clients get frustrated because they are not growing as fast as they would like on Instagram. It’s usually because they are still trying to use Instagram the way it used to be, but it has had a complete transformation. Instagram does not function the way it used to and the sooner we understand that the sooner we will see our followers increase.

If you are just starting from scratch with your Instagram account, this 4-week content creation strategy is what I recommend for you. It’ll help you grow 10k followers in one month. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes, it takes work, but it’ll be SO much easier when you actually know what you’re doing. Alright, let’s get into it.


how to get +10k instagram followers in 1 month.


How to Get +10K Instagram Followers in 1 Month

Gaining a ton of followers quickly really comes down to, you guessed it–strategy. It can be hard to commit to a strategy every single day BUT I’d argue that the hardest part is going through the trial and error process to find a strategy that finally works. And thankfully, I’ve already done that part for you. 

If you’re starting from scratch and you’re ready to get serious about growing your brand and influence on social media, here are the 4 weeks of content creation strategy that will help you grow faster than you can imagine. This is how to get +10K Instagram followers in 1 month!


Instagram Content Creation Strategy | Week #1

There are two things you need to decide right at the beginning before you can begin your Instagram content creation strategy. 

1 – What is your goal?

What’s the purpose of you showing up on Instagram? What do you want to do and who do you want to serve? Take some time to write this down and really hone in on what you want your Instagram account to look like and how you want to show up for your audience. This is super important because getting clear on your goal is the foundation of any good Instagram account.

2 – What is your niche?

Who are you specifically targeting and what problem do you solve for them? This is KEY because not only does this help you be more clear on how you show up but it makes it so much easier for the Instagram algorithm to know what type of content you create and will help you put your content in front of the right people–helping increase your reach even faster. Check out my post HERE to learn more about how to use the algorithm to your advantage.


Set up your Instagram account.

OK, now that you’ve got those two foundational questions answered, it’s time to set up your Instagram account. If you have an already existing Instagram handle, change it to something that represents you, your brand, and how you serve. E.g. if you are wanting to teach people how to take care of plants then your handle could be “@plantlovingmama.” You want something clear that lets people know right away what type of account you own. 

Your handle could include your full name or some keywords that people would search for in your niche. Either way, you want to make sure your full name is either in your Instagram handle or in the name section of your bio that is underneath your profile picture. These two places are searchable, so you want to have your name there in case people are trying to find you specifically. 

What does your profile picture look like? Set up a new one that shows your face and represents your brand. I recommend having one that is a professional close-up of yourself, represents your brand, and is coordinated with your brand colors. 


Update your Instagram bio.

In your bio, you want to have who you serve, how you serve them, and what you want people to do. The most important thing to remember here is that your bio is not about you. It is about what you do for your people. This is what draws your people in right away when they visit your account and will want to follow you if what you do is something that can help them.

When you have a clear bio that is set up to add value to your people and speaks directly to them, they will read it and stick around because they like what they’ve seen so far. Check out my post HERE to learn more specific tips for creating a killer Instagram bio. 


Nail down the type of Instagram content to create.

Think about four different topics that relate to your niche that you can talk about. These will become your content pillars. Never heard of content pillars? They will bring so much clarity and purpose to your content! My post HERE will lay it all out for you. Once you have these in place you can start doing content research.

Content research is a SUPER important part of growing quickly on Instagram because you are going to find clues to help you know what content people are loving right now and then use that as inspiration to create your own content.


How to do content research.

Go to any search engine (Pinterest, Google, Youtube) and type in your niche. Pay attention to the suggested searches that come up with it. These are clues telling you what people are searching for. Also, notice the type of results that come up because those are the most viewed/clicked-on content. 

You can also find Instagram accounts that are excelling in the same niche you are wanting to do and learn from their success. See what content they are posting is doing really well and think about how you can recreate that for your own. Check out my post HERE that gives you more tips on what to look for when doing your content research. 

