Everything You Need to Know About ConvertKit

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Everything you need to know about convertkit Convertkit features I love with www.iammichellegifford.com

Everything You Need to Know About ConvertKit

If you’re trying to increase the number of subscribers you have, manage the subscribers you already have, or make more money with your website, then you really need to check out ConvertKit. We’ve already talked about email marketing and how to create a ConvertKit account, so now we’re going to talk about what you can do with ConvertKit now that you know why you need to be using it.

Creating Forms

A form is how your subscribers join your email list. If you use WordPress for your website, ConvertKit has a plugin that you can use to easily add a form to your website. If you’re not using WordPress, don’t worry, ConvertKit will still help you easily embed the form into your website.

You’ll be able to customize your form and choose whether you want it to be inline (meaning it fits into your page’s existing content) or modal (meaning a new window pops up when your subscriber meets certain criteria, like clicking a button or scrolling through your website). The forms are completely customizable, so you can change the fonts, colors, and headings to create a form that matches your website flawlessly.

Creating Landing Pages

A landing page is similar to a form—it’s another way for subscribers to join your email list. But rather than having a box embedded in your website or pop up from your website, a landing page is its own page, which allows your to put more content and design into it. Just like forms, landing pages are completely customizable. You can add one into WordPress using ConvertKit’s plugin, or ConvertKit can host the landing page for you.

Everything you need to know about convertkit Convertkit features I love with www.iammichellegifford.com

Creating a Sequence

A sequence is a series of emails that are sent based on how a subscriber interacts with your website. Let’s say you have someone who subscribes to one of your multi-day courses. Rather than you sending an email to that subscriber every day at a certain time, you can create a sequence in ConvertKit to do it for you. You can create the content and the look of the emails, and you can also customize the timing of the emails and the order in which the emails are sent.

Sequences work hand-in-hand with automations, which we’ll discuss in a minute, so you can completely control when the emails are sent, what the content is, and who receives the emails.

Creating Automations

This is where ConvertKit really shines. Automations allow you to fully customize and control who gets what email and when. For example, let’s say you have two subscribers—one who is brand new and one who has been with you for a long time—and they both click on a new email course you are offering. You can create an automation so that the new subscriber receives a welcome email along with the email course and the current subscriber receives an email thanking her for her continued support along with the email course. Both subscribers will have filled out the same form for the email course, but they will automatically receive different, customized emails. It’s pretty great.

You can create automations for just about everything, too, not just for sending emails. You can automatically tag subscribers, remove subscribers from email lists or tags, and move subscribers from one email list to another—all based on the subscriber’s actions on your website.

Counting Your Subscribers

ConvertKit does not count subscribers more than once, which is important because the number of subscribers you have determines which plan you pay for. So no matter how much product a person buys or how many different email lists a subscriber signs up for, ConvertKit only counts each individual subscriber. ConvertKit makes it easy to manage your subscribers and sort and tag them into different categories. You can see how often a subscriber interacts with your website and use tags to create different automations and sequences for different groups of subscribers.

So that’s it! ConvertKit is so easy to use, but if you do have trouble, you can email them for help or live chat with someone for real-time help. ConvertKit wants you to be successful!

You can try Convert kit for free for 14 days.  Click here to sign up (and yes! I am definitely an affiliate for Convertkit because I love it so much)

Let me know what your favorite features of ConvertKit are in the comments below.

Everything you need to know about convertkit Convertkit features I love with www.iammichellegifford.com
Everything you need to know about convertkit Convertkit features I love with www.iammichellegifford.com

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