The Formula for the Perfect Email

Email marketing is a game-changer for your biz–if you know how to use it to its full potential. While emails are highly valuable, tons are getting left unopened and unread. How do you create that perfect email to send to your subscribers? I want you to craft emails that make your audience what to open them, read them, and follow through with your call to action every single time. And I’ve got the formula for the perfect email. Let’s get started! 



As a business marketing strategist, I highly recommend having an email list. It’s crucial to have one, especially in today’s business world because there is so much out there fighting for our audiences’ attention. This is mainly happening on social media where our posts are fighting for spots in front of the right audience and it all comes down to our business strategy and the algorithm. 

If we have an email list, we’re able to have a secure place where we can communicate with our people and cultivate that tight-knit community that we may not be able to build as easily on Instagram or TikTok. Check out this post HERE to learn how to set up your email list + email marketing tips to help you grow your subscriber base quickly. 


The formula for the perfect email in 6 easy steps.


The Formula for the Perfect Email

People often tell me they have an email list set up, but they don’t know what to send to them. They aren’t sure what to include in their emails and what would be useful for their audience. And that’s why I’m writing this post for you! This is the formula for the perfect email and it’ll give you an idea of what to include in your content when you set up your email sequence.


Perfect Email Formula Part 1: Have a Clear Message and One Call-to-Action

As with everything that I talk about, your email formula should be based on your brand messaging. This mainly includes who you are writing the email for and what you want them to do. Every single email you write should have a goal attached to it. These goals could include you wanting your audience to buy your product, look at your Instagram stories, check out a new product, review a list of valuable tips they’ve been asking for, etc. 

There are tons of different goals you could have when writing your emails. The key is knowing beforehand what your goal is because this will help you write a better email. Having that goal in your mind before writing your email will help you be more clear in telling your people what you want them to do.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with email marketing is including 10 different links that they want their audience to click on in their email. This is way too many and will make the person not want to click on anything. Your email only needs one, clearly stated, call-to-action, so that way your audience will know exactly what you’re inviting them to do.


Perfect Email Formula Part 2: Use Storytelling 

I use personal stories in my emails as often as I can. This is a great way to build your personal brand and allow your audience to get to know you better and connect with you on a more personal level. It’s a big deal when your audience can relate with you and know that you are going through the same things they go through. 

I recommend brainstorming different stories you’d want to share with your audience. They could be simple things that have happened in your life recently or experiences that have happened a while ago but have made a lasting impact on you. Personally, before I ever write my emails I think about what I want my call-to-action to be and then I think of a story I could use to lead into it. 


how to craft the perfect email for your biz.


Perfect Email Formula Part 3: Write a Headline 

Headlines are the most important part of your email because they are the gatekeeper to whether or not people actually open your email! The headline is the main part of your email that people can see in their inboxes, so you need to have enticing headlines if you want them even to see your entire email. 

Quick Tips for Having Killer Email Headlines

  • Keep it short (no filler words)
  • Put important words at the beginning
  • Use action words
  • Spark curiosity
  • Use numbers  (e.g. “3 steps to better emails”)
  • Ask a compelling question that relates to your audience


Perfect Email Formula Part 4: Write your Preview Text

Your preview text acts as a little summary of what your entire email is about. People can usually see this in their inbox as well right next to the headline of the email. When I write my preview text, I try to be really specific about what my audience will receive once they open and read my email. Just think your headline is what catches their attention and the preview text is what will get them to click. 

Biz Pro Tip: To gauge compelling vs. non-compelling email headlines and preview texts, look at your email inbox. See which ones draw your attention and which ones do not. Notice the words they are using and think about why it makes you want to open the email or not. Keep a Google doc of all the headlines that you like and repurpose them for your business email headlines. 


What to in your email sequence to your email list.


Perfect Email Formula Part 5: Write the Email Body

I highly recommend personalizing your emails, so that it includes the name of the person you’re sending them to. You can set this up on the email marketing system you use. Setting up your emails so it includes the name of the person you’re sending them to is a way to add a personal touch. Simply by including their name you’ve transformed the email from feeling like a general broadcast to a personal note meant just for them. 

Most people will probably skim your email, so it’ll help if you make your email very skimmable. You can do this by adding headers throughout the body of your text and keeping the sentences short and easy to read. 

I often write my emails with this flow:

  • A personal story that relates to my audience
  • Hit a pain point
  • Lead into my goal of the email/call-to-action
  • End with a P.S.

If you want to see a full example of what these amazing emails look like, you can subscribe to my email list HERE


Perfect Email Formula Part 6: Close the Email with a P.S.

Always, always close your email with a P.S. Statistics show that the P.S. is one of the first things that people read once they open the email. With that being said, the P.S. section is a great place to write your call to action. However, include your call to action in the body of the email as well. Your P.S. can just be a second place to put it and you could even add a quick phrase that will add some urgency for your audience to act. 

For example, when my call-to-action was for my audience to join the Business Mom School I told them I’d give a special swag box to the first 100 people who signed up. Including urgency will help encourage your audience to act immediately! 


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The Formula for the Perfect Email

OK, my friend, that is the formula for the perfect email! I hope this gave you some clarity on how to create your own email sequence. And remember, you can sign up for my email list HERE, so you can regularly receive some inspiration on persuasive emails! Plus, you can join my amazing community which I would LOVE to have you! 

The Formula for the Perfect Email

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