How I sell Maskcara Makeup online

A big thank you to all of those who have already joined this journey with us.  If you haven’t ready  post 1 and post 2 about this experiment, go check them out now.

In this post, I’m going to be giving you the problems I faced by trying this online business experiment and then in the second part of the blog post, I go through my solutions to the problems.  If you are like me, you want a summary upfront so that you know if it is worth reading the rest, so here are the cliff notes:

We created a FREE color match quiz and a blog site.  You can see them here:

How to Sell Maskcara Makeup Online my business strategies for how to find the right color for Maskcara

For the rest of you who want the details, here are the problems with the Maskcara Experiment and my strategy to solve them.

Goals: To become THE place to go to buy Maskcara makeup online.

Target Audience:

Women who love the product but don’t like going to parties.

Problem 1:  Where to Go

To get people to buy the products online, there needs to be a way for them to find me.  Maskcara provides my own custom ordering site, but it isn’t a blogsite and I’m not able to change it or create content for it.  That means that I am not able to do anything to boost my SEO or Pinterest content.

Problem 2: The Expert

To create great content, you have to know a lot about makeup.  I know the basics, hey I use it every day, but I am no expert.  I tried doing one tutorial and felt a little silly, so being the go to makeup girl isn’t going to happen.

Problem 3:  Color Matching

One of the great things about taking Maskcara to a party is that you can actually put the makeup on your client’s skin to see which color matches their skin tone the best.  Selling makeup over the internet takes that away.  It is going to be a bit of a challenge to get the right makeup over the internet.

I don’t love spending time on all the problems, let’s get these solved.

Solution 1: Create a Website

I created a custom blog site where I can create great content that is SEO rich and I can use pinnable images for Pinterest.  This will give me complete creative control.  I chose to start a new site and not use this website for my makeup blog posts because my audience here comes to me for photography and business lessons.  People looking for makeup don’t want to sift through business posts to get  the best tips on how to get that smokey eye.

How to Sell Maskcara Makeup Online my business strategies for

Solution 2: Find an Expert

The solution to this problem was easy.  I found my amazing sister-in-law, JoEllen.  She is an esthetician and beauty expert.  She lives in New Zealand right now, so I sent her all the makeup and she will be doing most of the makeup tutorials.  We will be splitting the profits 50/50.  She will be creating most of the content and I will be creating blog posts and images that will be easy to find on Pinterest and Google.

How to Sell Maskcara Makeup Online my business strategies for Michelle Gifford and JoEllen Woods

Solution 3:  The FREE Color Match Quiz

Because I joined forces with a beauty expert, we’ve got this one covered.  JoEllen has created a color matching quiz that will help you determine which colors will look best on you.  We will also be creating all of our content to help educate our audience on which makeup will be best for them.

How to Sell Maskcara Makeup Online my business strategies for

Strategy Phase 1:

Find women who already know about Maskcara, who love their products but don’t want to go to a party.

We will be doing this through blog content, Facebook ads and social media exposure.


Alright, friends.  Any questions?!  We are hitting the ground running today.  With the opening up of our website, we will be keeping track of our progress throughout the week and will have a report with how things go.



How to Sell Maskcara Makeup Online: The problems and the solutions

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