Six Strategic Showit Templates Entrepreneurs Need

How much do you love your current website for your business? Do you feel confident in sharing it with people? Is it designed to increase your following and revenue? I want you to have a website you absolutely love that will help your business last. If you want that too, keep reading to check out these six strategic Showit templates entrepreneurs need. 


Find out which showit template speaks to you and represents your brand.


When I first created my website (over ten years ago), I liked certain elements of it, but there was a lot I didn’t like about it. I knew I wanted something that better represented me and my brand, but I didn’t know where to look or how to get it. After doing some research and trying different options, I found a website builder I LOVE–and I bet you will love it too. 

Showit is a website builder that is meant for creative entrepreneurs. It allows you to easily create and design a website that feels like you. Some of the main things I love about Showit is its’ drag and drop function and the creative control you have when building your website.  This  equals a quicker design process. 

So, If you’re wondering if you can actually have a website you love without spending countless hours designing it, the answer is yes! You can totally have a website that represents you and your brand, is beautiful, and brings you more revenue. And, it gets better. Just wait and see what I have for you! Still wondering if ShowIt is right for you? Check out this blog post if you want to learn more about why Showit is the best website builder for creative entrepreneurs.

Each template is strategically designed to make your business last.


Six Strategic Showit Templates Entrepreneurs Need 

I recently created six Showit templates that are strategically designed to make your business money. My templates lead your customers through your story. They will learn about you and your brand and how your products or services are the solution to their problems. The strategy I used in building these templates are proven to increase your business revenue. Plus, they are beautifully designed! I had so much fun creating these Showit templates for you. I’m going to walk you through each template so you can see which ShowIt template would suit your business. Are you ready? Let’s get started. Remember, you can adjust the colors to fit your branding no matter what template you choose. 


1- The Brittany ShowIt Template

The Brittany template has a fun yet professional feel to it. Right away, you know why you would want to use Brittany’s services because she states what she does and why it would help you. This template has lots of text without it being too overwhelming. It’s strategically designed to where you want to read the text, rather than avoid a bunch of small print. The Brittany template even turns your thoughts from a “nice to have” service to a “need to have” service. If your business also falls into the “nice to have” vs “need to have” category, this template is the best choice for you. 


This design can be changed in every way to match your brand.


2- The Macy ShowIt Template

The creative moving elements on this homepage is one of my favorite things about the Macy template. The movement catches your attention and makes you read the text with the animation. As far as content placement goes, Macy’s purpose is stated right away, so it doesn’t leave you wondering what she does as you scroll through the site. It also showcases the clients Macy’s had, so it builds her credibility. This template will be perfect for you if you already have some clientele. 


Customize this showit template to match your style and fit your business story.


3- The Melissa Showit Template

On the Melissa template, you immediately know how she can help you. There are several sections throughout the homepage that begin Melissa’s message followed by a link to read more, which will lead you to browse through the entire website. Also, she has a few freebies listed throughout the site, inviting you to get a glimpse of how her business can solve your problem. If you have a handful of freebies that go along with your services, this template will be a good fit for you. 


This showit template could be yours now!


4- The Heather Showit Template

As soon as you click on the Heather template, you know right away what Heather does and how she serves you. This template is designed to help you get to know Heather really well, just by reading a few paragraphs. By the end of the homepage, you feel like Heather is your friend who cares about you. If you have the type of business that thrives on building a relationship with your audience, this template is your best choice. 


Pick this showit template to give your website the upgrade it deserves.


5- The Adri Showit Template

Out of the many things I love about the Adri template, two things stand out. Design wise, it has a scrolling transition effect with static text where you are able to showcase an image while also showcasing a testimonial. This element always brings a nice professional feel to a brand. Content wise, the invite to sign up for the newsletter is AFTER you know how Adri’s business will benefit you. This order is important because you want to give your customer a reason to sign up before you invite them to, not after. If your brand is modern, clean, and sophisticated, this template is what you’re looking for.


Pick and customize your Showit template to fit your brand and business website.


6- The Lauryn Showit Template

The Lauryn template features a question-answer strategy. Throughout the home page, Lauryn has a question in large text that either states your problem or leads you to think about your problem. Then, she answers it, giving you a solution to your problem. This strategy easily helps you want the services offered by Lauryn. If your business prides itself on educating your audience through asking questions, this template is your best bet! 


This website design is strategically designed to build your business.


Don’t you love these six strategic Showit templates entrepreneurs need?! Which one is your favorite? By choosing one of these Showit templates, you can skip the design process altogether and jump right into the fun part of customizing one for your brand. After you purchase your favorite template, you’ll need to know how to install it. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! You can find out how to install your new ShowIt template with my easy 4-step process here

I want you to build a business that will  last.  These website templates will not only help you feel that it’s possible, but they will actually help make it happen! Tag me and show me which ShowIt template you end up choosing on Instagram @iammichellegifford


Six Strategic Showit Templates Entrepreneurs Need

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