Biz Pro Tip: I like to use Metricool which is a great tool for planning and scheduling your content. But you can also use it to look up your competitors’ analytics. You can see where they’re at, how they’re growing, and compare their content in a really easy way. And all of this will help you figure out how you need to move forward in order to grow as quickly as possible. 


Create an Instagram content plan. 

Make a list for the next 30 days of the content you want to create for your Instagram account. You should have tons of ideas for this after doing your content research. Now, it’s just a matter of putting the ideas into a schedule so you know what to post and when.

Post your 9-square. Your 9-square is the first 9 posts you will publish on your Instagram account. It’s what people will see when they visit your account. Your first 9 posts for your new Instagram account could include:

  • Introducing yourself and who your account is for
  • Feature some of your products
  • Tips on a popular topic people often search for in your niche

OK, I know that is A LOT for week 1, but just like anything that brings success, you’ve got to do the heavy lifting up front! If you want some extra help creating your content plan, check out my tips HERE


step-by-step content creation strategy to help you gain +10k followers on instagram.


Instagram Content Creation Strategy | Week #2

OK, you’ve got your 30-day content plan ready to go. Now, you’re ready to commit to posting an Instagram reel every day. Commit now. Every day. Click HERE to find out why this is so important. 

And don’t worry, I have a plan to help you set this up so you don’t have to create day in and day out. This will save you a ton of time and creative energy. The magic happens in the first three days and then the rest of the month is set up without you having to do a thing. Here’s how it works:

Day 1: Batch create your reels. I have a video HERE showing you how to make 30 Instagram reels in 3 hours or less. I recommend batch filming your reel content at least one week at a time. This means you are going to film a week’s worth of reel content in one day. This is going to help you stay committed to posting every day and feel like you are ahead of the game.

Day 2: Edit the Instagram reels you filmed the day before. Add captions, hashtags, and the words you want to pop up on the screen. 

Day 3: Start posting those reels!

This may seem like a lot, and it probably will feel that way the first week or two. But remember, the more you create the easier it gets and the better you get at creating. Just stick with it and you’ll get faster at this process!

Also during this week, make sure you start following other accounts in your niche and start commenting on their posts. This tells the Instagram algorithm who you are, what type of content you are interested in, AND what type of content you create. This will help the algorithm put your content in front of the right people which will help you grow faster!


Instagram Content Creation Strategy | Week #3

OK, now that you have your plan and content created, week 3 is a breeze! You are just continuing your posting and engagement schedule we established in week 2. 

This week is also where you can add stories as part of your content. Stories are where people connect, where you share your day-to-day life, and your followers can get to know you better. I personally love stories because I feel like this is where my die-hards are and we can just have a fun time chatting with each other.


Instagram Content Creation Strategy | Week #4

OK, we are heading into the last week of one month’s worth of Instagram content strategy! Continue posting every day, doing your engagement strategy, and showing up on your stories. 

And you are going to add collaborations to your strategy. A collaboration is when you find someone who posts content in your niche and you two collaborate and share a piece of content together. You could post a carousel post, reel, etc. and it posts to both of your feeds. This is incredible exposure for both of you and a great way to grow your following! Click HERE to learn how to pitch a collaboration. 

This week I want you to also look at your analytics. I saved this step for week 4 because you want to give your content time to grow before you decide if it is working or not. So, look at your reels and see which ones have more views, comments, and shares. The ones that have the higher numbers are the type of content you want to create more of. This is what your people are interested in, so give the people what they want! 


what i did to gain +10,000 instagram follower in 1 month.


How to Get +10K Instagram Followers in 1 Month

OK, what do you think?! This no-fail Instagram content strategy is what I used to grow my own account and it’s what I use to grow my clients’ accounts as well. I know this works, so here’s your friendly kick in the pants to get to work if you want to see some growth! If you have any questions about how to get +10K Instagram followers in 1 month, reach out to me in my dms on Instagram! You can find me @iammichellegifford and make sure to give me a follow too so you can keep getting the best tips and strategies for growing a successful biz online. 


How to Get +10K Instagram Followers in 1 Month

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