how to 3x your instagram following fast.

How to 3x Your Instagram Following Fast

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How to 3x Your Instagram Following Fast

Are you ready to grow on Instagram? It’s all about strategy, baby. And I know you have it in you to make it happen. I tripled my Instagram following in just 5 months! It blows my mind, and I know it happened because of the new strategy I put in place. Want to know my secret sauce on how to 3x your Instagram following fast? Here it is! 



At the end of last year, I made some really big changes to my Instagram account and because of that, I grew from 17k followers to over 50k followers in less than six months! One of the first things I started to do was hone in that Instagram is a search engine. It used to not be that way, but it has shifted into one based on what the users are looking for. And they are searching for high-quality content, and you need to be someone who pops up in their search results. 

Instagram has algorithms, which you’ve probably heard of them–maybe you despise them–but it’s actually a good thing for your business. Instagram is actively trying to figure out what type of account you have so it can put your content in front of the right people. And whether you like it or not, you’ve got to figure out how to use that algorithm to your advantage and build your strategy around that. Click HERE to learn how to make the Instagram algorithm your best friend!


6 steps for tripling your instagram following faster than ever before.


How to Triple Your Instagram Following | Step 1: Niche down.

Before I niched down at the end of last year, I was talking about all things business. I was posting about email marketing, Pinterest, social media, etc. And then I niched down and only started talking about Instagram marketing. Making this switch in my content was the biggest change I made and it’s what made my Instagram following explode. 

I tend to get a lot of pushback when I say only talk about one thing, but it’s what’s necessary if you want to grow quickly. This strategy will especially work if you’re just starting out! If you’d rather not talk about only one thing, that’s totally fine. You’ll still grow, it’ll just take you a longer time to do so.

If you’re still unsure of what that one thing should be, that’s totally fine too! Just start creating content and as you create more, the sooner you’ll realize what you want your niche to be, who is that one person you want to serve, and that one problem they have that you want to solve for them. (Check out my post HERE to learn more about how to implement this strategy!)


How to Triple Your Instagram Following | Step #2: Create content that clearly tells the Instagram algorithm who you are.

Instagram is actively trying to figure out who you are as a content creator and they do this by studying the content you post. I create a ton of content and it’s all about Instagram. If you’re posting about several different topics, it will have a harder time figuring out who you are and who to put your content in front of. 

But if you’re showing up and only talking about one specific thing, then the algorithm will say Michelle always talks about Instagram strategy and I know this person is always looking for more content on that, so I’m going to put that post in front of her. And then that person will hit follow and keep coming back to watch and engage in the content! Of course, you fill in the words that fit your niche, but the same results apply to you!


How to Triple Your Instagram Following | Step #3: Commit to creating content like never before.

I know there are several Instagram accounts out there that say you only need to post 3x per week in order to grow your account. However, that only applies IF you are already an established influencer and content creator. 

If you’re still at the beginning of your journey, then you should be showing up at least 6x per week. If this overwhelms you, you’re gonna want to watch my video tutorial on how to create 30 reels in 3 hours or less HERE

Plus, you will become a much better content creator if you are creating tons of content–like a lot of content. AND you’ll learn a lot faster about who your audience is–and who they are not–and what type of content they want more and less of. 


how i tripled my instagram following in 5 months and how you can too.


How to Triple Your Instagram Following | Step #4: Up your Instagram reels game.

I started doing a ton more with reels as part of my strategy as well. And I have an intentional strategy with how I create them too. I pay attention to trends, trending audio, adding value, and hooks.

Instagram reels have their own algorithm and are different than any other place on Instagram. Reels are what gets seen by people who do not follow you. So if you’re creating reels on the edges of your niche that draw people in, then they’ll come to visit your account and hopefully give you a follow if they like what they have to see. 


How to Triple Your Instagram Following | Step #5: Use powerful hooks.

I’m giving hooks their own step because they are that important. If you think about it, hooks are the key to getting people to stop and watch/listen to our content. There is so much competition out there, so you want to have powerful hooks that catch your target audiences’ attention. And once they start listening, they will stay because you are adding value to their lives. And if they leave, that just means they aren’t your person and that’s a good thing! It means you’re so niched down that people will know right away whether or not you are for them. That’s the goal.

If you want some extra help with creating powerful hooks, you can get my free hooks guide HERE! It’ll give you 131 hook ideas you can start using right away. 


How to Triple Your Instagram Following | Step #6: Instagram Growth Formula

I realized my followers fit into three different phases of their relationship with me:

  • Phase #1: Brand new followers.
  • Phase #2: Have been following me for a while.
  • Phase #3: Have purchased my products and are committed customers.

From this realization, I created three different phases of content I was creating:

  1. Attraction
  2. Nurture
  3. Sell

I focused WAY more on attraction (especially in my reels) and nurture. And once I brought more people in and got them to trust and familiarize themselves with me and the type of content I bring them THEN I sell to them. I mostly use my stories for selling because the ones who watch your story are usually the ones who are actively seeking your content and are committed to you and your products. 

I will say that using this strategy is a huge part of how I tripled my Instagram following so quickly. Click HERE for my post where I go into way more detail on how to effectively use this Instagram growth formula. 


how to 3x your instagram followers faster than ever before.


How to 3x Your Instagram Following Fast

What do you think of my secret sauce on how to 3x your Instagram following fast?? Let me just tell you, it took me 7 years to grow my Instagram account to 17k followers. And then I grew it to 50k in 5 months!! That’s why I know this Instagram growth strategy works and it’ll work for you.

If you want some extra tips on improving your Instagram account, I offer Instagram audits where my team and I review your Instagram account and give recommendations on how you can level it up. Check that out HERE. And make sure to follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so you can keep getting the best tips on how to grow a successful biz online!

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