The Maskcara Experiment. My journey to see if I can grow my Maskcara business without hosting a party and without pressuring my friends.

The Maskcara Experiment

Maskcara Business

The Maskcara Experiment. My journey to see if I can grow my Maskcara business without hosting a party and without pressuring my friends.

The Maskcara Experiment

On last count, I was a part of more than 40 Facebook groups that I never opted to join.  Each of these groups was started by a friend to try to sell me LulaRoe, LipSense or the like.  I actually am not mad at these women.  They are just trying to make their business grow.  They are hustling out there and you gotta give them props, but it has left me wondering,

Is there a better way?

This same model for selling has been used for decades with multi-level marketing businesses.  Facebook groups are just the new version of Tupperware parties.  The world has changed a lot but it seems like the selling strategy hasn’t.

Is there a better way?

I’ve been a business owner for more than 10 years.  From selling crafts on Etsy, to selling online courses, to selling my photography, I have learned the ins and outs of selling online.  So, I began to wonder, could the business principles that I have been using in my businesses actually be the better way for selling MLM?  Could an MLM business owner use SEO (search engine optimization), Pinterest, Facebook ads and Instagram marketing to create a successful business?  Could an MLM participant be successful without targeting their friends?

I want to find out.

Armed with my business knowledge, I searched for the perfect MLM to test this theory.  I happened upon Maskcara Makeup.  I love the product and it being a new MLM (as of February 2017), it seemed like the perfect fit.  So, I made the jump.  I have the kit and I am officially a “Pro Artist”.

I will be documenting my experiment here on my blog.

 And no, you are not invited to my Facebook group.

The Maskcara Experiment. What one blogger is doing to break the MLM Mold

Here are the rules:

-Never host a party:

I will never ask a friend to host an in-home party for me.  If friends want to come to my house and try the product, that is allowed, but I will never ask them to do it.  They must approach me.

-Never start a Facebook group:

Self explanatory.

-Never recruit friends to become a seller

All recruitment will be done via organic online exposure.

-All team members will be trained in business

All those who sign up under me as my “down line” will be trained in the best business practices I use.  They will receive free training from me on how to use Google, Pinterest and Instagram to get exposure without losing friends.  They are free to host parties if they want, but I will teach them my way of doing business.

-I will give an honest reporting of my progress or failure here on my blog

Honestly, I could fail terribly, but maybe I’ll change the way MLMs do business.  Most likely I’ll land somewhere in the middle.  I will try to report here weekly and let you know how things are going.

You can follow me on Instagram to see the updates.  And if you haven’t yet, you should sign up for my free iPhone training here.

Do you have a rule I should add?  Let me know in the comments.

Here is my Maskcara Website, you can take the FREE color match quiz right now and start checking out how I’m doing on my site.

Maskcara experiment the strategy for I am Michelle Gifford


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The Maskcara Experiment. What one blogger is doing to break the MLM Mold


  1. Crystelle says:

    This is such a fabulous idea! I can’t wait to follow along and see your results. Statistically, 95% of MLM businesses fail and I’d definitely love to see them take a different approach to marketing and selling.

    • says:

      Thanks Crystelle! Yes, it is tragic how many people start and then fail because they are given the “Just get out there” speech and not given actual business tools. We will see how it goes!

  2. Lyndsay says:

    You’re not a little bit mad about all of the FB groups you’ve been invited to, but I kind of am. This is genius! There are several MLMs I love but I don’t want to risk being marketed to 24-7, so I love this approach.

    • says:

      Right? I think the marketing strategies give some good products bad names. So, here goes nothing!

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  4. Bethany Gilson Casey says:

    Michelle! I really like this idea. I think you are on to something!

  5. […] you to all of those who have already joined this journey with us.  If you haven’t ready  post 1 and post 2 about this experiment, go check them out […]

  6. Amy White says:

    I love this idea. I’m so tired of getting invited to all of the parties. I don’t begrudge my friends their need to start a business, but I’m just not interested in their over-priced products.

    On a side note, you’ve chosen a great product line. Cara has done a great job with her products. I use her stuff all the time and love it.

    • says:

      Thanks, Amy! I’m totally with you. I love my friends, but it becomes awkward when it seems like they are looking for a reason to sell to me. I’m excited to see how it all goes!

  7. Cindy says:

    I am excited about this makeup!! Good luck to you and JoEllen …you can do this!!

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