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I want you to have a clear understanding of what creating content is going to do, what you will and will not be doing with content, you will be more productive and make more money! I’m so glad that you’re here, I know that you will learn a lot from this post. Are you ready to learn my 11 content rules for business? Here we go! 

11 Content Rules for Business

Rule #1- I will make content for my audience and focus on the problem I solve for them.

This first rule of my content rules for business is so important to remember. I want you to really think about your audience, what they need, and how you can solve their problems. There are so many things that you can do that are specific to what is happening right now and the problem you want to solve for them. Life has forced us all to pivot in 2020, am I right?? How can you work these changes to your advantage? If you’re a photographer and can’t get with your clients in person, what about doing a virtual class for your clients to teach them how to take better pictures of their kids?

Rule #2- I will use my content to build my brand.

You’ve heard my talk about brand building before. Find those posts here and hereWhen I’m talking about your brand, I’m not focusing on the colors and fonts you have chosen. Those do matter for your visual brand. But your brand is the problem you solve over and over and over again. Think about how you show up. The problem I solve is helping women in business create content that makes them money. What is the problem you solve? How does your brand solve that problem? You need to create content that will work with your brand and solve your client’s problems.

I want you to think about this. I want you to make sure that the brand you are building is recognizable to your people. Be careful when creating your content that you are sharing content that goes with your brand. If I started sharing exotic vacations instead of content that helps women build their business, that would be confusing, right? Yep. Because it’s not a part of my brand. Or my life. But that’s another story for another time. (I’ve got 5 kids, remember?)

 Rule #3- I will use my content to make a difference in the world and to add goodness. 

Now we are on rule #3 of my 11 content rules for business. For this rule, I want you to look yourself in the mirror and pinky promise yourself that you will use your voice online for good. There’s a lot of contention and anger online right now. If you are showing up and putting good out into the world that will allow you to be a part of the good conversations you want to be a part of. Our role as women who have been called to business is to make sure that what we are putting out there is a good representation of who has called us and why we are putting content out into the world. Be a light. 

My 11 Content Rules for Building a Business www.IamMichelleGifford.coom

Rule #4- I will use my content to grow my email list. 

Too many times you are creating content just to create content. I want to make sure that you have long term plans for your content. I want you to think about how you can get one person to watch it, get them on your email list, into a funnel and into your core group of followers. Having an email list is key to long term success. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! Here’s my ultimate beginners guide to email marketing, by the way. 

Rule #5- I will use my content to make money.

I know that this might feel very bold to say. But guess what? You are not creating content to get followers. You are creating content to get money. Why? Because you are a business. You are a real business. I want you to act like it. Money is a part of it. Money is fun. If you don’t believe that money can be fun. Then you need to change your mindset. You are creating content so you can make money. I want you to have a clear vision for how you will be using the content you create to make money and to serve your audience. That’s why this is such an important rule in my 11 content rules for business. If you need more coaching on why you deserve to be paid for your hard work, join my Money Makers coaching group!

Rule #6- I will pay attention to my numbers and use them as information to guide my systems.

Did you notice what I said there? I did not say, “I will obsess over my follower count and do anything I can to make it grow.” No. I want you to look at your analytics and be aware of what is  happening on your platforms and use those numbers to inform your decisions. Take those analytics and use them to adjust your strategies and make better decisions. If there are pieces of content that aren’t getting as much traction, this is a piece of information and data. Don’t feel bad about it. We are finding out what works and what doesn’t work so we can make informed decisions. 

Michelle Gifford's 11 Content Rules for Business

Rule #7- I will be consistent. I am committed to showing up.

Rule number 7 of my content rules for business is all about thinking long term and committing. My favorite question I get from new bloggers is this, “Hey Michelle, I’ve been blogging for a month and it’s not working. What am I doing wrong?” I have to giggle a little when I get this question. Because blogging is a long term strategy. Not a short term strategy. As a long term strategy, it takes a little bit of time to get rolling. I want you to commit to showing up and being a content creator in a specific way.

Whether your focus is blogging, podcasting, YouTube, etc., commit to showing up and being consistent. I think it’s important to show up again and again at the same time so your audience knows they can expect you. It will take time for them to get on board and know that they can expect you, but it will create more loyalty among your audience, too. Be consistent. Commit to showing up. This is important to you and your audience.

Rule #8- I will not compare my success with others. We are all on a different race. 

We are not running the same race. Everyone is in their own lane. Think about swimmers or runners, if you are continually looking behind you to check on who is coming up you will not be focused on your own race. And those moments when you are off track with your business and looking at someone else’s progress? Those moments can completely wreck your business and your progress.

Listen, all of us are building our businesses differently and all of us do business differently. And that’s great! It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. I have known so many people with thousands of followers who aren’t making any money. That’s actually where I come in. My team and I will take over your content and I will strategize with you to help you make more money with the content you are creating. Want more info? Click here.

Rule #9- I will celebrate the success of others.

Whew, we are already to rule #9 in my 11 content rules for business! Now, this rule can be hard sometimes but I want it to become second nature. You need to learn to celebrate the successes of others. The only way to get better at this is to practice. Maybe this isn’t hard for you, but I know it can be tricky to not feel jealous of those who are in the same lane as you and look like they are doing better than you. It can be hard to celebrate others and their successes. There is no room in your life, mind, or feelings for these thoughts of jealousy. You don’t have time to waste. 

Rule #10- I will not copy others.

Yes, you can look around and go to them for inspiration. We all do this. But,  please, please, please remember that you have so much to offer on your own and the way you offer it is so unique and wonderful. Celebrate that! Embrace it. Be yourself and remember people are coming to you because of your unique gifts. Don’t try to be exactly like Susan or Tiffany. Just be you!

Rule #11- I will have fun creating content.

This is the most important content rule. I know that creating content is fun because it’s a wonderful way for me to serve others and share my knowledge. And you know what? I think that is so fun. By creating content, I can help you and share what I have to offer all while I’m across the country or world from you. Let’s keep having fun! 

Are you ready to commit to my 11 content rules for business?

I’m committed to making content and I hope you are too because this is a way that you can change the world and grow your business. I am here for you and I am here for your business! For more tips from me, follow me on Instagram. If you want business coaching, join my coaching group, Money Makers, here. 

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