The Maskcara Business Experiment: 6 month update

Maskcara Business

The Maskcara Business Experiment How to grow an online Maskcara business with

The Maskcara Business Experiment: 6 Month Update

Well my friends, it has been a whole six months since I started the Maskcara Experiment where I set out to see if I could make an MLM successful without doing any Facebook groups or parties and focus on only online business principles.  I set out with making a few rules for myself like never host a party, never start a Facebook group, never recruit friends to become a seller, train all team members in business training. (Want to read the original post about the Maskcara Experiment? Click here)

For the most part I have stayed true to these rules (we started a Facebook group for a holiday deal day, but only used it that one day and my biz partner asked her friend who she knew would be a good fit to join our team, but other than that I’ve stayed true.)

The burning question: Does The Maskcara Business Experiment work?

The Maskcara Business Experiment How to grow an online Maskcara business with

The easy answer is YES!  Here are the stats to prove it:

22: Number of direct downline (those right under you) almost all of these found us through Google, Pinterest or Facebook

2: Number of months we have been named one of the top recruiters in the company

$968: Amount of money we made this month from Maskcara

When December came to an end and I calculated our earning for the month, I was shocked and grateful.  For this being a side hustle, making almost $1,000/month is a good deal ESPECIALLY a side hustle that we started six months ago.  Anyone who has been in the online blogging world knows that you shouldn’t expect to turn a profit in the first year.  I was convinced before that this was a good business move, but now that I am seeing the actual numbers coming in, I am really sold.  And now I am realizing that I need to take this even more seriously.

Thing I should be making more?

Yeah, I get it.  With 22 direct line people, you might think that I should be making more, 3/4 of my team members joined in the last couple months.  It takes time for people to get up and running (I didn’t start selling for three months after I got my kit).

So, how serious am I talking?  Pretty dang serious.

I will be upping my blogging game over here on my corner of the internet and continuing to work my Instagram and Pinterest magic.  Don’t worry, I’m sticking to my rules, but I have big goals.

Expect to get a “The Business of Maskcara” post and video every Monday where I will be teaching about how to build a Maskcara business online.  {Now that’s serious.}

Why is it working?

-People like to be online.  When you have a question or a problem where do you go first? Probably Google, right?  Well, showing up on Google is a big deal.  This site and our Maskcara Beauty Girl site are currently ranking really well on Google for our chosen keywords.

-Pinning is winning.  We are using Pinterest to drive traffic to our site.

-Automation is THE best.  Once people get to our site through Pinterest and Google, we have an email opt-in where they can take our color match quiz to find the right shade of Maskcara makeup for them.  They are then sent an sequence of emails that helps them learn about the product.  This takes out a lot of the leg work for us and we just work on getting people to our site.

-Turns out people like to learn.  Every member on our team gets my blogging, email marketing and photography courses for free.  This not only is a huge incentive to be on our team, it also is helping my artists to build their foundation for their online business so that they can be successful in the long run.

So friends, thanks so much for cheering me on and taking part in this experiment.  It means the world to me to have you here.

If you want to find out your perfect Maskcara makeup shade, take our 2 minute color match quiz here: 

If you want to join our Maskcara team, visit here and enter in artist #1935

If you want to take my free 5 day branding course, visit here.   

Shirt from Little Mama Shirt Shop

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them in the comments.

The Maskcara Business Experiment How to grow an online Maskcara business with

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